Lebanon: We seized arms from Hizbullah
Roee Nahmias
Published: 10.10.06, 18:18
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1. Wide open eyes,Israel!
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (10.10.06)
Wide open eyes,Israel! Wide open eyes,Israel! Wide open eyes,Israel! Wide open eyes,Israel! Wide open eyes,Israel! Wide open eyes.....
2. Still waiting for enforcement of Syrian
Charles ,   Gray Summit, USA   (10.10.06)
border with Lebanon. And what about the socalled 20,000 rockets Nasrallah (the rat who emerged from his hole) claims they still have?
3. You only took what H was prepared to giveup to you
Alan ,   SA   (10.10.06)
4. u forgot to add small detail in this article:
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.10.06)
that the defense minister the confisicated weapons are light weapons from other groups ... he was strongly grateful for hizbullah for no showing up arms :p so keep on dreaming israel ... and keep on trying to fool ur people ... huh rules of engaement of 1701 clearly state that UN troops will only work for the support of lebanese army operations... which is fully coordinating with hizbullah ... so u try and figure it out :p i.e. next time israel tries to attack lebanon ... we will ask the nice UNIFIL forces to kick israels ass :p
5. Not hard to find
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NYC   (10.10.06)
With Hezbollah's claimed 20,000 missiles, it should be relatively easy to find weapons. In fact, I'm surprised they don't turn up as premiums in boxes of Lebanese breakfast cereal.
6. great, they took some water pistols and a slingshot
world   (10.10.06)
7. #4
Meni   (10.10.06)
"next time israel attacks" just remember that there were six years of quiet until hezbollah decided to make an 'attack'. there will be no israeli 'attack' so long as hezbollah keeps quiet. the reason is -- we don't care what you do on your side of the border, just leave us alone.
8. Revolving door?
Jacob ,   DC   (10.10.06)
In the front door and out the back door to Hizballah.
9. Fadi, you are proud of that?
Cynic ,   USA   (10.10.06)
You boast about being a lawless people who lies to the international community. By the way, what rat hole is the victorious Nasrallah living in now?
10. Lebanon: We seized arms from Hizbullah
Arie ,   Afula   (10.10.06)
And pigs fly
11. #7
nadia ,   lebanon   (10.10.06)
we will leave u alone when we get back shebaa's farm;if u don't gave it back; prepare yourselves fore more than 20'000 rockets; and u what will u do;in this war you destroy everything; you don't have anything to destroy more;and you see that we are a strong people;but u ;we see your histeric people,and we see your histeric soldiers; and we see the fotos of your brave soldiers coming back from lebanon crying. hahaahahahahahahh and sure we see our saniora crying too.
12. #4 Hizballah attacked Israel
Mark ,   USA   (10.10.06)
Hizballah needs to behave and Israel needs to behave. The UN has to do their job.
13. Nadia, Fadi - celebrating or mourning?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.10.06)
Please make up your mind, are you mourning for the civilian deaths or handing out candy for you're victory? Or are they the same thing to you?
14. Hole of Pride and Honour
Ali ,   Lebanon   (10.10.06)
First of all, please don't mention internatinal laws because nobody have ever violated them like ur USA in japan, in Afgahnistan, in Iraq and now Israel in Lebanon and Palastine...100,000 bombs are still in Lebanon watign for a kid to pick it up.. Second, you all know that Hezbollah ahs won the war...None of the goals Israel aimed to have happeend and just to let u know...nobody can disarm hezbollah ( not even a bullet)..I am from Ainata ( South Lebanon) and I still see my hezbos moving around and the Lebanese army would do anything,,,,Stop watching CNN and stop listening to your uneducated President: Bush
15. weapons: slingshots.
jane's   (10.10.06)
tribal chief kofi successful at last.
16. Release the 2 Israeli soldiers
Mark ,   USA   (10.10.06)
Where are the soldiers?
17. #11
Grant Bronson ,   Philadelphia, USA   (10.10.06)
With that attitude, Lebanon will forever be a war torn and destroyed country, and the 1,000 people who died this time around will be multiplied by 1,000 more. Be grateful for Israel's restraint... its wearing thinner and thinner by the year. Total war is coming, and with people like you, Lebanon will be utterly destroyed.
18. Yeah Right
malcolm   (10.10.06)
Probably a half empty box of expired bullets. Nice try.
19. They must be secured now. Ready to use when needed
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.10.06)
I hope Hizbullah will join Lebonan Army under some Special Forces. Next time they may defend themselves more regularly armed with all Missle systems against Israeli Jets. I think that "ceasefire" will help and bring Resistance to a level unprecedented with also indirect and unintentional support of USA.
20. #19 Maybe that would be better
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.10.06)
Perhaps then they would not hide behind civilian women and children?
21. Lebanon Has No Claim To Shebaa Farms
emanon ,   USA   (10.10.06)
This is Lebanese expansion at it highest. Lebanon never settled the Farms and now Hizbollah wants it as a base against Israel.
22. I read elsewhere that Russians+Chechens are in Sidon
Alan ,   SA   (10.10.06)
setting up intelligence and Hez support systems... They never learn in Nasrallastan ,do they
23. Real army? That would be the day!!!
Nora ,   Israel   (10.10.06)
Hizbullah are too cowardly to fight as a real army, that is why they use gurilla tactics and hide down rabbit holes and behind women's skirts. The Israeli Army would LOVE to fight them army against army. Yalla, next time hopefully they'll be in uniform and will get their arses kicked again!!!! Your Nasrallah was begging for a ceasefire from Day One!!!!!
24. #23(nassrallah is begging)heheheheh
lina ,   brasil   (10.10.06)
we didn't hear nassrallah begging; but we hear your president saying bravely that he will not stop the war before getting back the 2 soldiers; and before eliminate hezbullah. And now I ask u if hezbollah coward ;why the soldiers of israel ranning out from lebanon;crying(we see the fotos hehe)and saying( that they didn't have a difficult war like that;)and more than newpaper in israel confess that hezbollah was more better than israel and more intelligent;and he won the war without killing 1200 children and woman; and u israel beleive in nassrallah more than your superman president olmert. For the first time israel stop a war like that without realising her objective;why?I will tell u why; because she know that she can't eliminate hezbollah;and if she will stay in lebanon;thousands of soldiers will die; u see who implore to stop the war;(olmerrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttt)
25. to #4
edu ,   Hz   (10.10.06)
Nadia I'm drinking my whisky with my family, and looking TV, and after that I'm going to take a walk to the park, to see the grandmathers with their grandsons talking in the square. What are you doing now, hating? and so later ? - Wake up Mam, this is the world.
26. :nasrallah: give as good aas he gets
ed ,   beirut   (10.10.06)
will there be peace in the middle east some day soon? will israel give up on expantionist ideas including stealing land/water from lebanon up to litani river. this threathening posture must change. nasrallah certainly does not want a fate similar to defenceless stone throwing palestinians. he gives as good as he gets. Post comment | Terms
27. Oh c-mon!
DK ,   Israel   (10.10.06)
Stop telling s***.. ok? Every war in Israel was started by arabs with the wish to destroy it, your country is guilty because it attacked us b4. If you can justify hizzbollah actions against israeli children, by shooting rockets on their homes, you should be concidered as a terrorist by yourself... It's too bad UN stoped us, we should flatten lebanon once and for all.
28. The same...
DK ,   Israel   (10.10.06)
The same with us, who started shooting rockets on civillian houses? Hizzbolah... After the kidnapping, IDF bombed Hizzbollah bases on the border- not lebaneese houses in beyrut, they started shooting rockets, blame your lovely hizbolla's - not us. Yes, you are right, nothign will stop this fighting, but nothing will destroy us either, so dont even try - you saw the results...
29. Typical Arab liar!
Daisy ,   USA   (10.10.06)
I don't believe anything the say and never will. The Arabs have proven that lying is what they do best.
30. Yes... i hope so 2...
DK ,   Israel   (10.10.06)
I hope they will join the lebaneese army, so next time they hit us, we would massively strike lebanon as always did in the wars they started and not as the last time we did... "It's easier fighting an organized army instead of fighting a guerilla organization."
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