Rice says US will not invade North Korea
Associated Press
Published: 11.10.06, 00:21
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1. You dont dare to invade N Korea
Nuclear Device   (10.11.06)
The world is waking up. Soon the world will get rid of the Americans hegemony. God bless Iran and North Korea.
2. No Attack?
Dovy ,   Toronto   (10.11.06)
But the North Koreans are far ahead of either Iran or Iraq in nuclear research and development. But guess what, folks? N. Korea has NO OIL....!! Although they are accused to "supporting terrorism".
3. Vicious circle: North Korea feels insecure
joseflklein ,   ottawa, canada   (10.11.06)
Now South Korean and Japan feel insecure. How can we justifably deny these neighbouring nations nuclear arms? I think the US should provide these nations with nuclear arms and place these directly under the control of those two countries. I'll bet that even the suggestion that this will happen, will cause Russia and China to back down on their support for NK.
4. You can not invade NKorea!!! this is the truth
Noora ,   Bahrain   (10.11.06)
5. A very good example to the world !!!!
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.11.06)
the only way to protect urself from american gegemony and imperialism is by aquiring nuclear weapons. Difference between iraq and north korea: 1. Iraq was a weak country impoverished by 8 years of iraqi - iran war that was planned by the US to weaken both parties. 2. iraq was weakened further by the gulf war 3. iraq was under sieage for 12 years 4. iraq army by 2003 had virtually no army to defend it 5. Iraq had no nuclear bombs 6. iraq had no WMDs 7. Iraq has a huuge oil reserve On the other hand N korea has a strong army to defned it .. and now with their nuclear bombs there is no way in hell that the US would stage an attack on north korea... The US is too weak and coward to attack North korea... even against a bunch of gurillas in iraq and afghanistan the "srongest" army in the world is facing every day defeat and humilation. So way to go US ... very smart just set up this kind of example ... the US attitude will encourage all countires in the world that want to have their free decision and policy for the interest of their society and people to embark on a nuclear arsenal program... Again the smart Bush is messing up....they are questioning North korea's nuclear terst ... huh and now they are skeptical whether North korea can launch missiles with nuclear heads or not .... well keep on this smart approach and soon ull have the proof .... a nuclear armed missile will be tested on new york and then the US and the Un will get their answer looool and who will pay the price for this smart poliycy... the american people and their allies !!! So way to Go Bush .... huh " Bring it on" ... we want to hear you again saying that to North korea loool
6. Ofcourse US will not attack .. causeits preparing for Iran
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.11.06)
attack although their desperate coward imperial army is in deeeeeeep shit in iraq and afghanistan ..... Keeep it going guys !!!
7. US will not invade but will conquer N.Korea
John ,   NZ   (10.11.06)
8. All the morons on this page!!!
DeAnna ,   U S OF A   (10.11.06)
Is all the talk back on this page wishfull thinking or what? First of all I think we all know what would happen if EITHER N. korea or Iran is to mess with the U.S. There will be no more N. Korea NO more Iran. END OF STORY Do any of you know exactly what kind of Army we are talking about? What kind of technology we are talking about? What capabilities we are talking about. TALK ABOUT LOL. Not to mention the fact that everyone of you may know someone, or already living in U.S soil, getting fed and paid by the U.S, raising babies in the U.S, making some citizens, educating them, sucking the WELFARE DEPARTMENT DRY. Reading your talkbacks made my day, thank you for showing me how moronic the rest of the world really is.
9. morons
DeAnna ,   U S OF A   (10.11.06)
10. How do you solve a problem like Korea.
Talula ,   Israel   (10.11.06)
11. US fears N.korea ofcource, like it does with all the world .
12. Bimbo of the year makes promises to freako and gets nothing.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (10.11.06)
She should stop eating so many cow pies and remind korea that with the exception of the armistice that can be revoked at any time, WE ARE STILL AT WAR WITH NORTH KOREA. If only she had a brain. If only bush had a brain.
13. North Korea
Ken Mitchell ,   Newburgh, NY USA   (10.11.06)
Bush chose to invade North Korea because he saw weapons of mass destruction that weren't there. Now North Korea has them, along with nuclear capability and Bush won't invade. Go figure.
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