Palestinian group: Prisoners for kidnapped US youth
Ali Waked
Published: 11.10.06, 23:11
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V. n.y. ,   Usa   (10.11.06)
2. Schem
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (10.11.06)
One man's Nablus is another man's Schem.
3. Why go to Nablus ?
leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (10.11.06)
because he's a useful idiot.
4. not a good idea
israeli ,   israel   (10.11.06)
when will Westerners realize that volunteering for the Palestinian cause is not a very good idea? "We eat with them, drink with them and work with them" until we kidnap them. Or plain stab them:,7340,L-3293213,00.html
5. Kidnapped volunteer is Jewish.
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde- Denmark   (10.11.06)
To volunteers: Leave "Palestinian" territories. You are nothing but a bunch of blue-eyed children. To kidnappers: Israel will punish you! Remember what happenned to Lebanon for two kidnapped Jews. Look at Nablus for the last time!
6. Jewish Anti-Jew
Yossi Finegold ,   Nashville Tennessee   (10.11.06)
If this just shows that Liberal Judaism in America does not support the cause of Israel. Let the Saudi's help the Pali's. Let Hamas Help them... American Jews are willing to support the terrorist enemy. I am for a two state solution. Israel for the Jews and Jordan for these terrorists. (oops Jordan doesn't want them either)
7. Kidnapping
Brod ,   USA   (10.11.06)
Americans should keep away from going to such dangerous places where thugs, kidnappers, murderers, terrorists and savages abound.
8. #5 The person kidnapped today is not Jewish
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (10.11.06)
#5 The person kidnapped today is not Jewish. I think you are getting mixed up with the first kid who got kidnapped. From what I understand about Fishbein who was kidnapped a couple of months ago he is pro Israel.
9. to #3 (Leon you are a model idiot)
Alex ,   Beersheva   (10.11.06)
Believe it or not, some people try to spread the idea of peace by volunteering and serving those that are less privileged. "We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it. " - William Osler
10. An Arab is an Arab is an Arab
Natan ,   USA   (10.11.06)
Are those the same people that protested the against the Pope's remarks about violence in the Muslim world?? So, is anything new in the muslim world?
11. nablus is a beautiful city
john ,   tel aviv, israel   (10.11.06)
as opposed to those who say that only idiots would go to nablus, i must contest that by stating that it is a fantastic city. i have travelled there many times and have found the people wonderful and welcoming -- even to israeli citizens. it is amazing how right wing media mongers try to promote the opposite.
12. Another useful idiot
Fed up with ,   naive idiots   (10.11.06)
Another Rachel Corrie, another one of that girl Marla who got killed in Iraq or that Italian boy who got killed in Jerusalem last month. All helping people who use them as human shields, kidnap them, make them convert to Islam or simply kill. Same movie, different cast.
13. He is not Jewish, he is a writer for Palestine News Network
Pal sympathizer ,   waking up to reality   (10.11.06),%20Kill%20One%20Member%20of%20the%20Resistance.htm
14. Kidnapped my foot
Jenny   (10.11.06)
He will be released unharmed and praise his "captors" for feeding him and teaching him about the religion of peace. I've seen this episode already. It's a repeat. Time to change the channel.
15. Kidnappings In General
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (10.11.06)
The mistake that Israel makes is when it negotiates on any level with terrorists, most especially those who kidnap civilians. This adult knew the risks of aiding Palestinians, and so is in another catatgory obviously. He should be considered (by Israel) like Hezbollah. That said, if one hair is so much as disturbed on the other 3 Israelis still held hostage, Israel must destroy those people and everyone supporting them, who initated the kidnappings. That is how you deal with these thugs and murderers. Being polite just doesn't work, and only emboldens them further, as we are seeing in Israel and Iraq.
17. only 2 weeks for us to wipe pal out
ken ,   california   (10.11.06)
they should have in kindwe are not idf...if truely he is american...ask japan how it was with them.
18. What's the big deal?
Abe ,   Brooklyn, USA   (10.11.06)
If you go to the grocery store, it's highly probable that you'll come out with groceries. If you go to a swimming pool, you'll probably get wet. If you go to Nablus, and you're some American kid with a severely Irish name, or any Anglo name for that matter, something bad will ultimately happen. While I do not doubt that some Palestinians want peace, and are decent G-d-fearing people, I wouldn't set foot in one of their towns, unless I was ordered to by my commander during reserve duty. Then again, my name is Abe, so I'm pretty much screwed in any Jew-hating region of the world. Fun!
19. Keep him
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.11.06)
Let him stay with his arab friends.
20. I agree with Leon #3
Dov ,   Beersheva   (10.11.06)
Making Alex #9 another model usless idiot Sorry Alex -but your mindset puts everyone one of else in danger, which you have no right to do. Who says this kid wasn't an accomplice to his "kidnappers"? There must be absolutely NO negotiaition this matter. See Moshe Sharon's article in today's Jerusalem Post "Negotiating in the Bazaar".
21. #13 - if he is from PNN -- Keystone Kops!
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.11.06)
They kidnapped one of their own then.
22. As a Father, As an American Jew: Don't Do It
emanon ,   USA   (10.11.06)
I would hate to see this American die, this young man be killed, but to free more terrorists to go on kiling is worse.
23. Yawn....they may as well kidnap Haniyeh and demand prisoners
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.11.06)
24. Please keep him in Nablus. He belongs to Hamastanis
Luke ,   USA   (10.11.06)
25. Please make him an honorary Palestinian
Danny ,   USA   (10.11.06)
He is Palestinian now.
26. Please convert him to Islam and make him a Jihadist
William ,   USA   (10.11.06)
27. Any dumb Yank working for the Palis deserves kidnapping
Olga ,   USA   (10.11.06)
Nablus is his city now and that is where he belongs.
28. #19 - my senitments exactly - why should Israel help him ?
redmike ,   tel aviv   (10.11.06)
29. Abbass people kidnapping
Haim ,   New York   (10.11.06)
Abbas ordered this kidnapping. They call it forse 17, 19, some brigades, committies, etc. The old tricks of Arafat-Abbass. This is clearly the work of Abbass.
30. watch
Haj Amin Laden   (10.11.06)
31. "fax to Reuters "
Arie ,   Afula   (10.12.06)
much like bin laden's coomunications to aljazeera. The terrorists have found a home with reuters
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