Israel eases restrictions, expands checkpoints
Ali Waked
Published: 11.10.06, 22:19
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1. Check points on the Green line
A Bethlehemite   (10.11.06)
If there were no illegal Israeli only settlements and access roads, we'd have 500 less check points and more placed on the green line. But go ahead people, spin it as you want to believe it.
2. If it keeps us safe so be it
Dov ,   Beersheva   (10.11.06)
These people, even if if they're not laden with bombs, are married to terrorism. Choosing Hamas as their government wasn't exactly a "confidence-building measure" for "peace". If they ever change they could be treated accordingly.
3. to dov
osama bin laden ,   saudi   (10.11.06)
and why do you think they chose Hamas? PLO recognized Israel and never got anywhere? Why do you think terror attacks happen? because the israelis are oh so nice to the Palestinians? because they are helping them by isolating them? or is it because they generously control their resources using illegal settlements? how about all?
4. 3 suicide bombers caught today
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.11.06)
Stop trying to murder Jews, assholes.
5. talkback
Mark Samuel ,   USA ny   (10.12.06)
Where did I read the bad news about abductions of our people. Am I to sit in NY and idly absorb verbal violence to the notion of empathy. Where's the beef?!
6. to osama bin laden
Fight Fire with Fire ,   USA   (10.12.06)
They chose Hamas cause either they wanted to get bombed or they were tired of PLO stealing every cent from them... PLO recognised Israel and when Israel offered them Gaza,95% of West bank and East Jarusalem and aid in millions of dollars to help create a palestinian state PLO said no thanks we already have intifidas planned...(by the way what about gaza?) Show me one settlement in Gaza, or even one Greenhouse that Israel left there to help Pals economy...oh wait they are all torn down. I wonder why? Where jews controlling the minds of the pals to tear down all those settlements so that the pals would have to go back to live in their camps??? and what checkpoints made the pals shoot qassam rockets into Israel from the rubble of those settlements? Just go back to your cave and sit there or look around and see the truth...(Israelis aren't the bad guys you think they are)
7. Boo Hoo!! Want me to spin it, Bethlehemite? (1)
sk ,   USA   (10.12.06)
How's this: "Palestinians" are killers who, because of their love of death (a point they make daily), should not be allowed anywhere in Israel EXCEPT Gaza. Let them focus on building their own economy for a change. Me, I'd cut off their water and power as well.
8. Pull Their Funding
Victoria ,   Huntsville USA   (10.12.06)
The US should cut Israel off financially and let them figure out how to keep messing with the Arabs when they have to actually pay for it themselves. Then, when their Billy Badass attitude doesn't work for them, they can start gutting their own economy like they did to the Palestinians. Pretty soon, they'll have to learn to get along 'cause they won't have the money to keep screwing with each other.
9. Maybe if they werent murdering savages..
RA   (10.12.06)
They would be allowed to travel freely. But alas, they are. So there you go again "Palestinians" - no one to blame but yourselves.
10. Palestinian leadership led Pals into disaster
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (10.12.06)
The sick, twisted Palestinian leadership of Arafat and his successors have led the Pals into disaster. They could have made peace in 2000 but chose war instead. They again chose war by voting for Hamas. Now they have to live with the consequences.
11. Victoria (8) is like a delicate exotic fruit.
sk ,   USA   (10.12.06)
HOW MANY IQ POINTS DOES IT TAKE for some people to realize that US aid to Israel is (1) relatively trivial for Israel overall given the size of its economy, (2) beneficial mainly to American defense companies, as the aid must be used on American military products, (3) probably harmful for Israeli defense companies who are not working with American ones, and (4) jointly beneficial insofar as both countries have great expertise in military systems development and Israel has vast experience in actually using the hardware in the Middle East? See this link for more details. Oscar Wilde once wrote (Lady Bracknell in "The Importance of Being Earnest"?), "Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit, touch it and the bloom is gone." Victoria, your ignorance is perfectly untouched.
12. Stupid Talkbacks
David Vesser ,   Ramat Eshkol   (10.12.06)
I serve on these checkpoints; the IDF even admitted that 60% of these checkpoints have nothing to with security, so before you mouth like idiots get your facts straight. We are there to humiliate an entire population of people and in the process many of us young Israelis are losing morality and dignity. Spend enough time at the checkpoint and you start to enjoy humiliating people because these are orders. This behavior we talk with us we are home, no counseling no therapy no answers no hope.
13. #2 #3
erickrock ,   new delhi india   (10.12.06)
israelis chose begin shamir sharon olmert et al.that is the only working democracy in the middle east. palestenions shold not elect hamas according to you. that is not democaracy! amusing.
14. If Palestinians Weren't Barbarians
tinashkuli   (10.12.06)
there would be no need for checkpoints. So they have only themselves to blame.
15. Osama - you're a bold-faced liar
Dov ,   Beersheva   (10.12.06)
Choosing hamas was the response for our feckless retreat from Gaza, not misery but elation. They smelled blood like a pack jackals on the prowl. Misery, which is their own doing, doesn't motivate terrorism, but optimism that terror reaps rewards like getting us on the run. True it was the feckless and unthinking effort of our government leaders with their brainwashing of most of our people which brought it about, but steadfastedness and strong security measures have ALWAYS lowered the misery level and kept things in balance. If you're in doubt you can map out statistically the events preceding terrorist attacks or attempts and you'd discover a perfect fit between Israeli "confidence-building gestures" and the level of terrorism.
16. To 3: Don't mix up cause and effect
NL ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
Palestinian violence occurs because of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians in the territories? History would indicate otherwise. Even if we discounted the arab-initiated wars in 48, 56, 67 and 73, how would you explain the creation of the PLO in 1964 calling for the annihilation of Israel, THREE YEARS prior to the annexation of the territories (in a defensive war)? This completely undermines your claim that the territories are the cause of the terror. If the bad treatment is the cause of the terror, why no uprisings in Jordan and Syria for the past three decades, where there is more than one case of routine collective violence by the governments against the Palestinians (Hama, black September). Could it be because, when the Palestinians rioted, they were massacred indiscrimately by the Syrian and Jordanian governments? This would indicate that Palestinians riot less when treated more violently (not that I'm advocating that, merely saying that it undermines your cause and effect argument). In reality, the checkpoints are the EFFECT of Palestinian violence. What Mahsom Watch neglects to mention is that internal checkpoints, especially flying ones, have significantly reduced terrorist infiltration and weapons smuggling from the territories. Had the Palestinians controlled themselves and eliminated the terrorist infrastructure in their midst, there would be fewer checkpoints. Thus, they cause the effects employed against them.
17. 1 - if arabs can be in israel, why can't jews be there?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.12.06)
palestinian hatred and intolerance of jews is out of control and it seems that not just jews, but also anyone that is not muslim (including your beloved christian brothers) is not welcome to live peacably and with equal freedoms. how nice. and you have the gall to complain about israel. pathetic.
18. # 13 erickrock
Dov ,   Beersheva   (10.12.06)
You my friend are the amusing one. In a democracy, let everyone choose as they wish. Isn't that how it's done in India? And when the majority elects the government, those voters accept the consequences. Even you my friend. We here accept, happily or otherwise, the consequences of the government we elect. How could you with any decency suggest that the Palestinians are exempt from the consequences of their choice? If they voted for a movement whose platform is terrorism then they support that terrorism and the consequences are theirs. Fair? Fair enough!
19. David Vesser has already lost morality and dignity (12)
sk ,   USA   (10.12.06)
David Vesser has already lost morality and dignity (12) David, you say "the IDF even admitted that 60% of these checkpoints have nothing to with security." Where, pray tell, did the IDF "admit" this? How can a military entity "admit" anything, for that matter? I agree that the checkpoints are unnecessary, however, because the Pals shouldn't be on Jewish land at all. Their presence - their lies, their terrorism, their whining - does corrupt Israeli Jews. Indeed, even their labor corrupts Jews by encouraging them to believe that working with one's hands is below them. The checkpoints are a consequence not only of "Palestinian" blood-thirstiness but also of Israeli leftism and lack of Jewish pride.
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