Wafa Sultan: I know they want to kill me
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 11.10.06, 22:57
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1. I do like her thinking
A Bethlehemite   (10.11.06)
but Zionists used terrorism. Assassinating the UN appointed peace negotiator in 48, the lavon affair, ethnic cleansong etc has foot prints of terrorism. Otherwise, we need more out spoken Muslims especially women about radical Islam
2. Genious and brave woman
Sam ,   Atlanta   (10.11.06)
Everyone should see the al jazeera interview... here is a transcript: I believe she is right: the muslim world will soon know and always remeber the name Wafa Sultan! With more people as brave as her the world could truly be a better place.
3. Islamic Heroine who dares to advocate peaceful
John ,   NZ   (10.11.06)
Islam religion. No doubt, she's on the hit list but why? Could any fanatics prove her wrong? Islamic women should wake up bcos they are also at the receiving end of their male counterpart. Long Live Wafa !
4. watch
Haj Amin Laden   (10.11.06)
5. Sultan
Brod ,   USA   (10.12.06)
Sultan is a brave and brilliant woman. In fact there are many brave former Muslims who have left the dark world of Islam as shown in their book, "Leaving Islam" edited by Ibn Warraq and in their website: Educated Islamists should open their mind and follow the example of these enlightened people.
Timothy Carr ,   USA   (10.12.06)
What courage. What incredible courage and integrity. She has more courage than all of supposed peaceful muslims. She speaks out. I only hope she can encourage others to do the same.
7. #1: What about Tel Hai in 1920?
velvel of atlanta ,   atlanta, ga   (10.12.06)
The Arab attacks of March 1920 in Galilee (Tel Hai, for example) and the activities of the Arab militant groups caused deep concerns among Zionist leaders, who made numerous requests to the Mandate administration to address the Yishuv's security. Their fears were ruled out by the Chief Administrative Officer General Louis Bols, Governor Ronald Storrs and General Edmund Allenby, particularly at their meeting with the President of the World Zionist Organization Dr. Chaim Weizmann, who warned them: "pogrom is in the air." Or the encouragement of Col. Bertie Waters-Taylor and the Mufti of Jerusalem? There is a difference between terrorism and protecting yourself. Had Jews in Poland known what was about to happen to them might they have handled things differently? And would you call that terrorism?
8. G-d Bless this Woman!
She is courageous! She is right! "The Muslims need to ask themselves what they can do for the human race before they demand the human race to respect them,” ...YOU GO GIRL!
9. Speak loudly with peace in your heart
Michael ,   Seattle, WA   (10.12.06)
Sultan is a brave woman, speaking out against violence, repression. The world needs many more like her. It is time for people who preach peace to get off the fence, to find their voices.
10. importance of being earnest
Sami Nazzal ,   Jenin   (10.12.06)
the big problem that some arab educated people try to attract the attention of media to them by releasing statements that stir the anger of others, and today as we see those whop want to show up and get known with the least price play on the religion strings and pretend that they are biased to Israel, but they really don't express their convictions and true thinking. if the Muslim world didn't give any weight to her interview on aljazeera, sho won't repeat herself any more, so i advice her to be true with herself and give hand to oppressed women in the orient instead of searching for ranks and satellite stations to hold interviews with.
11. Shes a genius - no wonder Muslims want her dead
RA   (10.12.06)
andrew ,   miami,fl   (10.12.06) SCROLL TO NEAR BOTTOM
13. This lady has bigger balls than all the Muslim men
put together! She is a beacon of light to the Muslim masses in need a break from the ape-like mentality of the usual clerics, imams and overlords. I hope she lives long to spread her brand of enlightenment. If the barbarians get to her, she will be the only true martyr Islam has produced in the past 6 decades!
14. Voices of Women
Rita ,   Ca, USA   (10.12.06)
Voices of strong women around the world are at the forefront of the battle cry against Islamic tyranny. That has a bit of sweet irony to it. Wafa Sultan is speaking the truth about Islam--and that truth is indisputable--shining the light on what the Quran actually teaches and what kind of society/culture results from that teaching. May God bless and protect this woman who has put her life on the line to speak the truth with crystal clarity.
15. Do not forget that Islam came with a Peace message
Assim ,   Lebanon   (10.12.06)
Please to those poeple who beleives in one creator and to those who beleive in peace, calm, honesty, and fairness do never let politics take you away from the base Instict. I ask you to use your heart together with your mind that are both holy gifts from God in order to completely see the difference of a state wanting to be free of any occupance and someone who wants to rule the world. Thank you.
16. She has my deepest respect and admiration
Little Miss Muffett ,   Sitting on a Tuffett   (10.12.06)
Instead of Muslims wailing about the world not respecting them, they need to earn the world's respect instead of threatening to kill anyone who disagrees with them.
17. #15 If I dont say Islam is religion of peace you'll kill me?
RA   (10.12.06)
18. Another great woman
alina_zzz   (10.12.06)
Another great woman, who falls into the same category as Wafa, is Irshad Manji. To see her great work, you MUST visit her website - She has published a number of books internationally. Listen to her.
19. to #1
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.12.06)
You might try to emulate her thinking. Your first instinct involves indicting Jews/Zionism/Israel. Nice try. You ally with Fatah. Big deal.
20. This brave woman needs to be protected
rachel ,   usa   (10.12.06)
21. I met her!
Daniel Bleiberg ,   LA, USA   (10.12.06)
At the AJC meeting in Beverly Hills. Very nice woman and gave an amazing speech. This is the kind of person we need representing the Muslim world. Hopefully, her message will spread to other moderates.
22. #15 Islam came with
NTI ,   Red Chili   (10.12.06)
swords, lies, deceptions, murders, hatred, stupidity, under the cover of a seemingly harmless n peaceful but extremely stupig n murderous book called koran. Once you open, read and believe the stupidities inside, you are turned into an animal, devoid of all human reasonings, love and compassion. You can't think, you are not allowed to use your brain. You are just fed with hatred for anything around you. This describes muslims best:
23. Dr Wafa Sultan
Abou khalil Barakatl ,   Australia   (10.12.06)
I have read and listened to the original interview with Dr Sultan in Al-Jazeera. She is a courageous and remarkable woman. I hope that many like her would come out and express similar views. Dr Sultan deserves to be supported by progressive Muslems
24. One eyed human in a blind city
Charles   (10.12.06)
At lease we have seen the only one eyed human in the whole city of the blind. She is better than nothing at all. Encouraging indeed and Lucky to still be alive. Its a pity to those who would want to kill you because they will end up immortalizing your name. So dont worry,the truth always transcend beyond lies.Keep up the good work and thank you!!
25. Sam
jane ,   vermont   (10.12.06)
You may disagree with her thinking. That's your right. But why can't she visit her homeland?
27. Wafa - Heroine of the Free World & Freedom to Worship G-D !
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.12.06)
The greatest scripture: Bible, Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel! The L-RD is our G-d, the L-RD is one! You shall love the L-RD your G-d with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Israel's G-D - for thousands of years, the hope of untold mega millions - our hero forever.
28. Hero Muslim - Salah Choudhury Life ENDANGERED
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.12.06)
Salah Choudhury, a Muslim of the highest ethics endangers his life by condemning terrorism and supporting Israel. May G-D protect him: Wall Street Journal Darkness in Dhaka - Bret Stephens As these lines are being written, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, a gadfly Bangladeshi journalist, is running for his life. Assuming he survives till Thursday, he will face charges of blasphemy, sedition, treason, and espionage in a Dhaka courtroom. His crime is to have tried to attend a writers' conference in Tel Aviv on how the media can foster world peace. If convicted, he could face the death penalty. (Wall Street Journal, 10Oct06)
29. Sami # 10 has a point
Lina ,   NJ, USA   (10.12.06)
But do you think that she is absolutely wrong in her comparison of the two cultures, what they have produced and contributed to the world over time and at present times?
30. Assim, Islam doesn't have a peace message.
Richard James ,   NY, USA   (10.12.06)
Islamists are demanding that Americans and Christians worldwide convert to Islam. Islamists are the ones who want to rule the world. The west has tried to free the Arab world, but you want to submit to the worst possible Islamic dictators instead. You're trapped in a prison of your own making and you want the world to be trapped with you. Wafa Sultan is trying to save you from yourselves. Listen to her. For the sake of the whole world.
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