Arrived as a tourist and was arrested
Guy Meital
Published: 12.10.06, 12:05
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1. military
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (10.12.06)
u need a brain drained skull to put an under -age girl to pay no fault of hers so many years later
2. Good job as well!
Talula ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
Those families who bring their children to Israel know it's a beautiful place for children to grow up. What about giving something back? These people make me sick who think they can just leave before their army service. Stick her in a military prison, she'll be able to ponder all her problems in there.
3. so just do the service and be happy
Ran ,   USA   (10.12.06)
this is not the end of the world
4. There is no statute of limitations for army dogers
Israel   (10.12.06)
she got what she deserved.
5. what about Olmert's kids?? not all draft dodgers are equal
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (10.12.06)
they actually come to rally against the army. good to have a daddy in the corrupt gov't
6. She should serve
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (10.12.06)
7. whiney little brat! shut up.
like duh, Your israeli! Do your time in the service, it could do you some good to get over your emotional crisis!
8. Are you all mental?
Stu ,   Paris   (10.12.06)
I think all the people that suggested she should serve are mental! She left with her family to the USA, they do not live in Israel, they clearly have a life outside of Israel... They clearly did not leave to get her out of the army... Who the hell would not understand the situation. Sounds like a small time officer has too much power!
9. #7 whoever you are - YOU ARE FUNNY!!!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
I'm sure you are behind most of the extremely funny posts in ynet. I'm glad we agree on this issue : )
10. Tourist?
Simon ,   Poleg Israel   (10.12.06)
Israelis in Israel are Israelis not tourists. We are tourists when abroard
11. #5 is right, Olmerts kids should be arrested for doging.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (10.12.06)
12. To 8 - YOU do not understand the situation
NL ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
Perhaps you don't understand what it means to arrive at your first call up. You are clearly logged into the military system. Your future obligations are explained to you. Especially if you undergo tests. You need to get a dispensation, not just a postponement, in order not to serve in the army, and this is something that is known by pretty much every Israeli. Despite what the lawyer claims about the consulate 'misleading' the youths, the IDF is very clear about what happens when you don't fulfill your conditional obligations, such as arriving back in Israel by a particular date, if this is what you were told and agreed to, as Shelly did. When they gave her permission, they also gave her a return date. She may have been 17, but she should have been smart enough to know that she was in military records, that she was expected to return (since that's what her form said) and that there would be consequences. If not, then her parents should have known and, based on the type of form required, which would have required their signatures since she was under 18, they had to be aware of the fact that she was being asked to return within a year. This wasn't just a mistake. In order to get service postponed, you have to talk to many people and sign many forms. They keep underscoring that it's a big deal. Therefore, the Mizrahis seem to have deliberately turned a blind eye, hoping that expectations of service would be forgotten after enough years had passed. If, despite all the forms she would have had to fill out and all the people she would have had to convince in order to have her service postponed, she still truly believed that just disappearing for six extra years was no big deal and she shouldn't perhaps contact the IDF, then, frankly, she should be in jail. Not for draft dodging, for sheer stupidity.
13. To No. 1, Gabriela
NYC Girl   (10.12.06)
I understand your point about the fact that she was 17 and didn't know any better, but her parents should have. My husband served in the Navy for four years, but any time he goes back to Israel, one of the first things he has to do is report to the military, regardless of the fact that he's lived in New York for many years and our life is here. Why should it be any different for this young woman?
14. 8 - clearly doesn't understand Israeli military law
Proud ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
15. She must go to jail
Alex ,   LA, USA   (10.12.06)
She must spend a few months in jail. Then she will tell that she does not want to be an Israeli and Israel will deport her. This will be the end of her story.
16. Seems most of you here are glad she's in prison. Me too!
Morris ,   Holon   (10.12.06)
17. Bet this has taken her mind off the break-up
Jane ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
that she came here to get over!!!!! She should go to prison, just for being stupid and thinking she was different than any other dodger.
18. Misery loves company
Logic ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
1. She was a minor when her PARENTS MOVED OUT OF THE COUNTRY! She did not jump on a plane and "escape" by herself at 17. For all those who want her in the slammer, maybe you just wish you had such nice parents. 2. She was an idiot for thinking that she'd run into no problems at the airport. She needed to either not come at all, arrange the issue abroad, or cancel her citizenship. She wanted the best of both worlds without knowing about the price involved. 3. There are children of yordim in America, who don't speak a word of Hebrew, nor have ever visited Israel, who legally are subject to the draft here. Why punish them because of their parents' decisions? That strikes me as insane, and not the best way to promote aliya. 5. The point of Israel is an ingathering of exiles, and not institutionalizing people by force. If you disagree, please find me the passage about this in Herzel's Altneuland.
19. #5 is right
rod fargo n.dakota ,   u.s.a.   (10.12.06)
what about olmerts kids
20. "Sort out the issue.", "Let's go for a drive."
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (10.12.06)
I think military recruiters in the US & Israel may be getting out of hand. It's like there is a stealth draft occurring here. Recruiters won't stop calling kids, and don't seem to understand that "No." means "No.". MY NO DRAFT ARGUMENT: Once there is a draft we are sending our innocents to war. We might as well nuke the enemy & kill their innocents instead of ours at that point.
21. #8 & # 12
megan ,   Israel   (10.12.06) you think the IDF is a game, can do what you want..its like every other military...there are rules to go by. #12 couldn't have put it better myself.
22. Boo Hoo
Ronen Noy ,   Modi'in, Israel   (10.12.06)
This will all blow off after a few weeks, I'm sure, but I expect nothing less of a full strip of Shelly Mizrachi's citizenship and the shredding of her passport. If she wants to come as a tourist, then she is more than welcome. But citizens are not tourists in their own countries, just like ambassadors are not diplomats in their own states.
23. the Israeli Gvmt is nuts
Nov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.12.06)
These laws are draconic. Arresting a tourist after 6 years for service-dodging is insane. The IDF has no real need for kidnapping such "soldiers," who won't contribute anything to the army and will probably quit after a few weeks for Mental issues, assumed or real, as do many Israelis. The IDF is so f***ed up.
24. is she Israeli?
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.12.06)
She was born in the USA and moved to Israel when she was 6. She left at 17. At no time was it her decision. But if she registered for military service and then failed to follow through then she is a fool for thinking governments would not keep track and follow their own agenda. She should have sorted things out prior to her arrival in Israel. Or just not returned there at all.
25. This is BS
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.12.06)
Will Olmerde's kids get the same treatment if they return for a vacation? Somehow I'm not holding my breath. A relative of mine, born in the USA, came to Israel to VOLUNTEER for the IDF, did his service, and afterwards was denied permission to make aliyah because he got the crap beat out of him at Amona (after he already finished his service and was a civilian) It makes me think twice about aliyah.
26. Defence lawyers
leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (10.12.06)
There is no limit to what they say, no limit to the attack on logic and the facts. Deliberate distortion of draft procedures, and a rewrite of history.
27. #14 - clearly doesn't understand Israeli military law
Patrick B. Leek ,   Bexley, Ohio U.S.A.   (10.12.06)
Can you explain why she would be eligible for a draft if she was born in Miami? Is this based on the assumption that the Misrahis left the country illegally or that she had dual citizenship?
28. Jailing of tourist
Concerned Citizen ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.12.06)
Are the officers in the recruitment department of the IDF completely stupid?? It is obvious she is a tourist and she should be let go immediately.
29. caught in the web
Hilda ,   USA   (10.12.06)
This girl is obviously an American . That her family spent a few years in Israel does not mean she has to serve in the army. I have one big question . All these folks who demand she serve and also go to jail--Did they serve ? and What about Olmert's children? Are they exempt by virtue of their father's malvesidnce and their mother's traitorship?
30. sevcie in IDF
Hilda ,   USA   (10.12.06)
My husband served his time in IDF andhen he left to go to Ameirca to marry me. Now I know why we never returned to Israel, he was sure he would be picked up to serve in miluim and he was afraid to chance it. He never had an Israeli passport. He was a Dane who went over to do his part.
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