IDF: Only US operation can stop Iran
Ronny Sofer
Published: 12.10.06, 19:47
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1. Chazak!
K. Gibbs ,   Nashville, Tennessee   (10.12.06)
As an American! I once thought Israel to have the best Military in the world. The victories G-d has given His special treasure are now history. Israel needs STRONG leadership and not peaceniks! The latest lack of strong victory in Lebanon has made Israel a wimp! Remember D'vorah, Remember King David, and Moshe Dyan!
2. You don't want to hear this ..
Marya ,   sacramento   (10.12.06)
but for Israel to survive, to have the WILL to fight back you must get an observant Jew into the PM's office. The left have drifted so far off the chart, propelled by political correctness and moral relativism they no longer see the existential threat. Moreover, they DO NOT BELIEVE they can or have the right to win. Only those imbued with the knowledge of G-d and his promise will take Israel to war and victory... Someone steeped in Post Zionist weakness and socialist Internationalism (Olmert) will take Israel into darkness and failure -- Choose LIFE!!!!
3. Israel can handle Iran.
67cj5 ,   USA   (10.12.06)
Israel can take care of Iran herself. They shouldnt have to, but they can. Why is it always the U.S. that must stop every Jackass want to be power in the world? Come on Europe, Asia setp the hell up!! I know it is fun to sit back and bitch about what the U.S. is doing in the world, but your asses are on the line too. We are busy at the moment in Iraq trying our best to give the stupid Jihadies a place to meet their virgins. They keep coming and we keep marytering them. Isn't that enough? If Israel needs help I am sure we will be there to back her up. The rest of the world seems too frightened to lift a finger.
because it was said clearly by Iranians that 1st answer for such attack is to hit TA & to sweep all israel from earth's face
5. Israel's fatal faith in the U.S.
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.12.06)
Israel's Golden Calf , aMERICA will not save her. The friendship has turned into a yoke of opression and betrayal for no peace. A painful lesson to the Jewish people is around the corner for it's blind faith in a false ally. Only then will Israel seek their God with all their heart.
6. This will lead to another vicotry...
Dima ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
against the Iranian facists. Israel will never be erased from the earth, why do u think it has nuclear abilities? To defend itself in such situations...
7. lol
Dima ,   Israel   (10.12.06)
1.USA need israel as strategical point in mid-east. 2.USA use Israeli developed technology, even in the millitary. 3.Israel did win the independence and the six days war without any USA involvement and aid. A war with 5 countries without much weapons and almost without tanks, with a troops ratio of 1:18. I dont think israel will have problems gaining another victory especially with its new technology and trained troops.
8. To No. 4
New Yorker ,   New York   (10.12.06)
The threats emanating from Iran are for the most part just hollow rambling and fist shaking. If they had the capability to wipe Israel from the face of the earth they would have done it long ago with the rest of the world "condemning" the act. In reality though, the iranians can do precious little without putting their own country at a much greater risk. For all those celebrations on the account of the so-called "victory" of Hizballah over Israel there truly is no victory to speak of except for the destruction in the south of Lebanon and the fact that the half-hearted Israeli response failed to stop katushas firing rockets into Israeli towns. Fired in their thousands, those rockets caused a negligible damage to the country as a whole. A response to a direct attack coming from Iran or Syria for that matter will no doubt be something other than half-hearted. And anyone who believes otherwise should perhaps think twice before they get what they never bargained for. Talking about some miscalculation, a-la Nasrallah following the recent action in Lebanon, will have certainly come too late.
9. Iran Must Be Taken Out
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (10.12.06)
All Jews and concerned Christians must write their legislators, and urge that Iran's military and nuclear capabilities must be taken out ASAP. The talking is over with, it is time to act, before Iran, emulates No. Korea. A bold move is what is needed against both countries. Sanctions simply won't work, nor will "talking", as per Baker, Carter and other leftist, appeasers. Israel has over 400 high fusion bombs..already on their Jericho Missiles, Popeyes and in F-15s. So why the wait I ask? The time is now.
10. 4 You seem to be experiencing great delusions.
freedom ,   canada   (10.13.06)
It would not take long to bring Iran back to earth. What the progressive populace can not do, perhaps someone else must. Free the world of the hatred and intolerance coming from the Iranian government. Its gods will for peace..
11. no body can take on iran even the U.S.
french lebanese ,   beirut leabnon   (10.13.06)
iran is already have nuclear weapon that can destroy israel and cause major damages on the u.s. over seas sites thus the u.s/ is not going to do anything about iran the only tthing coud happen if israe and syria slugg it out israel will cease to exist iran wil be tough nut to crack rmember there is 3.2 mi lli on iranian and shia faith foower in the u.s.
12. Re #11: If so, beware Lebanon
Steve ,   USA   (10.13.06)
B"H I am not sure if you understand nuclear technology. The fallout from any nuclear strike on Israel is likely to very much impact Lebanon. Plus if it misses, who knows where it lands. This is a major problem for regional stability and not just an Israeli problem.
13. to steve lebanon is swiss of M.E.
french libanese ,   beirut lebanon   (10.13.06)
becuuase it mountaineous terrain make it safe for any nuke attack it coud be soome damage we can sustain in juy war the ordannce that hit lebanon is equivlant to 3 nuclear devices and we won the war so rejoice we are not going to the same hell we had enough of you in one life time
14. idf and iran.
kurian kuriappa ,   new delhi   (10.13.06)
of corse the idf can order or demand the us to do what it wans. what is the problem?
p HENRY ,   LONGMONT U S A   (10.13.06)
16. Warmongering
John ,   US   (10.13.06)
Why is everyone such a warmonger? I mean everybody! At least Clinton had everyone talking. It wasn't perfect, but it was much better. How did everything get to be such a mess? Don't give me that BS about Israel is moral and rightous, etc. Israel is just as dirty as anyone. It's all shades of gray... no black and white here. In the end, the military solution simply won't work. The proof is Iraq and Lebanon. Gotta start talking sometime. Negotiations are never easy, but always necessary. Imagine a war with Iran, knock out there facilities or something similar or worse. What a can-o-worms that would be. You think you got problems now...
17. IRAN also have nukes (just like Isreal)
Gurmit Singh ,   India   (10.13.06)
Iran is also following the same policy of ambiguity as is Isreal. Isreal has 200 nukes. Iran has 10. But all only 5 will be enough to wipe Isreal off. So DON't ever make a mistake of even pointing a finger to Iran if you want to live. YOUR assumption can be dead wrong!!!! :). Don't think only you and USA is smart, everyone knows all the tricks of trades now. If you have the guts to face the consequences then go ahead and try firing at Iran. Anyone has REAL answer to this (not yap yap answer but a logical answer)?
18. #16 john the ignorant
jerome ,   basalt, co   (10.13.06)
You have no idea what your talking about. You don't even come close to understanding what and who you are dealing with when it comes to the HizBULSHITallah and the very reality of the Iranian fanatical treat to the world. There is a black and white here. It's not a Grateful Dead song when you talk about this subject. Try to learn something before you write your ignorant opinion!!!
19. #13 french fool
jerome ,   basalt, co   (10.13.06)
Damn are you stupid!! :)
20. Get serious
Shia ,   iran   (10.13.06)
you jews need to get serious and think hard for a very long minute. look a little further past your neighbor's house. you see the palestinians? they come at you with home-made rockets and firecracker belts. will they ever stop? no and i hope they don't. though i do hope they learn to use a timer or a remote, to kill soldiers ofcourse. but, look past the west bank and gaza. syrians, jordanians, egyptians, saudies, all of north africa, IRAN, iraq, south asia, and southeast asia muslims are waiting. THINK for a minute! what do you believe is going to be the final outcome of all of this? kick out the palestinians. nuke syria, egypt, and iran and you'll still have 1 billion more to deal with. keep killing and we will keep coming. keep building settlements and we will keep coming. we will keep coming and we will continue to come. those trees won't hide you people then.
21. The talkbacks are ripe with idiots tonight!
Blues ,   Portland, USA   (10.13.06)
22. America's biggest mistake
Christian American ,   NY, USA   (10.13.06)
Has been to assume that Israel's enemies are our enemies. Go fight your own wars - after all don't you guys have nukes?.
23. "hit iran"?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.13.06)
hit iran, what for? the "problem" is not iran, or the nuclear reactors, but rather the leadership of iran. it is the leadership that threatens israel, and it is the leadership that wants nuclear bombs, and it is the leadership who wants to precipitate an apocalyptic war with the west. the sooner someone, whether israel, the americans, or the people of iran, moves to replace the leadership of iran, the sooner the world will be a safer place.
24. 2: we need to hear it
Steve ,   USA   (10.13.06)
I agree with you. I cannot understand this weak-kneed reponse to Iran. Only the U.S. can save us? If Menachem Begin took this approach, Iraq would have nuclear weapons. Are American weapons better than Israel's weapons? Are America's fighting men better than Israel's? This govenment makes me feel ashamed as a Jew.
25. aftermath of Israel's war on Hezbullah
Israel is 100% convinced that "Only US operation can stop Iran" Before, Israel was 100% convinced that that it can do the job. Iran seems to be the winner in that war.
26. OK Jerome #18
John ,   USA   (10.13.06)
Use your superior intellect on me and explain to me just how I'm so ignorant. Since you are the expert, then I expect you to be able to give me a rational argument and win me over. Your turn.
27. Re: LOL (Dima Israel)
American Christian ,   NY, USA   (10.13.06)
You must be delusional if you think we need you. We need India and China more than you leeches. Tell me one good thing Israel has ever done for america?. Have you ever sacrificed your son's and daughters to find Osama? Too bad for you the Christians are waking up in America tofind that the jews have been manipulating us into spending our blood and treasure on you. You were thrown out of Europe and now be prepared to be thrown out of America. You Jews can't find peace anywhere - you have to try and take over the world and when you get beaten you start screaming Anti Semite - Anti Semite.
28. Excellent post American Christian
American ,   USA   (10.14.06)
wow, I'm impressed- and you are dead on right.
29. # 22 Moses' people said to him;
You and your God go to fight , but for us "here we stay, not fighting". They did not enter the holy land. History is repeating itself. They want others to fight their war. Christian American; Your are 100% right.
30. American Christian
Mannstein ,   USA   (10.15.06)
Can't agree with American Christian more. Finally some folks are beginning to wake up.
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