British MP: Israel employed Nazi tactics in Lebanon
Hagit Klaiman
Published: 13.10.06, 21:11
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1. You sure it wasnt a LIBRAL party that said that?
Why would a conservative party support the Arabs?
2. Unfortunately the Zionism is the copy past of Nazism
Observer- to IDF ,   Leon,France   (10.13.06)
it is a fact,Killing 1200 Lebanese people, 800 of them are children, IDF destroying the civil infrastructure the same as Nazism did on World War II, what do you call this? Really Israel did fatal mistake in its history, killing civilians is not courage it is easy to kill them with this massive weapons that Israel has? Look at your people how they are looking to their army? Their army was fighting the buildings, bridges, main roads, factories,children,etc..? your people feeling the shame in front of others people , european,americans,russian as such... Some of Lebanese people were thinking in peace with you, but now it is demolished forever..!!!
3. Allied Forces used Nazi tactics in WW2, film at 11
Eliyahu Cohen ,   Las Vegas, NV   (10.13.06)
Dresden wishes to remind the loudmouth MP of all the civilians and their infrastructure destroyed by Allied forces during WW2.
4. israel didn't employ even 1% of 'nazi tactics'
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.13.06)
if they did, israel's flags would be lining lebanon's northern border, beirut would be a total pile of sand, lebanese would be learning hebrew, be under martial law enforced by israeli soldiers everywhere, and olmert would be vacationing in the lebanese hills as we speak. lebanon should be thankful it has such an easy enemy as israel.
5. sorry? SORRY?
israeli ,   israel   (10.13.06)
Sorry not bloody enough! Sack the chap!
6. Conservatives are trying to outleft the left
Alan ,   SA   (10.13.06)
There is a mystical belief in UK that to succeed in politics the 1.6 Million Muslims must be pandered to. They comprise about 3% of the population. Since 1997 the Conservative Party have been in the Wilderness. Some of them believe that if they do a bit of "Holocaust Bashing" they will ingraciate themselves with this 3%!Hence this MPs outburst. They would do better to try and ingratiate themselves with the Scots,Welsh and Cornish Voters where there is a lot of catching up for Conservatives to do to do. Israel(and the odd indirect Jew baiting ) by any Party's MPs is not going to move political agendas very far.
7. Reply to #1
Alan B. Stewart ,   Scotland   (10.13.06)
A nice, fully paid holyday in Qatar . . . ?
8. Does this Turner guy ever mention...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.13.06)
how the British Air force bombed Germany and killed hundreds of thousands in WW2? Oh, didn't think so!!!
9. #1 When consevatives become liberals
Monk ,   USA   (10.13.06)
It wasn't a liberal because conservatives in the U.S. and in Great Britain have become liberals. They have become a part of the appeasment left. Wasn't Neville Chamberlain a member of the conservative party? Look at Republican Congress and George W. Bush. They've become liberals. All of them. They are appeasing our enemies. Mr. Bush calls an arch terrorist a man of peace and calls for the creation of a Palestinian terrorist state in the Holy Land. Republicans support him. Same holds true with Great Britain, only the British are exceedingly anti-Semitic but for one or two, maybe three. Maybe Mr. Bush is also anti-Semitic. Republicans support him. G-d help us.
10. to #2 What about you frogs in
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.13.06)
How many tens of thousands of arabs did you froggy cowards kill there.Torture? Throw alive from cargo planes? How many civilians did you kill in vietnam and cambodia? How many thousands of Jews did your vichy govt round up and send to the concentration camps? you come from a nation of murderers and cowards. 1200 dead is nothing.A normal nation would have killed tens of thousands of the enemy.
11. A Nazi French whore from Lyon is commenting
Lebanese Batriot ,   Ba'al bek, Lebanon   (10.13.06)
Not being able to even sbell Lyon broberly this Arab living in France enjoying the good life of Frenchmen is trying to tell us Lebanese what we think. The Morrocan or Algerian stink is coming out of you and you will soon meet your 72 white raisins, formerly mistakenly known as dark eyed virgins.
12. Reply to #2
N ,   Rochester   (10.13.06)
Before I answer let me say that many of the IDF's actions in the recent war were not the best strategy to attack militants, and because of the lack of planning many people died whose lives may have been prevented if different strategy was in place. However, The MP's comment was relating the nazi tactic of attacking fleeing civilians to Israeli attacks on civilian infostructure. There is no parallel in fact to attacking civilian infostructure and strategic targeting of fleeing civilians. Moreover, Israel took measured steps to prevent the death of these civilians by dropping numerous leaflets and giving numerous warnings broadcasted over Lebanese radio. The destruction of the civilian infostructure was strategic, but only after proper warning and measures had been in place to prevent casualities. The Nazi's on the other hand took no precautions and gave no warnings in advance, nor does the idea of targeting "fleeing civilians" take into account any destruction of infostructure. Before you draw conclusions make sure that your reasoning is not flawed, as you lose all credibility and make it apparent of your underlying prejudices
13. Hip Hip Hooray for the Brits!
malcolm   (10.13.06)
In a country where Jew hate is so explicit it is no wonder that there are "unfortunate slips of the tongue". Brits have been programmed by BBC to loathe Israel (jews) openly. So what's the big deal?
14. #3 good point; British are a bloody people
Monk   (10.13.06)
Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, etc., not to mention the ruthlessnes with which the British strangled desparate Jewish immigration into "Palestine" from Nazi occupied Europe. Six million were murdered because of the British. The British were and still are especially ruthless monsters, haters and killers. The British are covered in blood.
15. #7 Mr. Stewart LOL! funny comment
16. he is right to apologize becuase it was
french libanese ,   paris france   (10.13.06)
an understatment what the israeli did was far worse than the nazi like our milk factoory was hit for no reason its french libanese company hit by smart bombs for what houses used as shelters for those who ran like in Qana and on and on i do not want to fill the jewish mind with guilt they know what they have done
17. dream on mike 33days and all you get
tea man ,   majayoun lebanon   (10.13.06)
is a cup of tea in marjayoun from a traffic police general who is facing court marshall as for hebrew those who are concerned with you speak it flunety that how the eavsdrop on you but if yoour dreaming to get to god heaven in the after life start learn arabic becuase it is the only spoken language there
18. Mr. A.Turner is a victim of certain lobbies
Clickright ,   Milan - Italy   (10.13.06)
His personal point of view regarding the distruction of Lebanon is shared by hundred of millions of world mass media , but after lobbies attacks it become POLITICALLY incorrect , what a shame
19. # 4 Mike your arrogance is revolting ,,,
Clickright ,   Milan - Italy   (10.13.06)
your point of view is not shared by a large number of Israeli & hundred of millions of freedom lovers in the entire world ...
20. #2 - observer...
The most common battle tactic is to destroy civil infrastructure in order to eliminate the enemy chance to rearm. furthermore, most of the buildings were pointed and stricked due to intelligent info. indeed, it was an act of violence, but also nesscery. your ignorance just shows why it is seems an unfair attack. for last words - the country which you represent isn't so naive either. judge your own people before judging others.
21. 19 - the truth is not up for a vote
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.13.06)
so where am i wrong? how do 'freedom lovers' disagree with what i said? what i said stands if that's the best you can do.
22. mon cher Leon
israeli ,   israel   (10.13.06)
What Nazi stands for is the following: occupation of most of Europe (the French surrendered immediately and set up the collaborationist government of Vichy, with all that it implies, including turning over the Jews of France for deportatioon and extermination in Nazi death camps). I don't see Israel all over the Middle East, North Africa, etc, bombing and destroying, etc. I think we are acting in self-defense. That fact that the world objects to Jews defending themselves is no fault of the Jews or of the Israelis, rather of a huge rotting plank that the beholder (observer in your case) just forgot to remove from his own eye. Nazi Germany's purpose was to exterminated what they called inferior races - Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, etc. I don't see that on Israel's agenda. Therefore there are no mass executions perpetrated by IDF troops (mass graves of massacred Jews are scattered all over Europe). which reminds me - a quite common practice of the SS was to round up whole villages inside churches and synagogues and set them on fire. Israel does not do that. Nazi Germany deported Jews from all over Europe (and they were ready with the death camps and ovens in Tunis and Lybia as well) to death camps where they were gassed and cremated. Is there any evidence of Israeli perpetrating such crimes against Arabs? Those were perhaps the major Nazi crimes. But even the lesser evils, such as forcing Jews to wear the yellow star (Arabs and Palestinians are free to dress as they please), closing down of Jewish businesses, confiscating Jewish property. Israel does not do that. So what are you raving about? Better look at what your country did in Algiers, Cote d'Ivoire, etc. Or are you allowed to do that because you still think you are a superpower? Who by the way is being overrun by islamofascists. Hezbollah was allowed to organize a victory rally in Paris, waving yellow Hezbollah flags. Way to go!
23. The Conservative Party instituted the "White Paper"
Scott ,   USA   (10.13.06)
The Conservative Party's "White Paper" policy kept all Holocaust refugees from reaching safety in Israel. The Brits even sent the 900 pathetic Struma refugees back, setting them adrift on the open sea until they were torpedoed. One survived. At least a quarter million Jews died as a direct result of the White Paper. Whose the "real" nazi?
24. #2 Nearsighted Observer
disagree in ,   NY   (10.13.06)
1) If the Israelis had targeted civilians rather than infrastructure, there would be MILLIONS--not thousands--of dead Lebanese. 2) You utterly and shamefully neglect to mention the targeted killings of Israeli civilians by Hezbollah operatives. Were these not innocent women and children too? 3) It is never a "fatal mistake" for a country to defend itself against terrorism, despite what the rest of the world thinks. Nasrallah admitted that he miscalculated Israel's response to his terror tactics when the Hezbollah entity kidnapped the 2 soldiers. Too bad the Lebanese had to suffer because of his miscalculation. 4) It is my understanding that most of the Israeli public holds the government, not the IDF, accountable for the failures in the way the war was fought. 5) If the Lebanese continue to support Nasrallah, they will get more grief from him and his thugs in the future. If the Lebanese truly want peace, they will exorcise Hezbollah from their midst and support leaders who will promote democracy, not terror and tyranny.
25. 17
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.13.06)
i'm learning arabic from my arab wife. i'm just trying to keep my kids from learning how arabs hate.
26. #19
israeli ,   israel   (10.13.06)
Like in "eat shit. billions of flies can't be wrong!"?
27. Mr Turner
Tommy ,   belfast UK   (10.13.06)
I too apologise for his behaviour but I believe he is just typical of career mps. showing an abysmal ignorance of what is going on in the world --never mind in Britain Never mind more votes for the BNP
28. I've got to agree with 24
tommy ,   belfast UK   (10.13.06)
29. i don't believe!!!
gail   (10.14.06)
no excuse!!!
30. #4 MIke
Dr Joji Cherian ,   Aluva   (10.14.06)
What do you mean when you say Israel did not use even 1 per cent force.? That Israel was magnanimous enuogh not to have used the nuke?They would have if they could, and were not held back from doing so by any moral constraints.That is Israel
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