Hizbullah cancels Jerusalem Day celebrations
Roee Nahmias
Published: 14.10.06, 23:59
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1. Signals od distress !!!! you call 1.5 million supporters
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.15.06)
that gathered on september 22 as signal of distress ... who needs a military parade ... the best military parade was practised live this year in south lebanon in which hizbullah taught the israeli army a lesson that the israelis will never forget: 1. Mofaz admitted defeat in south lebanon 2. Livni said no force on earth can destroy hizbullah 3. Peretz decalred the same 4. How many commissions have been set so far for investigating israeli war failures 5. Merkava production program is history. Deals in hundreds of millions of dollars for selling mirkavas to turkey and korea were cancelled 6. How many war crime generals resigned or were sacked ?? Just lets see if Olmert calls for a gathering... i doubt if he can even gather 10,000 people (other than the gay parade) and to those who are still questioning the war outcome check this article and link below
2. To fadi
John ,   Haifa   (10.15.06)
Who still has sheeba farms. Some victory, not. Israel's new tanks will have an anti rocket sheild. The tanks that had this were protected. Hezbollah didn't hit one plane, didn't hit one artillery battery. They fired 4,000 rockets and killed 20 palestinians and 20 jews. They are incompetent. They didn't hit one israeli base. Taught a lesson. They are the ones living in a prison with cluster bombs, oil cancerous beaches, cancerous toxins in the water. Lost what? Hezbollah tried 8 suicide bombings in israel and failed. There drones failed. There truck bomb failed. There infiltrations during the war failed. Israel still has sheeba farms and all of golan israel won. Israel has a huge arsenal which could obliterate hezbollah anytime and the next prime minister will be bibi.
3. to fadi - you didn't win, you just didn't lose...
yonatan ,   nyc   (10.15.06)
i think by now everyone recognizes the fatal flaws and the mishandling of the war by the bureaucratic powers. but for hizballah and it's supporters to claim "victory" and to say that they "defeated" israel is wrong and absurd, and they are making a big mistake if they think that.
4. 1. 1.5 million "supporters"
Truth ,   USA   (10.15.06)
you mean the "supporters" who fled the bombing of Lebanon?
5. Hey Fadi, check this article and link :P
Truth ,   USA   (10.15.06) We're sick of your guys' crap. :P "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
6. to fadi
jj ,   montreal canada   (10.15.06)
You are getting very boring. what has Britain banning the full veil (slavery of your women) got to do with Your problems with hezbullah in Lebannon. Stick to the subject.
7. hey my lebanese friend
mike reider ,   san diego   (10.15.06)
what exactly did your brave hiding-behind -the-civilians Hezbolla win? Im curious to know, because the damage to your country is monumental, with most of hezbollah's Syrian and Iranian rockets depleted, infrastructure destroyed, southern border free of hezbollah and full of international peacekeepers. The damage to Israel was largely minimal, with its economy bouncing right back. so if you want to talk about delusions and 'divine victories', go ahead. but the rest of us prefer to deal with reality, not jihadist fantasies.
8. All Hezb did was strengthen Israeli right
RA   (10.15.06)
Wait until Olmert is replaced by a real leader. You Arabs will be crying and whining..wait a second, thats what you are doing now as well. Never mind.
9. enough with that ugly veil , when in Rome d
rachel ,   usa   (10.15.06)
We don't want that Ugly veil ......How can we get that into your hard heads?
10. Saving it for the big one: Liberation of Jerusalem from
d Garcia ,   usa   (10.15.06)
Jewish occupation.
11. to #7(israel lost the war)
lina   (10.15.06)
u are an idiot;;u know why ;because every intelligent person know;;that the one who wins the war is the one who realise his objective. But u are an idiot ;because u are counting who destroy more houses and kill more children;;(in this ;sure isael won the war)...But every body knows that we can't say that israel win the war by killing 600 children,,or by destroying 45000 houses;; but if we will go to see who realise their objective;;we will see that israel didn't realise any of her objective...(she didn't eliminate hezbollah;;and get back the 2 soldiers;;ans stopping the misseles;;and she didn't even get out hezbollah from the litani river;)....Just tell me one objective that israel realise;;;;putting the soldiers of lebanon and unifil there wasn't their objective;..But when isael knew that nobody can desarm hezbollah;;and in the last days she lost 34 soldiers;;than she run to accept cease_fire..... And u can't compare between the damage of hezbollah and israel.Because hezbollah didn't have militar planes or tanks or militar sheeps;and they justhave 5000 of fighters(I don't know the real number)but we all know that they have just some thousands.... But israel have the fourth strongest military in the word;;for that they have to feel shame ;;because they didn't succeed in destroying hezbollah;; and israel never get out from a war with out realise all her objectives;;but this time was different;and for that reason we say that israel loose the war..... And at least hezbollah will realise his objective by getting back the lebanese people fom the jails of israel;(if they want to see their 2 soldiers soon)
12. Nassr Allah must move with his 3000 subborters to Iran.....
Lebanese Batriot ,   Ba'al bek, Lebanon   (10.15.06)
.........and leave Lebanon alone for the authentic Lebanese. We had enough of him and his self abbointment to sbeak for us. This evil subinsect brings us only tears, blood and endless suffering. He is not a man of God but together with his cousin Al-Sadr in Iraq both are doing Satan's work. Hallas, go away Nassr Allah and never come back!
13. The Mysteries of the Jihadist Mind - For Fadi and others
Bechor   (10.15.06)
Welcome to the mystery of the Jihadist Mind: 101. I will now take you through the brilliantly logical mind of a Muslim Jihadist. WHAT IS A VICTORY? Well, that is obious, is it not? A victory in Jihad against the infidels is a victory. The more infidels a Jihadist kills, the better! Now, logically, the opposite of killing an infidel (being killed by an infidel) should be a loss, right? Well not to a Jihadist, folks! You see, when a Jihadist is killed in a war for Allah, he is granted entrance to heaven were he is greated by a multitude of virgins and "children of perpetual freshness"! To summarize: When they kill us, they win. When we kill them, they win. When they hide behind their women and children, and they die, they also win, because their women and children get into heaven. WHAT IS A LOSS? There is no such thing. A Jihadist does not even acknowledge the possibility of his failure. Let us now objectively examine the outcomes of the war in Lebanon: 1) Lebanon's infastructure is gone. 2) The Lebanese economy is in ruins, and will remain that way for years. 3) You have an armed militia in your country that is now attempting to take control of it, and you are supporting it. 4) We have UN soliders on the border who have the authority to fight Hizballah if they fire at Israel. 5) Thousands of Lebanese have died. 6) Dozens of Israelis, some of which were Arabs, have died. 7) Approximately 700 Hizballah fighters are dead. 8) 100 Israeli soldiers are dead. 9) Lebanese prisoners have not been released. 10) Israel is still in control of the Sheba farms. Great victory there Fadi and the Jihadists! I wish you many more such victories in your wars against Israel! =) Jews Unite
14. fadi , lebanon
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (10.15.06)
Maybe somebody should give Fadi a book on remedial reading. The article was about the Tunisian desire to be a progressive secular society, not one mired in virtual prehistory enslaving half of your population by burying them in a hijab. There are plenty of articles on Ynet dealing with the Muslim, Israel conflict. Post your thoughts about that conflict there. Prove to us all that you are a intelligent individual capable of open discussion about a subject based on fact. Remember it's a free country. Here. . Your comments and opinions are welcome, just stay on the subject.
15. Hezbolla are idiots!
Pokey and Gumby ,   Barashginard   (10.15.06)
Your kids can't go to school because they've been destroyed! What were once cities are now rubble. You lost a significant percentage of your military. You hid behind women and children -- WOMEN AND CHILDREN! Your leader ran away during the heat of battle. I know you have to publish this crap in your own hoods to bolster your people's spirits, but don't be foolish enough to think that anyone outside of Lebanon believes it. Cowards!
16. for fadi #1
simple man ,   los angeles, CA   (10.15.06)
fadi, you are funny... what kind of victory is that when you beg the "looser" to open up the seize and let the food to be delivered to the country.... the army of "looser" is up to litany river...and you crying like a baby that the "looser" have not meet the ethical commitments signed in Geneva...OK, OK ...yes i know you won, not only this war but also the 67, 73, up your eyes kid, the world is changing...
17. hey winner i do not believe it is a good idea to...
naive ,   sherman oaks   (10.15.06)
let the strangers fil up south of your country, after all you are a winner !, you should dictate, that the strange force the go to "looser" land
18. hey fadi, please keep writing, it is fun to read your pearls
hilarious view ,   california   (10.15.06)
i feel really sorry for you and all your ilks, you have nothing to be proud of i honestly hope you finnaly undrestand who had made you to such level of misery, it is not imerialism, it is not zionism, it is ... well you have to find it out yourself.
19. for mr fadi, number one
raf ,   usa   (10.15.06)
my frined that is the nature of democracy that on top of all the successes, you have to be open answer, and set up a committee to investigate further, in order to do it better and better on the other hand this is the psychology of "poor achiever" to make a big deal out of trivial achievements, and get drunk out of it rather than planing for going ahead i hope you have the ability to undrestand what i am takling about (though i think this is beyond your level of undrestanding)
20. to Mr. Fadi
Habib Seuliman ,   New York, USA   (10.15.06)
If this is your idea of victory, we wish you many more like this.
21. Fadi's Counterpunch Article
careful reader   (10.15.06)
The article is written by two authors who have a pro-Islamist agenda and are open critics of Israel. Real unbiased source there.
22. To#1 Fadi
Hey Fadi, where was your 'brave' Nasrallah hiding throughout the war? P.M. Olmert was visiting the sites where Hizbullah rockets missed their targets and hit civilian homes. These were real civilians, unlike the Lebanese civilians who were Hizbullah cowards running around in civilian clothes. It was Iran, Syria and Nasrallah who were crying to UNcle for a cease fire. It was NOT Israel. Israel agreed for a ceasefire because you guys cried for it. You guys gave good photo-ops to the media guys who were Hizbullah stringers! You guys are good at hiring mourners who never missed a photo-op. You all did a great job at it. Take credit for it!!!
23. Cancelling Jeruselam day sounds prudent
John ,   USA   (10.15.06)
Why would Hezbullah want to give the IDF a covenient target to bomb? Ynetnews doesn't mention this.... why? Needless to say this website is incredibly slanted, although the readership seems incredibly diverse in opinions.
24. hezbollah divine victory
to fadi ,   ashdod,israel   (10.15.06)
you are a quite an amazing guy !! while nasrallah is hiding like a mouse fearing to be eliminated israel has shown syria and iran that if they dare attack us there country will get back to the third world as for lebanon !! sorry iran and syria are already in the third world !! why syria and iran are afraid of a direct confrontation with us ? i think you'd better think about education about creating jobs for you and your people instead of listenning to nasrallah's fantasmatic propaganda !!!
25. Israel said it Failed =>We Won
Assim ,   Lebanon   (10.15.06)
dear fadi, the thing is very clear: nobody red the article you linked to. To be clear they used to say that arabs do not read, it is now obvious that US and Israel do not read or do not want to. on the other hand for those asking if Lebanon won, let me put it this way: are'nt you saying Israel failed (many mention it), therefore Lebanon won, or you want lebanon to invade Israel which will never happen. All I can tell you Israelis:"Take care of the futur surprise"
26. thank you Jhon #23
Assim ,   Lebanon   (10.15.06)
27. Victory
Wissam ,   Beirut-Lebanon   (10.15.06)
Its kind of wierd to read all those talk backs and see all sorts of people attacking one person (fadi), i mean the guy has a point of view and he just mentioned it, dont you all think he has a point by saying the there is no need to make a military parade because the real military parade was shown in the war, i mean what is wrong with what he is saying!!!!! Anyways, if most of you people think that "Israel" won the war, your acting very pround of it. Me as a Lebanese wish you all the best in wining all your wars the same way you won this one, because if this trend carries on then i am safe to say that i will see a full Palestine in my life time:) Enjoy your "Victory"
28. #25 That is ridiculous
Bechor   (10.15.06)
Let me see if I understand your logic: 1) Israel has conceeded that her objectives were not met in this war. Therefore, Hizballah won the war? That is a joke. Let me remind you that Hizballah did not accomlish any of their objectives either - We still hold your Lebanese prisoners and the Sheba farms. Why don't you wake up and think for yourself instead of letting Nasrallah tell you what to think and when to think it. You lost this war just as much as we did. The difference is that you suffered heavy losses, and we did not. Your economy is crushed, and ours is not. Your infastructure is destroyed, and ours is in near-perfect condition. You can think your brother Nasrallah for all of these "victories." May all of the Arabs' "victories" against Israel be like this one. JEWS UNITE
29. #24 you better lister to all what Nassrallah says
Assim ,   Lebanon   (10.15.06)
still things shows up that Israelis and US's do not listen nor read, nassrallah always say that it is very important to learn build and elevate our country (you better read the poelpe nassrallad comes from). and as for Iran and syria: do you consider a country facing the whole world for having the technology of "nuclear power" and who finds a medicament for Aids a third world country, and a thanks to you for putting sanctions of syria and iran to make them stay in the way they are.
30. obsession
juliana   (10.15.06)
Lina # 11, you are the same people who copmlain about the price of Isrealis yet when you kidnap two soldiers in return you ask for thousands jailed lebs. wow! People lost their lives on both sides and am sure Isreal was hurt with its 150 dead Vs you who celebrated 1000+ martyrs. what have you people done to bring peace to that part of the world, with all that wealth of Oil and so many people other than trying to distablise tiny Isreal. Get over yourselves with war and build your country. #27am sure Leb will also crave for more devine victories like the last one! #23 the Lord God of Isreal shall never let His people down, thats why Isreal survives today amidst hostile people like you. Shalom
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