Olmert: Iran nukes could reach Hizbullah
Ronny Sofer
Published: 15.10.06, 14:52
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1. if they use a nuke, lebanon would no longer be a problem
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.15.06)
because it, syria, and iran would no longer exist.
2. loool ...hes a real comedian ... either this
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.15.06)
guy is an idiot or hes making the israelis look like idiots :p this idiot Olmert is reading ynet ... i posted a talk back yeaterday that soon israel and the US would say that the IAEA didnt find any evidence of nuclear weapon program cause iran has shifted these and hid them in syria or with hizbullah :p Hey Olmert ... you idiot ..or your advisory team of idiots :p it was a joke ...a JOKE ... A JOKEEEE ! ok u idiot ... if u dont pay 5 billion dollars in compensation for war crimes in lebanon we will nuke tel aviv :D
3. Hog wash!!
michael   (10.15.06)
Olmert boosted a year ago he was behind the "brilliant " plan to retreat from Gaza eventhough they were shooting at sedorot. If he was doing more. He should have never left and furthermore, they should have taken over more of Gazan land to push the qassams out of range. We all know Politicians lie. But olmert tells us stupid lies. I don't know which is worse being fed an intelligent lie or a lie that is thoughtless and gives the feeling to the public that the "masses are asses."
4. answer to # Fadi
mich ,   jerusalem israel   (10.15.06)
You have the nerve to ask for compensation when you started the war ?you should hide and keep a low profile before talking and threatening. you are lucky to be alive.
5. Fadi
tommy ,   belfast UK   (10.15.06)
If the arabs and iran (the persians were once a great people-look what their government has brought them to) devoted as much time to pursuits other than violence They could have made the deserts bloom as Israel did. They could have made some contribution to mankind -It is time to forget koran based hatreds,It is time to tell the people that nonmuslims are not the cause of their problems It is time to introduce a work ethic into them. Turn the sword into ploughshares-- get on with the process of life
6. olmert
ami ,   israel   (10.15.06)
talk less and check that inthe next conflict wich is anavoid able the victory will be ours
7. fadi is proof that there is no shortage
Cowboy Bob ,   Desert Ranch, USA   (10.15.06)
of ignorant people in Lebanon. A combination of ignorance and an inferiority complex lead people to make the most absurd statements.
8. In other words, it would be hell on earth
John ,   NZ   (10.15.06)
9. #5 Tommy
Jimmy ,   Glasgow, UK   (10.15.06)
"They could have made the deserts bloom as Israel did." These areas were not deserts, they were stolen Arab farms.
10. Tommy,
You are divorced from Reality. Muslims and non Muslims are suffering because the imperialists like UK/USA/ and cos are stealing their lands, occupying their nations, sucking their blood, and interfering in their societies to fulfill their greedy financial welfare. We will fight you and defeat you in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and everywhere we can until you know that justice is the only peaceful solution, not dictating to other people and being arrogance and insolence. Iran and other Arab nations should fight to get NUCLEAR weapons so that they can defend themselves against USA and other countries invasions. Have some morals man!
11. Well why didn't olmert finish the job?!
Michael   (10.15.06)
Now he says oh by the way Iran may transfer it to Hizballah. Really?! and he didn't know this two months ago? If he didnb't he should have . So why didn't he fifnsh Hizballah like he said he would. olmert is too much, Israel deserves better.
12. why israel didn't use nuclear bumbs in lebanon?
mike ,   usa   (10.15.06)
you know why ;;because israel will burn her countye too.....not for loving lebanon.....hehehhe
13. Fadi,take your Pills and go lie down for a liitle rest
Alan ,   SA   (10.15.06)
14. why didn't israel use nuclear bombs in lebanon?
mickael agonada ,   windsor, Canada   (10.15.06)
WoW, I can't believe how lame these questions are. Israel cannot use nuclear weapons in lebanon because it is an international law. some might suggest that since israel has already broken 10,000 international law, why can't they break one more, well my friends let me tell you the simlpe most assuringley true answer, If israel would have used a nuclear bomb in lebanon, every shia in the world would MARCH into israel and start slaughtering jews, it will be like a second holocaust and Iran will not think twice of demolishing israel, thats the truth, for all of you who thinks that israel is right to proceed with this war, your all wrong and you faggots are racists, look at your history, then you would know that Israel starts everything, so go screw yourselfs and GO HEZB'ALLAH.
15. Beginning of the END of ISRAEL
Sameer ,   Ramallah   (10.15.06)
You Israeli idiots, you should know that you have lost many chances for peac, you have strenghtened Hamas against Fatah, and Hamas is the agent of Iran in the teretorries, Now, with Hizbullah and Hamas are the tools Iran and Syria are using to destroy Israel and guess what !? They will do it because you never wanted to make real peace with the Palestinians.. You Israelsi, never think to live normal even for one second...
16. To FADI: Good one.. hehehe
Jay Jay ,   USA   (10.15.06)
Keep up the good work bro....
17. fadi
HS ,   USA   (10.15.06)
I can't tell if you are a comedian or just a moron. Everytime I read your postings you go further in amazing me. For the sake of humanity, I hope that you are joking, but in case that you serously believe in your statements, I suggest that it would be better for you to keep your mouth shut and have others think that you are stupid, than to open your mouth and prove it.
18. As always, terror-surrpoting tackbackers
The Raccoon   (10.15.06)
spout psychotic hogwash. It is because of people like these that a nuclear war is inevitable. Just remember, terrorist supporters - it is YOU who will die horribly, whether you're in the West or some Islamic theocratic dictatorship.
19. Israel should also seek to stop Iran's "cloning technology"
Marhaba ,   Beirut Lebanon   (10.15.06)
"If the atomic bomb reaches Iranian hands it will reach other hands. International fears – not only Israel's – are that these weapons reach other players like Hizbullah," Irani scientists recently cloned a sheep. Olmert is also perhaps concerned the technology could be passed to Hizbullah, who would use it to clone some 100 or more Nasrallahs.
20. 15
CB ,   United States   (10.15.06)
Peace can only be possible when our partners in peace can be trusted and are willing for it. It is attitudes like yours that are destroying the possibilities.
21. Sameer. prove me.
DK ,   Israel   (10.15.06)
You said israel didnt want peace, prove it! I can prove palastinians didnt want peace: 1.When israel was established as a neighbour of palastine, you attacked us. 2.After that, you attacked us and tried to destroy again. 3.And again... 4.Israel kicked out more then 8000 people from its territories and gave them to you when promised peace, you used them to shoot rockets on us. 5.Israel give money, electricity, food, medical supplies and water to palastinians and get qassams and terror acts. Israel even gave palastinians weapons for self defence, they are using them now vs us... 6.We asked for peace some months ago, Hamas didnt want to recognize us as a country. now, you prove me that we dont want peace...
22. to #10 in UK/USA making threats
cowards ,   bludging off others   (10.15.06)
Gee your brave, no name, no address..i wonder what country you are presently bleeding you sit back and accuse everyone else. To quote you: "We will fight you and defeat you in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and everywhere we can until you know that justice is the only peaceful solution, not dictating to other people preaching Islam being arrogant and insolent whilst living in host nations". and part quote: Iran and other Arab nations should prepare themselves from being attacked if the USA and other countries are invaded. Your sentiments exactly....hahahaha signed no name from UK/USA/Canada enjoying all that the host countries of the world have to offer whilst spitting in their faces.
23. 19
abbie ,   us   (10.15.06)
cloning a sheep? well that explains that fairy tale about the 72 virgins. By the way, sheep can also be used for wool.
24. 2. That is so stupid Fadi.
For an enemy you sure are funny. :P
25. Fadi of Lebanon
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   Dar al-Harb   (10.15.06)
It is amazing to see how agitated everyone gets when you make one little comment! You are really good at pushing the right buttons to piss people off! You must derive a lot of humor and satisfaction from that.:) When it comes to nukes, though, it is not a laughing matter. I personnally believe that if people on your side get their hands on nukes, they will use them. In fact, I think some of your people already have them and are looking for the right moment to use them. Like the 34 day war. Hez clearly provoked Israel by killing 8 and capturing 2 for a "hostage exchange". Then you call Israel the aggressor when they fight back. One of your bloodthirsty Islamic hero buddies will do the same to the USA. Provoke by attacking, then play the victim when the US attacks back. Then we get a minor nuke exchange, then real WW3, then your guys go meet 72 virgins, my guys go meet Jesus in Heaven. As much as I like girls, I'll take Jesus any day over that.
26. Mickael Agonada of Windsor (14)
sk ,   USA   (10.15.06)
While I think I am a capable writer, I know I could not have surpassed Mickael Agonada of Windsor (North American outpost of Eurabia). First, there is the laughable fantasy of "every shia in the world" marching into Israel and starting to slaughter Jews. Like they wouldn't do so now if they could! The Shiites of Iran, I point out, tried to do this with Iraq. Didn't work. You see, bodies are no longer enough in modern warfare. The beturbaned biggies in Teheran may finally have figured this out. No doubt these whiny Muslims would complain if Israel saw the Shiites marching toward the border and used cluster bombs. But what makes this Mickael creep even more amusing is his comment: "or all of you who thinks that israel is right to proceed with this war, your all wrong and you faggots are racists," Ponder this, please. Here we have a genocidal Muslim who (1) has the ignorance and audacity to complain about racism and (2) in the same sentence use the bigoted slur "faggots." Clearly, Mickael is nothing more than a crazed bigot, which the House of Islam produces in vast numbers. That he is in Canada indicates what is wrong with modern immigration policy.
27. #19 Good one bro loool ... to all the other morons
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.15.06)
it proves my point .. i put a sarcastic comment of how your PM is fooling you and instead of you commenting about how PM is riding on the backs of israeli idiots with this kind of propaganda, igniting hate against lebanon and using terrorism 'vritual threats' the same way the idiot Bush and his so called terrorism alert and Blaire's dream of the latest planned and foiled plane attack to keep his ass on that chair, you just find that my potbacks are the problem not u or ur PM clown ... This idiot has a support level of 7% of the israelis and so far has managed to keep away from the investigation commissions... i have to say either hes really goood at deceiving people or his people are really stupid and blind !!!! Between the two options and the talk backs here i think the second option is more probable !!!!
28. #5 and what the hell do you know about Kuran or Islam !??
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.15.06)
i am a christian too... am not sure if u know the fact that 40% of lebanese population in lebanon are christians ... but one thing about lebanon is that this diversity makes u see what the other religions are for real !!! probably u get all ur news from CNN and the cartoon networks ... so i know all what ill say here wouldnt even change anything in ur closed mind or can open ur blinded eyes !!! Israel is making the desert bloom with the money of idiot tax payers like you in the UK and others in the US ... israel receies annually 4 billion dollars of aid from the US alone !!! koran doesnt teach hatred ... it has all the basics of christianity with one thing more ... it doesnt say that if somebody slaps ur right cheeck u have to turn the left cheeck ... it teaches u that fighting for your existence , defending ur freedom, ur faith, ur family and morals is worth that u sacrifice everything for including ur own life if ur interested to know more .. i can tell you but i dont want to be wasting my time typing knowing that u wont even try to understand other religions the way u are and not the way the US and israeli propaganda tries to show islam or even other religions !!!!
29. fadi is a kadima supporter
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.15.06)
We do not want olmert! Why the hell doesn't he resign and call for new elections?
30. to #9
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.15.06)
arabs never had farms. The Negev belonged to us and there are no damn arabs there,but beduin shepherds.
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