Hamas: Israel's tanks will be destroyed
Ali Waked
Published: 16.10.06, 22:56
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1. hamas dear,
israeli ,   israel   (10.16.06)
haven't heard that the NATO nati-terror fleet is coming? They might not be as merciful as the Israelis.
2. Wuh--What's that sound? KABOOM! No more Gaza.
3. Hamas needs a brain transplant it is so stupid
4. rockets and tanks
sam ,   ny   (10.16.06)
there are millions of those muslims around a small embattled country. religious war is never good. nobody wins. go back to UN resolution 242! that may be a solution that all you radicals there may want to live with before your families lose more of you!
6. It's a bluff, go in and clean up.
uli ,   Jerusalem   (10.16.06)
When Arabs so hysterically threaten, they usually have not so much behind them and actually they want more time to build up their arsenals. Attack now and it will be an Israeli victory that Hamas will never forget and maybe also not survive, if not Olmert would stop the IDF.
7. Send them twenty tanks.. that would be enough :)
According to israeli intelligence hamas has smuggled twenty anti tank missiles... so the best option is send them twenty tanks into Gaza .. that will do the trick of destroying the twenty missiles :) thats the best alternative .... otherwise why dont u nuke Gaza ... ofcourse these 20 anti tank missiles are a grave threat to israels existence and israels 350 nukes !!!! how could the palestenians do something so unhuman and think of fighting tanks with missiles and not with stones !!!! JUST A QUESTION OF CURIOSITY .. HOW DID THE ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE KNOW THAT THEY ARE 20 MISSILES... DOESNT THAT RAISE THE QUESTION THAT THEY THE MISSILES WERE SOLD TO THEM BY ISRAEL !!!???
8. no tanks, aircraft - man to man israel can still defeat pals
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.16.06)
but it is messier to have to deal with palestinian human shields at that level.
9. olmert taught the arabs how to hurt israel
10. 1 nato only bomb radio stations and trains
ivan ,   belgrade   (10.16.06)
11. to #7
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.16.06)
Knowing the number of missiles does not necessarily suggest that Israel sold Hamas those missiles. More likely, it suggests that they have informants within Hamas.
12. Fine, Change In Plans - Carpet Bombing
13. Peretz still uprooting Jews instead
Steve ,   USA   (10.16.06)
B"H Instead of focusing on Israel's defense, Peretz is focused on Israel's offense against its Jewish citizens. Israel's enemies laugh and start military action with such tactics, as in Lebanon after Amona. Why is Israel inviting a second round at such a sensitive time as this? Reference: Peretz to Yesha Residents: Leave Outposts Peacefully – or Else 23:32 Oct 16, '06 / 24 Tishrei 5767 by Hana Levi Julian Defense Minister Amir Peretz announced Monday afternoon that residents of unauthorized outposts in Judea and Samaria would be forced out of their homes, one way or the other. Peretz told members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that he has given the Yesha Council leadership two weeks to convince outpost residents to leave their homes voluntarily. After two weeks, he said, the IDF would forcibly expel Jewish residents from their homes in unauthorized communities. During Sunday’s cabinet meeting, the Defense Minister told the ministers he hoped meeting with Yesha leaders would bring an understanding in which they would agree to voluntary evacuation of the outposts. Peretz noted that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had raised the issue with him during her most recent visit to Jerusalem. “The matter of evacuating illegal outposts has not lost importance on the public’s agenda,” Peretz assured the committee members, “but was given a long rest during the war in Lebanon. In response to Peretz' remarks, Yesha officials state, "It takes two to tango. We were not invited to any meetings. Does the minister wish to attempt a dialogue? If so, with whom? Himself?" During the committee meeting, the Defense Minister was accused by Meretz party Knesset Member Ran Cohen of dragging his feet on the issue. “Each year an evacuation plan is made and not implemented. Don’t tell us that you are planning to evacuate,” he said. “Just start evacuating.” The order to complete plans for the expulsions were was issued last week during a meeting with Defense Ministry, IDF and other officials, during which Peretz asked the IDF for immediate operational plans. Yesha officials told reporters they are working responsibly to avoid a split in the nation such as the one which manifested itself at Amona in February 2006. Hundreds were injured during the incident in which the police became violent during the course of their duties. Uniformed security personnel in riot gear on horses galloped through the crowd that had gathered to protest the destruction of the new neighborhood in Amona. Several people were trampled by the mounted officer, including at least one protestor who was deliberately attacked. The bloody scene was caught on video tape and broadcast throughout the world as an example of Israeli police brutality toward Jewish residents of communities in Judea and Samaria (Yesha). The incident was followed by an investigation and court action against the officer in question. Click here for our free Daily News Report from Israel Published: 21:30 October 16, 2006 Last Update: 23:32 October 16, 2006
14. to # 6
hanzalah naji ali ,   al-shajara   (10.16.06)
dear uli, it might be a bluff, but what the expense that israel should pay if not, and if yes its a bluff, what about next rounds, which state can live forever with war, who expect the palestinian will giveup, they teach the infant baby since he born about his rights in the land of grandfathers, the historic palestine, the right of return, each year passing will increase hate, you have two options no more, either u kill all palestinians and i doubt israel can do it even with a green for dummy usa, or try to find a real peace which will allow israel to plan for better future .
15. #7 U are the biggest ass on the planet
RA   (10.17.06)
Do you even realize how idiotic ur statements are. I dont even know what to say to you.
16. Olmert still supports leaving the philadephia route
Jason ,   haifa   (10.17.06)
The israeli people picked the wrong time to elect ehud olmert and peretz.
17. Has it occured to Israel that Pals won't ever give up?
Aaron ,   usa   (10.17.06)
18. Fine
J K ,   NYC, USA   (10.17.06)
Open up with the 105mm Howitzers so we can avoid the tank damage. And send in the troops. Israel fights the Pals with their arms tied behind their backs due to international pressure. Hamas is the only one that believes their own boasts. Yes, they can make like uncomfortable for Israel, but if the Pals in Gaza believe life is bad now, they have no idea how bad 'BAD' can actually be. But hey, this is the government they voted for. Good show.
19. Hamas declares war
alan ,   frisco   (10.17.06)
When Hamas declares war, Israel should give them an opportunity to use their missiles. But before doing so, please do to Gaza City what Great Britian did to Dresden.
20. HAMAS you are Bluffers
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.17.06)
I think you are very sympathetic Bluffers. What I saw after you took over, you are not able to do anything except getting killed by IDF. Even if they gave you , You cannot fire any anti-tank missle as you would run away as soon as you see a tank. Please do not Bluff before higly professional poker players. Do and let us see.
21. These guys all sound just Sodom Hussein did...
Mike ,   USA   (10.17.06)
Nothing but a bunch of wind. You can hear the hollow sound as it blows between their ears. What a bunch of fools.
22. Hamas needs to be given the same treatment as Hizbullah
Danny   (10.17.06)
23. The same old inflated bravado we have heard for 58 years
24. correction #7 posted by me :)
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.17.06)
i dont know why ynet only censored my name and location ... maybe its testing your IQ to see if u picked up that this comment was posted by me or not loool
25. And Peretz Says He Will Destroy 90 Jewish Homes
Erev Rav Out ,   Israel   (10.17.06)
Quote: "Take that Hamas, you think you can inflect more damage on the Jewish people. We can do more, just you see, I am going to remove 90 Jewish homes in 2 weeks, you will see Amona 2, hahaha." This government needs to be couped or at the least booted immediatly. Their punishment will come in this life or in the next, but it will be dealt with and severly.
26. Hammas warnings
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (10.17.06)
What I find very amusing is the delusional mindset of the Islamic Fundamentalists. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when they issued warnings and threatened to wage a war of annihilations with the conflict expanding far beyond the middle east the world including some Israeli cowards took notice, and tried to mollify them by heeding to their demands. The reality of the situation is that yes they have smuggled rockets into the cesspool called Gaza, yes the are able to kill some Israeli’s to the it makes no difference if the persons they murder are civilian or military or even Moslems, having murdered someone is considered as a great Islamic triumph. The true reality is all their threats are just illusions, and they actually believe them as if such illusions are of any value whatsoever, what is actually true, Israel and many other countries has stopped believing their threats, and thankfully are ignoring them as so much hot air, Israel is acting according to the best interest of Israel, and the poor delusional Islamists are still living in total abject misery.
27. Pre-emption Is The ONLY Option
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (10.17.06)
Actually Gaza is NOT Lebanon. A couple of well placed mega bombs unleashed from the IAF would stop the jihad in its tracks. True, there would be many 'civilian' (mostly overt or covert supporters of the jihad) casualties. The question and the calculus for Olmert is this - who would he rather be killed, the Gazans or the Jews? If the Gazans are allowed to become triumphant they will overrun the Jewish State with their lethal missles, not unlike the Hizbullah in the north. Therefore, who is Israel going to protect, its citizens or the Gazans??
28. Thanks sharon for opening the border.
Guy   (10.17.06)
29. To # 7
Nora ,   Israel   (10.17.06)
They smuggle rockets etc into Gaza from Egypt. Gaza and Egypt are only separated by a wall but there are plenty of smuggling tunnels underneath it. Also the Egyptian authorities turn a blind eye to smuggling activity.
M. SEGAL ,   MPLS AMERICA   (10.17.06)
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