Saddam: Kurds dividing Iraq for Israeli benefit
Associated Press
Published: 17.10.06, 16:32
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1. What with Ahmadinejad chatting to God
Talula ,   Israel   (10.17.06)
and now Sadam's theory.... YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH!!!!!!!
2. you can curse an arab's momma, but don't call him a zionist
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.17.06)
it's the "mother of all curses".
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.17.06)
That is what 90% of Turkish People think about current Kurdish occurance in Northern Iraq. USA only foolishly serve Isaeli aims. Therefore it will not be possible both to be "friedly" with Turkey and undermine Turkish State by supporting Kurds in Iraq. PKK use US weapons and mines to kill Turkish Soldiers, Israel gave them all support and education. It has been long time that is planned even Zionists attempt to show Kurdish from the same RACE as Israelis (funny but it is correct, there is some Zionist "scientific findings" claiming Kurds and Israelis are from The same Origin!!) Even if Kurdish people were able to separate from Iraq they will evolve to a Islamic state and it is not possible to continue with their current thieves (only Barzani himself embezzled 2 billion USD) as leaders and it will not take long time to turn against US an Israel. Play your last tricks and do your best each day you are sinking more and getting more closer to a terrible end as you do not calculate results of your actions. And you think you have secret plans?
4. Free the Kurds from arab Tyranny!
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (10.17.06)
Support a free and democratic Kurdistan!
5. 3 Yes, you have discovered our secret plans
Curses! Now we will find it more difficult to gain control of the world. It would have worked if our agent Bin Laden wasn't so incompetent! Don't worry, we can come up with a more complex and secret plan that will work, which is already being implemented as we speak. It involves using our creation of Christianity, which serves us so well, and global warming. Even if you figure it out it will be too late to do anything about it. You'll never stop us hahahahahahahahaaa.
6. #5...I heard that the Zionists are .....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.17.06)
planning on using the kurds to create some sort of super human army and wage war vs. the whole world. Then we will use our magic poison rain to kill the rest of our opponents. These people will never get it. they are too brainwashed to see how dumb they sound.
7. I wouldn't say I didn't laugh at the headiline
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (10.17.06)
8. The most effective, time-tested way
Saul ,   Barcelona   (10.17.06)
to unite Arabs and Moslems is to pick on Jews and Israel. Worked for every other scumbag, why shouldn't Saddam try it?
9. To #3
Saul ,   Barcelona   (10.17.06)
Ah, the Turks. The world is still trying to clean up the mess that was left by the Ottoman empire. But wait! What else do we have in the 20th century? A genocide of Armenians. A genocide of the Greeks. A genocide of the Kurds. And 99% of Turks still deny it. Only 90% believe another banal Zionist conspiracy theory? I am surprised it isn't 100%
10. Dead Man Talking
Ali ,   El Cairo, Egypt   (10.17.06)
Dead man Talking... Desperate and well.. antisemitic to the core. typycal, bullshit and conspiracy theories. boring.
11. Saddam is 100% Correct
Dovy ,   Toronto   (10.17.06)
The Zionists ALWAYS benefit from divide and conquer. He is 100% correct.
12. as strange as it sounds...
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (10.17.06)
dividing Iraq into three states has been an Israeli objective for 20 years now. Their thinking is that three smaller states would be weaker--which is probably true--and easier to manipulate and play against eachother--which is also probably true. It's not so much Zionist conspiracy as it is reality. Many members of Israel's government have already stated this many times. It just sounds crazy when someone like Saddam says it. Just wait, one of your MPs will say it again sometime, then let's see you call it a conspiracy.
13. Of course, Oded Yinon wrote about this in the early 80's
some guy ,   Montreal Canada   (10.17.06)
but we're supposed to forget uncomfortable details like Yinon's writings and the fact that Israelis have been photographed in Abu Graib and that the BBC released a news report basically showing Israeli involvement in Kurdish Iraq. But I'm sure this is all a coincidence, and not done deliberately, because to even think that would be anti-semitic.
14. Saddam
Brod ,   USA   (10.17.06)
Saddam should not be concerned about current affairs. He should be thinking about his impending execution. The Kurds deserve to have their own independent country in Kurdistan that the Arabs and the Turks have been sabotaging them all these years.
15. Saddam and other corrupt politicians
Foot in Sadam's face ,   USA   (10.17.06)
In America, when crooked politicians get caught, they use the phrase "mistakes were made." in the Arab world, when evil dictators get their come-uppance, they use the phrase "it is a Zionist conspiracy." In my book, both are bullsh---ing liars.
16. 150,000 Kurds own property in Israel
Cadavre ,   US   (10.17.06)
Not only do 150,000 Kurds own propoerty in Israel - Israeli intelligence and Kurds were formulating treason under the protection of the US no-fly zone after Gulf War I. US troops do not trust Itheir IDF advisors and most people think that what is reported as secular violence are really staged by Kurds and Israelis. Saddam is right. No one cares about Israelis - they will let Israelis murder, steal and tongue chant in the best their "chosen" mythology allows. Israel - if you allow tyourself to be used like this - as a market maker and loss lead for US War and Commodity Bankers - and those safe in the rear Zionist's in DC and NYC selling you these mayhems - you will have no one to blame but yourselves - and that moment of reconcilation is fast approaching - you can almost smell the musk of the wolf licking it's paws on your door step - One state is your only option - the world - the citizens of the US - tire of Israeli ignorance and the pain that ignorance forces on the rest of the world.
17. #11, 12 and 13...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.17.06)
If you know people have talked about spiltting Iraq into three, then it's not a conspiracy, is it? Makes sense to me to give the Kurds their independence and makes sense considering all the secterian violence that is killing so many innocent people in Iraq. By now you should understand that Arabs and Muslims cannot live with anything different then what they believe, so lets seperate them and let them figure it out.
18. Hand in Hand with a previous Ynet article
About Mossad agents training Northern Iraqi Kurdish troops.
19. #3 and #16 are babbling idiots....#11 is just a...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.17.06)
plain idiot.
20. okay, so let's focus on the alleged Israeli involvement
with the Kurds, but ignore the daily torture and murder the Sunnis and Shiites are perpetrating on each other in Iraq. Oh, please excuse my naivite, I forgot that the Zionists are there holding the Sunnis and Shiites hostage by gunpoint and forcing them to murder each other....silly me!
21. #16: "Sadam is right." Only a fool believes a liar
what's ur point?   (10.17.06)
22.  Why does Ynet publish comments that are so incoherent?
#16: Please translate into proper English your illiterate comments: please define: "market maker" (mall developer?) "loss lead" (WTF?) "safe in the rear Zionists" (do they have some sort of anal chastity belt?) This post is completely nonsensical. Ynet should have better standards than that.
23. israeli-kurdish connection is the subject of the article
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (10.17.06)
that's why most of us are talking about it--not out of neglect for the other aspects of what's going on. If you want to talk about the sunni-shia aspects, fine, but don't insult the rest of us who are actually talking about the subject at hand. But since you mentioned it, there are plenty of reasons why the Israelis and others would like to see or portray the image that sunnis and shia are senslessly fighting eacother: divide and conquer being one of them. Let's not forget that Eretz Israel includes parts of Iraq as well, so if that goal is to be acheived then several things need to happen, among them instability , disunity and distrust among the several factions that inhabit Iraq. The US and Israel both have death squads roaming Iraq killing and kidnapping on a daily basis. The British were also caught playing provocateur. It's not absurd to think that part of their plan is to give the image--and reality--that sunnis and shia are killing eachother, and help the slaughter along by formenting this notion with their own involvment.
24. #23 what's not absurd to think?
Saul ,   Barcelona   (10.17.06)
Whether or not it is in the interest of Israelis that Shia and Sunnis are fighting each other, the reality is that Shia and Sunnis ARE fighting each other, and have been long before Israel was established. Of course, you can invent causation links in anything that might be in Israel's interest, and many do: if the rain fell this week and it was good for Israelis, it just HAS to be the work of Zionists. The old Russian saying: if there is no water in the pipes, the Jews drank it all, if there is water in the pipes, the Jew pissed there. How original! And what is this part of Iraq that is included in Eretz Israel? Maybe New Zealand's Southern island, as well? I hear Zionists are making plans for settlements on Mars, that's why they are manipulating NASA space program. Dude...go to the Ave and smoke a fatty.
25. Conspiracy Theories zzzzzzzzzzzz! forgot to take my No-Doze
Bored by #23 ,   USA   (10.18.06)
26. #23: evidence please; otherwise don't waste my time
Really really bored ,   USA   (10.18.06)
27. Speaking to God
Haroon ,   Johannesburg, South   (10.18.06)
Does Talula believe that only Bush and Sharon have God's ear?
28. #11 Dovy
Voice of Sanity, USA   (10.18.06)
Your Naturei Karta-inspired fantasies are causing you to say the most off-the-wall things I've ever heard in my life.
29. Hello?
Bush aside, has anyone ever heard Sharon publicly declare that he spoke to God? Just asking....
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (10.18.06)
I'm writing this for a second time because my comments were not posted last time. Maybe they'll be posted this time. This is not the BEST evidence there ever was, but I only looked for 30 seconds. I have some articles saved at home that could shed some light on this issue as well. Regarding Eretz Israel and how it will incorporate parts of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan...... Regarding the US death squads in Iraq..... and here....,,11069-1433353,00.html and here..... Anything else?
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