New J'lem Mufti endorses suicide bombers
Yaniv Berman
Published: 17.10.06, 17:15
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1. Mufti's true colors
Bryce ,   Tyler, Texas, U.S.   (10.17.06)
I am amazed it has taken the new mufti so long to show his true colors. Well done The Media Line for bringing this one to light.
2. Mufti
Avraham ,   USA   (10.17.06)
Deport this piece of garbage out of Israel! He is polluting the Temple Mount with his presence.
3. This is news?! They have ALWAYS Supported Our Enemies
When was this news?
4. Big Surprise !
malcolm   (10.17.06)
andrew ,   miami,fl   (10.17.06)
6. Mufti, Mullah, Ayatollah, Hizbollah, Whateva
John ,   NZ   (10.17.06)
7. Religion of Peace?
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (10.17.06)
Culture of Death. Politics of Suffering.
stephane ,   france   (10.17.06)
our ennemies take advantage of the democracy in israel to encourage terror.they criticize israel but they are the happiest arabs on earth.why do you think there is not a single arab democracy in the world?? because arab presidents know that if you give this people "free speech";it's the begining of the end...
9. "any means" is a 2-way street
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.17.06)
and, boy, do they scream "illegal", "immoral", and "unlawful" when israel actually fights these cowards back with restraint.
10. Discusting
tom ,   bsas,argentina   (10.17.06)
Legitimacy in blowing yourself up? Is it OK to do that?? That´s a Way of ¨ Resistance ¨ To launch a campaign of Terror and Death? You are pathetic and you are saying that is OK to do Suicide attacks, what about launching rockets and misiles and what about the destruction of Israel just like Iranians want, is that what you think is OK? just because of the occupation?? I wonder what did the Pals do when Israel left Gaza?? did they build homes, tried to achieve peace?? HELL NO. THEY launch missiles, kidnapped soldiers, killing more, smuggled weapons, that´s right to you? wow. you are pathetic. I Recall The Great Mufti of Jerusalem back in the 1930´ that he wanted to help the Nazis by killing all Jews, He must be you´re HEROE right? Pathethic. discusting puaj
11. Someone remind me ...
sk ,   USA   (10.17.06)
why does the Wakf still control the Temple Mount; why is this mufti not behind bars; why is new Muslim building on the Mount going forward?
12. Violence
Douglas Miller ,   Miami Beach, USA   (10.17.06)
Why should any Arab calling for the murder of Jews be allowed to occupy Jewish land without paying any consequences? Sheikh Hussein should, at the very least, be removed from his position and expelled from the land of Israel.
13. A guy like this should face court foe incitement against the
Yochanan ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (10.17.06)
In the USA, he would be standing in front of a judge by now
14. maturity
Dr. NO ,   jerusalem   (10.17.06)
I wonder whether these guys really have any maturity (or capacity to ever grow up). Given that their own foolishness and failure to deal with reality, i.e. intifadas and "resisting occupation" has brought them nothing but death and destruction, isolation and almost complete indifference from the outside world (including their own Arab brethren) how come they are unable to stop for a second and consider peace instead of violence and terror? Who can seriously blame Israel for what the Arabs are bringing on themselves?
15. Not Politically Correct to bring charges against him.
Lemmings Hotline ,   LJ USA   (10.17.06)
Israell , ironically, has the most liberal policy when it comes to allowing moslem extremist incitement to occur unregulated on its soil. No other "moderate" Arab regime allows such sedition, allowing an enemy to address literally hundreds of thousands into a blood curdling frenzy, much the less on the temple mount. The temple mount, where jews are forbidden to worship in their holiest place, the leftists have institued a tradition of "religious tolerance" to facsists islamics, jew haters , fragently violating the law of sedition and incitement. What are you afraid of, upsetting "the moslem world." Can they get any more upset? It seems they walk around in a constant rage with their itchy fingers on the triggers.
16. #13
Dr. NO ,   jerusalem   (10.17.06)
I guess that in the UK too.
ANA ,   LATIN AMERICA   (10.17.06)
18. to #11: Because Israel illegally occupies this area
This area was annexed in 1967 war. This site is exclusively muslims. It hold two mosques and many other structures in what is called al-Masjid al-Aqsa. There are no Jewish temples. When muslims built these sites they did not destroy any Jewish monuments. There was nothing for Jews, and the Jews were just simply a defeated nation for more than 700 years and their existence in the Holy Land was from minority to none... Muslims gave a covenant to protect the Supulchure Church and the christian sites because they captured the City from them. Also, there was not Jewish site worthy of a covenant at the time.
19. Like Husseini
Casiopea   (10.17.06)
Cannot Israel put him on trial and send him to rot in prison?
20. #14
usa   (10.17.06)
umm... what do you want them to do? If they cannot resist the occupation, what are they supposed to do? Just live forever as a non-citizen class under the reigns of benevolent Israel? I will rephrase your question: Who can seriously blame Palestinians for wanting freedom, liberty, dignity, equality, and hope for the future? I don't think that Israeli control over Palestine will ever bring them that. While the Palestinians are not blameless in this, Israel is far, far, from innocent in this action! I am not trying to advocate or legitimate suicide bombings here, I beleive that all violence is immoral - even Israeli and American violence. However, I want to ask you, what would you do if you were a Palestinian? Would you just sit there and be treated like crap, or would you rise up and work towards dignity and freedom? I beleive even Jewish terrorist groups were legitimated by Jews when the cause was freedom for the state of Israel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the King David Hotel bombing a dispicable act of terrorism? Or do you find some sort of nationalistic means of defending that action?
21. This is a job for the UN and Europeans and all Leftists
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.17.06)
The Mufti said he endorsed the phenomenon of the suicide bombers, as it was part of the Palestinian people's legitimate resistance. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have determined that suicide bombings are not only illegitimate, they are crimes against humanity and "probably war crimes." It is very easy to check these reports, both available online. Peace loving people everywhere who respect human rights must demand that the Mufti be put on trial in Belgium immediately. The UN must issue many resolutions condemning the Mufti. The European Union must demand that the Palestinain Authority immediately remove the mufti from office and arrest him. Sure, and pigs can fly.
22. Mufti`s mouth and suitcases.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.06)
The more leftist are Israeli government`s actions, the more the Palestinian Arabs in Israel will think that Israel is weak. That`s why the Jerusalem Mufti opens his mouth now. Ask theMufti his definition on the borders of "Occupation" ? No answer? You can guess: Surely he wants the end of Israel. Dear leftists, beware, Arabs are maximalists. They want us to prepare our suitcases already.
23. What is this a punishment for?
Steve ,   USA   (10.17.06)
B"H Here we have an enemy leader on Judiasm's holiest site. And he is quoted as saying: Quote: And then he made a surprising comment. "It is the Palestinian people's right to engage in resistance until the occupation ends. As long as the resistance is legitimate, everything related to it is also legitimate." Asked to express his view with regard to suicide bombing, the mufti answered: "It is legitimate, of course, as long as it plays a role in the resistance." End Quote I sometimes am discouraged and take the view that there is nothing we can do to work out this situation so that we can better serve G-d with the sacrifices mandated. Indeed litergy commonly references the fact that Jews do not have full sovereignty to offer these sacrifices as mandated. Sharon said that it was important that Israel take a move not dependent on the Arabs and that was disengagement. We had to stop blaming the Arabs for our problems. We caused our own suffering. I am not sure why people cannot see this clearly, Jews and non-Jews alike. The Hamas stance is to not recognize Israel so that every Arab problem is not blamed on Israel. Blaming every Arab problem on Israel just leaves the Arabs as slaves to slander and does not resolve the problem for the Arabs. However, Hamas does not recognize Israel either as the legitimate representative of the Jewish people living in Israel. This causes Hamas great difficulty since it does not have a partner to talk to because of its lack of recognition. This points to the possible cause for the destruction of the second Temple: slander eminating from it. If Rome sent in a sacrifice that was improperly formed, who was to say to Rome that the sacrifice was improperly formed? Who was to leak that the sacrifice was improper, harming Rome's honor? As far as I can tell, slander was one of the serious causes for the fall of the Second Temple. Now, we being in following generations as mankind have an obligation to make amends for that problem. The sins of our fathers are opportunities for us to make amends for them. Let us sit down and figure out what is the cause of our woes. It is something collectively important for all of mankind who could benefit tremendously from a more direct relationship with G-d if we are up to it and can be trusted with it.
24. 18 # interesting reasoning
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (10.17.06)
You claim that there is nothing of jewish claim to the temple mount, "simply because because Jews were a defeated nation for more than 700 years" Now look at this: defeating a nation gave you the right to steal her holiest place (or any other for that matter), Now in 1967, as u've said the jewish nation defeated *you*- Now it would only be logical to use your OWN reasoning and kick all of you all the hell out of there Thanks for the idea, i hope the Jewish State uses it :-)
25. What are you guys talking about?
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Shomron   (10.17.06)
You say: "In the 1940s the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, was the most powerful and influential leader of the Palestinians." In the '40s there were no "palestinians"! There were Arabs! The "palestinians" were invented by Arafat, in 1968, in order to destroy Israel. The mufti therefore was a leader of Arabs, in the 40's! When you write he was "palestinian" leader in the '40s, you a.) rewrite history and b.) justify the false Arab rethoric to claim "back" the Land of Israel: Not a wise thing to do! But what do you care, you leftist, self-defeating, "let's-throw-the-settlers-out-of-their-homes", assimilated, non-Jewish Jews?
26. to #18 a Muslim lier
Moishe ,   Golutsk   (10.17.06)
It is obvious that in order to justify their poins Muslims resort to lies. If it was not for lies, starting with the story of so-called scarifies of Yshmael, Islam would not exists. Their quaran, their prophet and their whole religion is based on one big lie. Besides, that golden toilet, you call a mosque, was build on the ruins of the Byzantine Church.
27. 18: Rubbish.
sk ,   USA   (10.17.06)
No-name, whom do you think you are fooling? Not only is the historical evidence overwhelmingly against your maddrassa-based narrative, but anyone with a brain knows that Muslims regularly build mosques over other religions' holy sites. Well, I say we change this Islamic tradition by making it a rule that any time a mosque is built over someone else's site, the mosque is to be removed and destroyed. That should make an impression. Start with the removal of every trace of Islam on the Temple Mount. No more problem with Friday prayers, hm?
28. Suicide bombers
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, CA   (10.17.06)
As any Palestinian knows if he has half a brain, Israel is out to destroy Palestine. Talk, talk, talk, but watched the settlers and soldiers gobbling up more Palestinian land. Face it, Israel wants every square inch. So what's a Palestinian to do? If you don't have fancy tanks and F-16s to sit inside of where you can kill the enemy off, you simply have to use your own body. Contrary to your readers who call them the terrorists, it is abundantly clear to me all Palestinians that the Israeli soldiers and settlers are the terrorists. Those brave people who give their lives are freedom fighters.
29. satanlc mutfı you are too cLose to heLL
30. to #20
Alex ,   Houston, USA   (10.17.06)
The Palestinians have been given countless opportunites for statehood and freedom. Since 1937 until the present, there has always been a two state solution in the background. the only thing that holds back the palestinians from the realization of a Palestinian state is their own stubbornness to accept Israel as a neighbor and to end their internal power struggles. And just to clarify, the bombing of the King David Hotel by Jewish terrorists was terrible since civilians lost their lives, however, the King David Hotel was, at that time, the headquarters of the OCCUPYING british ARMY. When Palestinian terrorists destroy buses, cafes, pizzerias, outdoor markets, they usually don't intend to kill soldiers, they simply have been persuaded by their coward leaders to do despicable acts. For that I have sympathy for the Palestinian people.
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