Rice worried about possible arms race
Associated Press
Published: 18.10.06, 02:14
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1. There was a time...
David ,   Marietta USA   (10.18.06)
When real men lead the world, not lightweights like sweet Condi. Men like John Kennedy, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, and even as I gag, Richard Nixon. People who actually DID what needed to be done on the world stage, when it needed to be done, and the world is to this day a better place. Condi held so much promise. Now she cowers in fear of the gargoyle of North Korea, or the political sensitivities of a lunatic in Iran, or the hubris of a China which in only 10 years will be decimated by AIDS. She needs to retire to her homestead in rural Alabama. I'm sure even Stanford is holding its nose in disgust of what was once a promising mind. And she could have been the next President. Human garbage. As long as Israel knows what and whom it is dealing with...
2. you guys are bad
Dennis R Heath ,   dryden ny usa   (10.18.06)
why would you write such trash? you guys cant write the truth you shouldnt be writing anything. the last people that would want NUKES is japan or south korea. what ever made you write such garbage? news people like you are what causes trouble for usa or we the people. find another job because you suck at this one. if people would just stick together and ban news like this- ( NONSENSE ) this world would be alot better off. seems like the news people now a days just like to stir up trouble. you are sickening
3. i agree with dennis...
Gurpinder ,   Canada   (10.18.06)
What a load of crap, why would u go of and make such a perposterous assumption that this is going to make japan and south korea want nukes. The japanese would be the absolute last country to do this.
p HENRY ,   longmont U S A   (10.18.06)
5. Arms Race
Ray ,   TX, USA   (10.18.06)
The Japanese Prime Minister is already taking measures at moving his country towards reversing their non military stand that has existed since the end of WWII. I agree with #1, their is a leadership vacuum on the global stage. Swift action must taken against Iran and N. Korea. A Police state must be established in Iraq in order to gain control there so that US troops can pull out and be re-tooled for handling other hot spots. China and Russia are not sincerely interested in seeing a nuclear disarmament of Iran or N. Korea. They will continue a tactic of stone walling effective diplomacy and policy inforcement at the security councel. Currently as it appears the leadership at the UN reminds me of the galactic senate featured in Star Wars.
6. They should have nukes...
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (10.18.06)
The U.S. should give to Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan nuclear weapons or at least encourage them to build their own quickly. The world has changed and every nation must not always rely on the U.N. or U.S. for protection.
7. #6 its not candy to be handed out
concerned ,   universal   (10.18.06)
I dont understand your logic, just give it to them so they can protect themselves and the U.N/U.S wont have to deal with them.??? Were it so simple!! The west is not perfect and we have made many mistakes in the public arena but at least we are open to suggestions and discussion. Making it a free for ridiculous..we want to avoid nuclear conflict not encourage it. This is more about u have it and i want it too...nothing more..the mere fact that people have nuclear power will take conflicts to another level, and who knows what elements will get their nasty hands on it... Fighting a country is one thing, fighting a group of terrorists with nuclear power..the thought makes me shudder.
8. "Possible arms race?" what understatement
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