BBC poll: World against torture, Israel in favor
Published: 19.10.06, 10:11
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31. Before patronizing, Brits have to ask themselves...
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (10.19.06)
...what the hell they did in North Ireland. And in India, and in Kenya, and in Malesya, and in Palestine... and in MANY other places in the world.
32. #22 Kyle's list
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.19.06)
Sans injections, that's Saturday nite.
33. wake up's about "suspected" not "proven"
dan ,   romania   (10.19.06)
So Israel is in favor of torturing suspected terrorist. If one of the suspected terrorist is not really a terrorist ? Suspected means that it wasn't proved yet that he was a terrorist. Maybe one of you, is taken from the street and it's consider a "suspected terrorist". You would be happy to be tortured ? And stop winning about .."oh we are in the middle of Arab states and we have special rights and needs compared to other states in the world" Well let me tell you something: I live in a country that was under communist dictatorship for almost 50 years, before that we were constantly invaded or by Austro-Hungarian empire or by Ottoman Empire. After WW2, we had our grandparents deported by russians in Siberia, and a lot of our people died there - and if we add the number of all the eastern block - a huge number were deported and died in Siberia camps. But you don't see us complaining all the time, and you don't see us having the hatred that you are having for all the people that are not your own race. Maybe we suffered more than you but we are still able to forgive and think rational.
34. Torture doesn't work; hasn't anyone seen Reservoir Dogs?
George W ,   Chicago IL   (10.19.06)
To quote Nice Guy Eddie (without the cuss words); "If you beat on this guy long enough, he'll tell you he started the Chicago fire; now that does not necessarily make it so!"
35. Common sense
Phil ,   US   (10.19.06)
First, for those who don't know, the BBC recently went to court to prevent the release of a study that investigated charges that the BBC published biased articles against Israel. So much for free speech and the BBC so any information from the BBC is suspect. Second, no country in the world has suffered from ongoing terror like Israel. From before Israel declared statehood in 1948 (with the approval of the UN), Jews, and then Israelis have endured an unending series of Arab terrorist attacks resulting in the deaths and maimings of thousands of Israeli men, women, and children. By and large, the world has reacted with hostility to Israel's attempts to defend itself by non-violent or military means. Israel is also the only country in the world that continuously has its very existence threatened---most recently by the fanatics in Iran. I wonder what the results of the poll would be if another country had to endure the teror everyday like Israel has had to endure or were threatened with nuclear genocide by their neighbors? The refusal to take measures to rescue Jews during the Holocaust by even the Allies make thes claims of morality by the so-called civilized nations ring hollow. Third, if a nation knows about a potentially catastrophic terrorist attack against its citizens, that nation would be immoral if it didn't use any means at its disposal to prevent the attack, including torture. I agree that torture should never be used as a means of punishment but it is a valid method to get information that would prevent a terrorist attack. Fourth, during WWII, all the combattants, including the allies, deliberately attacked civilians in order to win the war so their votes are taken in the light of being at relative peace or having only a few isolated acts of terror against them. Finally, it is interesting that Palestinians and other Muslims claimed to be against torture. I guess that they don't consider packing a suicide bomber's explosives with ball bearing and other metal items in order to cause maximum pain and suffering as examples of torture. I also guess that the Muslim responders don't consider the beheading of Daniel Pearl as torture or the blood-thirsty lynching of the Israeli reservists who were killed in Ramallah as torture. Most muslims were either infavor of or indifferent to thes acts of barbarity. Obviously, the muslims are against torture of other Muslims. I wonder how they feel about the torture of "infidels"?
36. torturing should be legal way to get info from terrorists
DK ,   Israel   (10.19.06)
They target kids and innocent citizens, if we wont get the needed information, more kids and citizens will die, thats why Israel should use torturing as information gathering system.
37. to Dan
former Romanian ,   israel   (10.19.06)
Hello, Dan, I'm glad to see Romanians on these talkbacks (although not as often as I would like). First of all we are talking about "some degree of physical pressure", not the medieval, Inquisitional or Gestapo images the notion of torture usually brings to mind. Please do not forget that our own POW's report severe forms of torture endured while detained in Arab countries (see also Andy Mc Nab's ordeal while being a POW in Iraq). Also, I always mention the Romanians as a good example of a people so persecuted by all their neighbors and denied independence for centuries. One thing though, Romanians do not have a history of terrorism against those who oppressed them - I know of no Romanian who even considered blowing himself up among defenceless women and children in buses, pizza parlours, cafes, etc., or blindly shooting Kassam rockets into their neighbors' villages and towns. Or kidnapping their soldiers.Or ambushing and shooting civilians travelling in cars. Or breaking into people's homes in order to kill sleeping children in their beds. Otherwise, I agree, torture should be banned. But then so should terror. Complimente!
38. Muslims against torture
israeli ,   israel   (10.19.06)
In case anyone still had doubts:,7340,L-3309093,00.html
39. SICK
American ,   USA   (10.19.06)
Torture is wrong- its been proven that people LIE while being tortured because they will say anything when they are in incruciating pain. you jews that love torturing are sick. and one day you will be the ones tortured- because thats karma and thats how Hashem works.
40. Typical Israeli Paranoia
glennser ,   los angeles   (10.19.06)
I have to laugh when I see posters from New York ranting "In 1948,'67.... the arabs attacked us", why do you always insist on bringing it back to a "Whole world is against us!!" argument. It is idiotic to lump all arabs together and use the actions of extremists or dictators as proof of their inhumanity vs. your own humanity. Torture does not work, and no amount of wrongs against you make it right, civilized or useful. As for the poster who asked "what do they mean by asking what do countries who sufferend terrorism think... we've suffered more than anyone?" Do you really believe anyone reading this is not aware of the horrific acts of terrorism committed in Israel? Obviously the writers mean other countries who have suffered terrorism. I do think that the question was dumb though, unfortunately life is not a movie where the good guys a vicious killer who won't talk while the time bomb counts down to disaster, it has been shown over and over again that no matter how good the initial intentions torture eventually leads to false confessions and miscarriages of justice, feeding the miserable cycle of violence. Glennser
41. No. 34, George
NYC Girl   (10.20.06)
It sure as hell worked on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, something which you, as an American, should probably be grateful for since he was one of the masterminds behind the attacks on 9/11.
42. screw you
DB ,   Asia   (10.20.06)
not all terrorists are muslims you bugger..
43. bite, chew, swallow
Jo ,   Manama, Bahrain   (10.20.06)
why do most of your (obviously jewish) respondents think the BBC is wrong at their expense?? i would say the figure of israeli citizens pro-torture is higher! oh yeah and europeans are not under threat becuase they established their dominion 1000s of years ago (beating other 'europeans' before the days of human rights and the geneva conventions, whereas israel was forced upon a still-very-much-alive-and-well community 60 years ago, so the jews have a lot to hide and twist and cover up over the next 60 years...
44. Terrorists have no rights...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.20.06)
when you kill people just for the sake of have no rights. torture is horrible, but getting information from people who know about future attacks save s lives in the long run. We would not even have this issue if terrorists weren't so common these days. Why has the world accepted terror?
45. not suprised
jj   (10.21.06)
Not suprised israeli's approve of torture. They live on stolen land in stolen law. They show no moral or ethical principles in relating to other people so it is hardly suprising they approve of torture. Confirms just how sinister these people are.
46. It's crazy to defend the use of torture
John ,   USA   (10.23.06)
I don't think I need say anymore. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
47. #6, I TOTALLY LOL!!!
48. Ask U.S.A. about Gitmo. Civilized?
They use torture there all the time. Are they a civilized country? Guantanamo is known for its torture practices on people with no access to lawyers.
49. Hey Benjamin, #19, good shot! LOL!
50. What happened in Turkey few days ago?
3 Christain men were tortured for nearly three hours by Muslims because they would not convert to Islam. These three men had body parts cut off while alive, watching it happen to their fellow believers while these "peace loving" Muslims filmed their agony. Muslims are against torture?
51. More BBC bullshit
Frank ,   Canada   (05.06.07)
The BBC internal complaints department today apologised for describing Iran as having “abducted” the 15 British sailors and marines in a news report on the 25th March. It also apologised for repeatedly referring to the British service personnel as “hostages” in news reports.
52. the bbc poll
jack bauer ,   superpower#1   (05.06.07)
is a total joke! just like the bbc is! Those poor people in turkey that were disemboweled in front of each other, and tortured for hours before being beheaded, were all tortured by moslems. And they were all members of the same moslem fraternity. The same one that sent them to toeture/kill because as young people they wouldnt be subjected to the harshest penalties if caught! And the EU should welcome turkey with open arms I suppose?
53. its wrong but who doesnt do it
jules   (05.10.07)
i think this report or poll is very biased. Surely which country is not using torture as a means of getting info. It is not good and ofcourse people wouldnt want it unless it brings in desirable results. Demonising Isreal indeed, i doubt its just them we all do it to get what we want, Isreal just admits when the rest keep quiet!
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