Report: Hizbullah fired cluster rockets at Israel
Published: 19.10.06, 14:24
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1. It's Kinda late for this!!!!!!
Uzi ,   Beit Shemesh   (10.19.06)
After the whole hype about the war is gone, here comes those so called "human rights" activists with this very late piece of news.........Enough said........
2. Human "Terrorists" Rights Watch
Johnson ,   USA   (10.19.06)
Thats got to hurt them to admit that Hizbullah used cluster munitions against civilians. Israel used cluster munitions against legitimate military targets.
3. hahahahaha this is hilarious and ridiculous !!
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.19.06)
4. Cluster bombs
Anna ,   Canada   (10.19.06)
It’s never late to talk about such things especially when Israel is under the constant prejudgment and is always denied of its rights to protect itself. There is always something who tells Israelis how much force is too much. Yesterday I was in shock watching BBC when they announced the results of the very strange survey that was taken in several countries witch were mostly not specified. But the accent was made that the highest percent of population in Israel were supporting the torture of prisoners. They also mentioned Italy as the example of the lowest percent of its population for such support. Who are these people? Where and when did they make their survey? Can you find at least one person who ever participated in these surveys? Why these “researchers” getting the moment fort their announcements? They strike always very timely. And they didn’t mention even one Arab or Muslim country with their results.
5. Human Rights Watch
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (10.19.06)
"We are disturbed" ? Hah ! Of dourse they are disturbed. They jumped to a conclusion, based on their pre-conceptions. The problem now, is that one cannont undo what has been done. Cluster bombs are associated now with Israel. The propaganda machine has churned out volumes of letters and interned postings. TOO LATE.
6. fadi you are hilarios and ridiculous
JEWS OF ISRAEL   (10.19.06)
AS we have told you MANY times before, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ON THIS SITE! you hear???? NOT WELCOME! that means GO AWAY. go to lebanese websites and stop bothering us with your filth and lies. Why do you lebenese have such bad traits? why such bad personalities? just go away fadi, you sick arab lover
7. Hizbullah peace and rockets
silvio ,   italy   (10.19.06)
They are evolving toward the peace quickly by means cluster rockets and nuclear bombs.
8. LOL! nice story
Arabian Wolf   (10.19.06)
Funny thing there isn't such rocket in excistence.. enchanced fragmentation. Yes. But not submunitions LOL! But don't worry.. If somebody invents such thing Hezzies will put it in their shopping list LOOOOL!
9. Fadi, #3
DK ,   Israel   (10.19.06)
When its being discussed about Israeli actions in Lebanon and Arab propaganda, "its all true!" But when its being proved that your favorite hizbollah assholes targeted israeli civillians its "hilarious and ridiculous !! " Its just so funny to see such a stupid guy like you. If israel does something wrong i understand it, for example, the "Hitnatkut" that gave us nothing eccept more bombings in sderot. The IDF officers failure in lebanon war etc. But when its about your Hiz. Its all right, get the facts you idiot!
10. #9
george ,   greece   (10.19.06)
Nearly 1,200 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and 157 Israelis, mostly soldiers, were killed during the fighting.
11. #10george of the jungle
jerome ,   basalt, co   (10.19.06)
1200 in Lebanon died because HizBullShitallah started the war then fought in civilian areas and hid behind and next to them! If the Israeli's where anything like the Arabs(Hiz and company) there would have been nobody left in Lebanon at all! So George start to look at things in the real light.
12. Do not jumb to conclusion; it's only Israel's story not HRWR
13. Kinda nice of them
John ,   USA   (10.19.06)
For the "anti-semitic, anti-Israeli" HRW it was a refreshing change... for once. It gives their other charges more crediblility.
14. George simply by reading your post you can tell
Mike ,   Israel   (10.19.06)
what type of dog you are. You say "Nearly 1,200 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and 157 Israelis, mostly soldiers, were killed during the fighting". First Israelis are people to, second you say mostly Israeli soldiers were killed, thats because they where uniforms this way you know what they are, unlike your friends to the north where they wear civilian, pants shirts and yes even skirts. So keep barking your on the wrong tree.
15. #9 it was proved that its a "late" Israeli propaganda
(being proved) !! You have to read the article before posting your comment. The Israeli Police reported to the HRW, after only more than 2 months from end of the conflict, that Hezbulla used cluster bomb rockets. The total number of all bomblets inclusion is allegedly about 4000. The Israeli Police alleged the reason for "late" reporting is for "security" issues !! No mention of whether these allegedly hitted areas were populated or not. And, the number of non-exploded bmblets on the initial impact were not defined. Your are right only if you say; it was proved that its a "late" Israeli propaganda.
16. I'm quite surprised they haven't found poison gas in them..
BouSameer ,   Beirut Lebanon   (10.19.06)
I'm sure with litlle perseverance they will find traces ;-)
17. Kofi Annan Whatch you got to say about this?
MEI 1 ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.20.06)
Wooops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THis was meant to stay secret by blaming israel for them using it on us nobody will geuss wew ourselve use it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. Human Rights "Watch" needs to be "rewound"
Dr RJP ,   Florida, USA   (10.20.06)
Hello? Earth to HRW? Anybody home? Er...for how many years have Palestinian "resistance (is futile) "fighters" worn explosives filled with ball bearings, bolts, nuts, and rat poison and exploding their "cluster bomb sportswear" in restaurants, synagogues, marketplaces, and schools, killing hundreds of Israeli women and children? Where has HRW been for the past six years while Jewish body parts littered the streets of Israel? Asleep at the wheel...where else?
19. read article carefully...
although they are both comdemnable. they are very different. isreali clusters are active long after the drop while Hizbullah's is more like nails that does the damage at the shooting time only. Israeli clusters keep killing innocent children and civilian while I hear no report of Israeli's keep dying from the ball bearings. Besides look at the article it looks like about Hizb clusters but more paragrahs are for israeli clusters which are the real danger. I give hizbullah six, Israel 10 in monsterism. scale 1-10, 10 being the worst. (Nazis score 10.5 for your comparison)
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