Spielberg presents documentary about Babi Yar
Associated Press
Published: 19.10.06, 14:51
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1. Sorry, Spielberg has lost all credibility
malcolm   (10.19.06)
His view on Zionism is based on an extreme far left concept: "World, feel sorry for us because you treated us badly for centuries and during the Holocaust. Let us live in a land "over there"*. In exchange we will be extra good Jews and show you how special we really are. If we don't live up to extreme standards and expectations and remain underdogs you have a right to condemn us ad infinitum. In fact we will join you with self-condemnation and self-loathing. If we are good...please keep feeling sorry for us". Folks, in this weak and pathetic worldview, there is absolutely no reference to the Jewish historic connection to Israel. It is based on pure pity and desire for acceptance. * This is how he referred to Israel in Shindler’s List.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (10.20.06)
3. #1 - I agree completely
American   (10.20.06)
speilberg has a very sick obsession with the victimization of Jews. All he wants is pity from the rest of the world because he does not have any faith in his own people or his own country. The sad thing is that people think his views represent us.
4. ...
American   (10.20.06)
Steven Spielberg is disgusting.
5. #2, tzahal is beyond criticism?
yonatan ,   nyc   (10.20.06)
for some reason i doubt you ever served. i don't agree all of spielberg's politics, but all these attempts by right wing american jews to smear him and denounce him as a self-hater, to me are really lowest of the low, and so pathetic.
6. #5
kobus ,   africa   (10.21.06)
damn straight. You tell it like it is. RIght Wing american jews Israel's number 1 enemy after Hamas. They are psycho!
7. i see it rather
israeli ,   israel   (10.22.06)
as an attempt to remind the world what massacres and genocide really mean and how they were perpetrated right under their noses, as opposed to what the Palestinians label "massacres" and "carnages" to besmirch Israel in the eyes of the world. Let the world be reminded of what the Nazis and their allies did, before they dare call IDF that vile name again. Let all those Holocaust deniers get some real first-hand testimony, it may be badly needed when Holocaust survivals are becoming scarce. When Iran's president opens his fetid mouth to threaten us with extermination, let us Jews not forget what happened to our grandparents only 60+ years ago.
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