Norwegian neo-Nazi leader convicted for anti-Semitic statements
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Published: 19.10.06, 17:21
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1. As a "Good Norwegian" I hate neo-Nazi's
Johnson ,   USA   (10.19.06)
Many of my family members in Norway like the Jews were killed and imprisoned by the Nazi's. Tore W. Tvedt must have come from a family of collaborators else he would be singing a different tune. Being raised in a Norwegian community in America. I can assure Mr. Tvedt that plenty of Norwegian’s from here also lost their lives fighting the Nazi’s, many with the last name of Tvedt and Johnson.
2. hmm.. freedom of speech!!
Lynne   (10.19.06)
3. quisling's nation hated Jews, hates them & Israel now.
dante ,   uk   (10.19.06)
they have their excuses, their explanations, but it is all the same thing. extravagant solicitude for the "palestinian" terrorists and unremitting condemnation for Israel's effort to defend itself. let's see how they all will like living under sharia.
4. Lyn why dont we hear you say freedom of speach
Mike ,   Toronto, CA   (10.19.06)
When the pope slurs Muslims, or when somen draws cartoons about muslims, why is that Lyn? Or is it okay for muslims to riot when someone says or draws something about them or there so called God?
5. #4 Mike.. Thank you..
Lynne   (10.19.06)
you have given me EXACTLY the reply I was waiting for and expecting.. I have commented on this being freedom of speech since this is your answer whenever Islam and the Muslim Prophet are insulted... the same Norwegians you were supporting when they adopted the cartoons about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) you are now saying that this should not be called freedom of speech!! what I have been for a long time trying to make some people in here understand that insulting others IS NOT freedom of speech.. I condemn what Tvedt had said (if he had actually said that) because calling Jews parasites who should be wiped out is an insult.. as a Muslim I would not accept such a comment being said about Muslims so I do not accept it being said about Jews regardless of whether I agree with what many of them are doing or not..
6. Freedom of speech?
mike ,   NZ   (10.19.06)
Lynne - typical nonsense we come to expect from people like you.
7. a shame..
Intedi Nensak ,   Bräkne-Hoby, Sweden   (10.20.06)
Even nazis should be able to speak their mind without being thrown in jail. But Lynne, you couldn't be more wrong. Freedom of speech does indeed include the right to insult others. If i find blue sweaters offensive is it my right to demand that no one in the world wear them? of course not. that'd just be silly. that is the exact same thing as with the cartoons of mohammed (piss be upon his dead paedophile ass). anyway, shame on Norway for revoking a citizens right to free speech.
8. How come they get elected in Israel then?
Persisn CAT   (10.20.06)
9. #7Intedi Nensak.. oh.. I see..
Lynne   (10.20.06)
that means I have the right to tell you that I think you're an idiot.. :)
10. #9
Intedi Nensak ,   Bräkne-Hoby, Sweden   (10.21.06)
Of course, it's your right to do so. well, if you live in the nice part of the world, maybe not if you live in the terrorist deserts of arabia. there you have no rights. say whatever you want it's none of my concern, i don't really consider you muslims as human beings anyway, your opinion means nothing to me.
11. a good thing
the viking ,   norway   (10.25.06)
yes this is good for all you antiracisem folks and for norway that he got his time in jail,but remember in norway you can say and think and whrite what you wont.and you can not do that in all contrys in the world nowa days.and say that the holucost was not true is a bit strong even in norway remeber that ww2 took 55 mil lives in all and that many folks,remeber that the polakks lost 5300000 sivilians in ww2 the russians 7500000 and other europeans the nuber was 3700000 so the holocoust was true we have prof of that.remeber the total lose of in poland was 5420000 and in russia the number was 21100000and in norway 366 was shoot by germans 162 missing in action,130 in jail or consentrsioncamps in norway.and germany is not that popular in norway if you think so.
12. it time to send the ambasadør home!!!!!!!!!
the viking ,   norway   (10.25.06)
now it has to end the terms of israle uses the term of jews!i am not atisemetick i have great respeckt for israel and the us and jews in israel .libanon and the us or norway for that matter.but my respeckt for israels governing organes israeli politicans and its abelyti to hide be hind the word atntisemetisem is coverdly!stand up as those hekspansiv and terrorpoliticans you are and end your terms and the let the world get peace.jews and arabesmust live side by side where ever it is palastines or not.and this should bee the case in norway and us,and others and slam their fists to the table of those stupid remarkes from israels ambasador to norway.she sould be told to leave norway for those remarkes of norwigians and the royale famely lies far away from atisemetisem in norway GET THAT LADY OUT!!!!!
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