Hamas official: Violence corrupted us
Roee Nahmias
Published: 22.10.06, 00:00
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31. your friends you shall be known...
How noble his words! How unfortunate his truth. He is a ranking member [spokesman] for Hamas. The Hamas charter is uncompromisingly devoted to the GENOCIDE of Israel. After decades of terrorism and HOLOCAUSTIC THREATS they now supplicate for "reason and dialogue". Why? --Is it the MASSIVE US FIREPOWER arrived in the Persian Gulf surrounding their terrorist patron Iran? --Is it the MASSIVE US FIREPOWER ready and willing against their dilapidated terrorist regimes? --Is it because when Iran goes down so will they?
32. 22. No. Like they're trying to survive.
33. to #30
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.22.06)
"3) I have nothing to say to you except your an ignorant racist. I'm suprised you even read this site." Your surprise should indicate that I lack the ignorance you claim I have. Stop thinking in circles. As for my "racist" comments, feel free to check virtually any article in this newspaper quoting a "Palestinian" activist about his/her feelings towards Jews and Israel. I don't have "racist" feelings without cause.
Davido Ishackio ,   UK   (10.22.06)
35. More about Israel
Jenny ,   Houston, Texas   (10.22.06)
This is completely outrageous, but of course, no word about Israel. they mean you shouldn't be violent to your fellow palestinians... My friend opened a blog and she is updating it daily about news and hasbara about Israel. the good and the bad. You should read it.
36. #14 V, well said, as usual.
magrudis ,   Houston, TX   (10.22.06)
37. Hamas Leader Abhors Violence
Alan in Edison, NJ ,   Edison, NJ USA   (10.23.06)
He takes a large risk. He makes great sense. Should these attitudes take hold and he is not assassinated, the world could change for the better. Hope must never die. We can all learn from these words. Americans may say we love peace, but we often behave differently. Shalom to us all around the globe. Let's all be brave and courageous enough to judicicously and cautiously Give Peace A Chance.
38. #3 and #6
jason ,   usa   (10.24.06)
those are the reasons why anti-zionism is based on anti-semitism when looked religously not politcly if you guys dont belive me read what they said why say "jews" when you could say Zion(ism)
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