TV station: Western Wall post for Muhammad's horse
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 22.10.06, 09:37
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1. history teaches us
israeli ,   israel   (10.22.06)
that Muslims just LOVE to deface places of worship of other religions, by sticking a mosque on top of them, and this is no news, this is a known and documented fact. In the days of the Ottoman Empire they even used to turn churches into stables, to achieve maximun humitliation of the conquered people.
2. logical ! that explains why they are building the new
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.22.06)
separation wall !!! this wall phobia drove them to build anything which looks like a wall with jewish marks on it !!!
3. Horses Ass!!
Just like the rest of this story.
4. It is Jewish, period!!!
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (10.22.06)
The Wall is Jewish. After we have been thrown off our holy Temple Mount, what is left is the wall. In order to understnad this further, let us remember that Mohammed was very impressed with Judaism, and built Islam on Judaism. He wanted the Jews to join him, but they wanted to keep with the real thing. The only reason he cam to the Temple Mount and the Wall, was because of it's holiness to the Jews, and that the temple existed there, so any other suggestions are ludicrous to say the least.
5. Now they made me really angry those $%@#$
linda   (10.22.06)
mohammed never visit J'slem, he was to busy with he 7 year old bride!
6. To Dr Hassan Khader
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.06)
The cross was for the Roman what the lethal injection is for the Americans today. The Jews capital sentences were carried out by stoning . Jesus was not a danger for the Jews but for the Roman Empire and as such the Romans did not only killed Jesus but 3 generations later destroyed ( Titus ) the Temple of the On God and the Kingdom of the Jews. The prove is the Titus Arch in Rome. It is hard to believe that someone who know how to use a computer and he is a Doctor don't use it to improve is life with better education and more productive use of his time.
7. The Wall by Pink Floyd :) one of my favorite albums
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.22.06)
anyone considered the idea that pink was jewish !!! naaah i guess he was referring to Berlin Wall ... i wonder what pink floyd will say about the new separation wall that israel is building !! thats really something to talk about....
8. Quid Pro Quo: Don't Allow Muslims On Mount
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.22.06)
They can go pray and ride horses in Mecca.
9. to #3
chuck ,   USA   (10.22.06)
The horses ass is #2.
10. Holy Temple
Yitzhak ,   NYC & Jerusalem   (10.22.06)
When Hashem reveals himself all will see!
11. History teaches us (II)
Roberto ,   Spain   (10.22.06)
On the other side, Christians in Spain destroyed Mosques and built Churches on them (See the example of the Cordoba Mosque). History cannot be seen on a basis of "Islam is violent, Christians/Jews are victims". We must accept history as it is: depending on the time Muslims, Christians or Jews were the violent ones or ht e victims: Christian Crusades, Spain's conquest, Shoah, killing of Jesus, Al-Qaeda...
12. "Jerusalem" apears 821 times in the Bible, 0 times in Koran
for thousands of years Jews have always been praying to one place. and it still is that way: Jews in Moscow, just like Jews in USA, just like Jews in Ethyopia, just like Jews inside Israel, in Beer-Sheva and Tel-Aviv, all pray toward one direction, the direction of the temple mountain. All mention J-lem in their 3000 old prayres. The only relation Muslims have to Jer-lm, is their will to take from the Jews their only holly place, so they can end Jewdaism and go on to deal with Christianity. Until they are the only ones left.
13. to # 3 , like your stpid ass story also
Smart Ass ,   USA   (10.22.06)
14. to # 4, what did you get before and after the other period
devine time ,   US   (10.22.06)
I mean when you decide to keep it real amost 1500 years and onther 1000 before Sir Mohammed show up?
15. I do know the secret that you try to keep don't from everyon
Simon Mohammed ,   VA USA   (10.22.06)
i will reveal it on time. Now go a head use your power, connection and set me up to sut me down, you might be smart at that. BUT REMEBER I DIDN"T HIDE MY SLEF< LOCATION OR NAME. Bye Bye
16. The Koran never mentions Jerusalem.
Daisy ,   USA   (10.22.06)
Muslims lie about everything. They believe that they are natives of every region in the world and the rest of us are occupiers. Nutcases. Mohammed never visited Jeruslam it's all a lie. The evidence shows that Jerusalem is a Jewish city and that is a fact!
17. Pallywood is Ebolaesque ...
18. Just funny that..
Jew ,   Gush Etzion   (10.22.06)
... those pious Muslims know that the word Jerusalem or Al-Kuds does not appear even once in the Koran. But in Sura 17:104 it states clearly that Israel will dwell in the promised land. What now Mr. Khader?
19. Sad that this is the level of Moslem "academics"
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (10.22.06)
And sadder too that the ignorant masses will believe such hateful drivel. I feel sorry for any free thinking intelligent individual stuck in a Moslem society. The other insane lie that they have been circulating (with some degree of success among ignorant Europeans) is that Jesus was a Palestinian, not a Jew. The Islamofascists are methodically seeking to eradicate Jews and Judaism from every positive thread of history. The saddest thing of all is that they are now teaching this garbage in major universities worldwide, thanks to Saudi donations (read: bribes) to these so-called centers of higher learning. Our defense is to be well informed. Please see websites such as: or More and more intelligent Moslems are escaping Islam, let us hope this quiet exodus from insanity grows. Shalom
20. to # 1, do some math you are wrong
Simon Mohammed ,   VA USA   (10.22.06)
the 2 temples were destroyed by others, ISLAM didn't exist, you can't accuse Islam about this. 2- the Mosq was built there hundred years after the temples destruction. at that time the technique and scient could even decide or know that some temples might have existed there. again do no to jump with your irrational conslusion. and when booth side agree to agree and prove the fact that's where the work withing good will can cheive some thing one way or onther. at the end that is God Game and set up not the muslim, not the jews and no the christian etc.. does this make a commun sens to you Sir
21. Go back to history class
jewish mother ,   jerusalem   (10.22.06)
The Arabic name Al-quds, which refers to the area, is an abbreviation of the Hebrew words Bet Ha Mikdash, meaning site of the temple. This revisionism has got to stop. In denying the existence of the Temple, Islamists are denying the existence of not only Judaism, but Christianity too, since many events from the New testement recount Jesus's involvement in the area of the temple. One religion that is relatively new (islam) cannot think that it can tear down the solid foundations of older, wiser and more peaceful world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism). This jihad has been the cause of most major conflicts in the world. Who will stop them???
22. 'Jerusalem' appears 142 time sin Quran and 0 in Torah !!
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.22.06)
23. of course, that is
christian ,   germany   (10.22.06)
what religions always have done, build their sites on established sites of worship - that happened to Celtic, Germanic and then Christian sites - it would be interesting and quite a challenge to dig up old parts of Temple mount - without distroying Al Aqsa Mosque - when there is peace
24. #22 KALAM FADI
SS ,   ISR   (10.22.06)
25. Mr. Fadi – Got Pink Wall
Shmul ,   EUrabia   (10.22.06)
Cyprus-Wall? Hassan-Fence?Chinese Fence? Pink Wall? Mr. Fadi w'ont refer us to the separation fence that divides the farthest Island of Cyprus between muslim and greek orthodox christians. Please d'ont claim Pink Floyd as muslim, in such a way as the messenger did with jewish and christian prophets.
26. #23 That is a great wise Idea, no doubt about it
Simon Mohammed ,   US VA   (10.22.06)
And i think it is something that can be done when people are in peace and bringing their case with concret argument, it will just be great. My Question is Why not build a biger temple somewhere else maybe close to it. Other Question: Is it really about he old temple or just to brought onther kind of humiliation to the Muslim world Other Question: what is really behind this obssesed idea of this Temple. I do need some education about this part. Thank to all
27. I have to applaud the Muslims & Arabs!
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (10.22.06)
There is not a race of people or a religion that can tell such boldface lies with such a straight face as Arabs & Muslims. Sometimes I wonder if they don't crack up inside laughing when they say such bold outrageous audacious lies. Islam is the only faith I know of that teaches it is ok to lie. Man they are MASTERS at lying. Kudos to them...
28. Torah requests destruction of jerusalem .. theres several
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.22.06)
text evidence for that
29. To #2
Myriam ,   FRANCE   (10.22.06)
You sound as though you've been flying around in neverland like your prophet's wild donkey.
30. Fadi: You disgrace Islam and Moslems
Mahmoud ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.06)
Your postings are disgraceful and degrade Islam and all Moslems. We have the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa, and we will build another minaret on the Temple Mount. We worship, we pray, we have control of the Temple Mount. To deny that the Jewish Temples were located here is to deny the prophets and the Torah. This is also against Islam and our teachings. Please do not disgrace us with anymore of your foolish postings.
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