To shul in a Mercedes
Shoshana Chen
Published: 22.10.06, 16:44
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1. zzzzzz
poor ,   israel   (10.22.06)
2. Haredi society and money
eddie ,   london UK   (10.22.06)
The secluar society idolize money, and it can become their god. However, "buying" a rabbi isnt really in the spirit or law of the Torah, and within the Yeshiva and rabbinical world, the people with the money get a lot of influence on Torah study (contributions to yeshivot), shidduchim (money buys a good shidduch), and if "buying a rabbi" is doen, then it also perverts the halacha...
3. History Lesson For Eddie
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.22.06)
In Ashkenaz in the Middle Ages, this is how it worked too: The wealthy Jews married their daughters to talmidei chachamim- the prodigy scholars. The fact is that the system worked well. In fact, there are many historians and others who believe that because they could then afford many children, that it led to the smartest Jews having more children- which is why there are so many smart Jews today. It isn;'t about "buying" a son-in-law; it's about ensuring that your children marry well- which IS in the spirit of the Torah. And it has a proven track record.
4. its one way to spread the wealth around
johanna ,   tsfat   (10.22.06)
instead of money marrying money. which just seems to lead to decadance and destruction.. as they used to say "clogs to clogs in 3 generations" in 19c england the 'neuveau riche" people in "trade" would marry into the "poor aristocracy", thereby gaining titles for their daughters and the aristocracy would get the money they needed to continue their lifestyles. but they weren't marrying brains... the rich haredi are getting brains for their money.
5. Saying something nice about us....
Karen R ,   USA   (10.23.06)
To #1, why are you bored? Isn't it interesting to know how rich Haredim live? Or is Bill Gates the only interesting guy around? Is it boring to read _good_ things about Haredim? Or would it be more interesting to have a nice juicy scandal. Thanks, Ynet, for telling a pleasant truth about us Haredim.
6. Hey Yishai
just another yid ,   bklyn   (10.23.06)
Sad state of affairs. Don't know my history as well as you, but I do know of one Jew who thought like you. Name was Kalba Savua. Shunned his son-in-law as an am ha'aretz - and he went on to become the Great Rabbi Akiva. Not *because* his father-in-law took him in, rather *despite* his father-in-law driving him away... Last, how very sad that a Torah Jew has been reduceds to looking for the best price. I thought yichus was important...
7. Hey Yid
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.23.06)
Rabbi Akiva ***WAS*** an am ha'aretz in his youth (to the point that he said; "O that I would find a Talmid Chacham and bite him like a donkey"), and I ***CERTAINLY*** would not have wanted him as a husband to my daughter ***THEN***. Nobody in their right mind would. But he underwent a change- one that Kalba Savua's daughter noticed first and encouraged. ***AFTER*** the change, anyone would want him to marry his daughter. And FYI- Kalba Savua eventually saw this as well. Bottom line: Most people don't undergo a transformation like Rabbi Akiva did, and you don't ever bet on such a longshot happening- not with your family.
8. yawn
Adam Shapiro ,   Cape Town, SA   (10.23.06)
I agree with no. 1 - this has to be one of the most boring articles I've ever read
9. jewish wealth
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (10.23.06)
This article is to juicy for me to ignore without comment There have been many articles that describe the Rabbinical elite and the rights to the dynastic name when the lead Rabbi or let us refer to him the patriarch of that particular religious organization passes on and his children are chosen to lead in his stead. Yes I call it an organization, since practically all Chasidic sects have a basic common belief and follow the rules established and as evolved throughout the past 1000 years or more. They are differentiated by their choice of which Rabbi they revere, they believe that he has an aura of sanctity which provides him with a spiritual insight into matters that is divinely guided, that is one of the main reasons most true adherences to any particular Chasidic sect consult that Rabbi almost on any subject requiring a decision that may come across concerning any business deals or the marriage of their children or whether to undergo a surgical procedure and even what to name a newborn child. Not to digress from the subject, but right after the Holocaust a well known Rabbi that survived with his wife and all their children wife, immigrated to the United Sates in 1948, was at a loss just how will he be able to support his family of 9 children, ranging in age from an infant less the 2 years old (that also survived) to the most senior child who was 18 years old. His dilemma was here he is with a family to support and all he knows or is familiar with is a religious doctrine, that nobody cared for, nobody believed in anymore. His first choice was to acquire a parcel of land far away from any metropolitan area and become a farmer. That move would benefit him as he would not be scrounging around for food to feed his family and have the ability to raise his children without them being subject to the vagrancies and outside detrimental society influences. What was very interesting was the survivors from the Holocaust that knew him convinced him to restructure and preserve his Rabbinical dynasty, the reasons they gave him was impeccable which he could not in good conscious ignore, they admitted the concentration camps have destroyed any vestige of religious belief, but what is the most paramount immediate need in their life that would give them the impetus to strive for, rebuild their shattered psychic, have the drive to create hope for the future, is to surround themselves with things that are familiar, to become and be part of a society that had provide them comfort in the past. The Rabbi acceded to their requests and began a religious organization in a cold water 2 room apartment, had services and counseled his congregants in the kitchen which had a bathtub in the center of the room and placed a used door on top and it was used as a table, podium, and any other use that was required at that moment. What the secular world is somewhat confused about is when they see news article of the mass amount of money some religious organization have accumulated and wonder just what is the purpose of such great need, it is primarily used for the benefit of the community that that particular Rabbi leads. What I have yet to read is even one of such heads of dynastic religious organizations utilizes their accumulated wealth for trips to Las Vegas, or other such places, what you do read is that or this rabbi charted an entire plane to travel to Israel and since it is charted for his use he has the right to demand that his sense of propriety is followed. Most of all funds acquired by such Rabbis are not for private usage but are dedicated to benefit the public. So when wealthy individuals contribute large sums of monies to this or that Rabbi’s organization, it can be compared to what a Bill Gates donates but without the fanfare that goes along with their magnanimity. I am on of the children of that Rabbi mentioned in this article
10. Reality check for Yishai Kohen
Shimon ,   Israel   (10.23.06)
I live in Israel also. In every sphere, the country is in a spiralling state of deterioration and confusion. There is a need for intelligent solutions to our many problems. Perhaps you can call on some of those 'smart Jews' of whom there are 'so many' , to help us out.
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