Don’t cry for me, Peru
Beatriz Uberland
Published: 22.10.06, 14:28
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1. What a Story
Zachary Kleinbaum ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (10.22.06)
What an amazing story. Sound more like a script made for some Hollywood movie.
2. Power
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.22.06)
Just another case of absolute power having corrupted absolutely.
3. Proverbs 16:18
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.22.06)
Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. Even Olmert,Peres,Halutz,Peretz will have their day !
mike ,   Chicago, USA   (10.22.06)
5. G-D bless and help the dear Peruvian people!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.22.06)
6. Power
dd   (10.22.06)
Power may be so intoxicating for the wrong people that they surely may be destroyed by its sweeping force.
7. This article is completely wrong!!!!!
Gabriela Peres ,   Lima, Peru   (10.22.06)
This is absolutely not true about this women!! do you guys really believe what the peruvian media says??? not even we, the peruvian, believe that!!
8. another Evita
Josie ,   Israel   (10.22.06)
Another Imelda (Marcos)
9. Lies
Eran Ben Dov ,   Melabess Israel   (10.23.06)
The current peruvian spin doctors are looking to turnish the Toledo family. Politics in PERU is totaly corrupt!
10. One-sided and not objective article.
Michel ,   Luxemburg   (10.23.06)
How can serious israeli journalists believe in rumors and in PERU-newspapers who are politically motivated to attack the TOLEDO-family.Where are the proofs?
11. Just another brash Leftist wack-job...
diamond   (10.24.06)
Defaming our people once again. Soros & Company must be estatic. I'm sure counterpunch. and antiwar. are.
12. news always exaggerate the truth
dita ,   israel   (10.25.06)
she is a women from my country and i know her -she is not like this at all. news love to make storys on knowen peopl this is their job.
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