Panic following deaths linked to flu vaccines
Tova Dadon
Published: 22.10.06, 21:24
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1. time to wake up
sandra ,   Israel   (10.23.06)
Very sad what's happened, but about time people start waking up to realize what these modern vaccinations are doing to them, and stop blindly trusting everything the doctors tell them. Let's start thinking for ourselves, and trying to lead a more healthy life, the way we are supposed to be living. Rather than abusing our bodies, and then believing that these lethal injections will sort out all our problems. G-d created an incredible body which knows how to heal and replenish itself, if we treat it with loving care. Just read up the truths of all these vaccinations, and start learning how to live.
2. #1
Ronnie ,   Gedera, Israel   (10.23.06)
Yeah, right! Let's just forget about vaccines. Let smallpox ravage the planet. Let the kids face the scourge of polio. And we don't want to forget about typhus, typhoid, tetanus, whooping cough, and a host of other deadly diseases which vaccinations prevent. Let's return to the middle ages, when populations were decimated by these diseases. Lady, I'm a firm believer in prayer, but prayer cannot replace the advances in medicine over the past 100 years. And it is criminal if a parent deprives a child of the protection of vacines against deadly diseases.
3. Sandra is right
Mayra A. Reyes ,   New york, NY   (10.23.06)
We are treating our body like it were a experiment of the genone proyect. Prople have to wake up and realize that with all this aid we are losing the strength to fight back; our amazing nature have become feeble. I think Sandra from Israel is not telling us to forget vaccine or other threatment available today; but she let us know that our good intent helping all the way place our body in a lassy risky situacion. Let your great body to use the must amazing cure in the whole universe, the inmume system. Listen to your body need and start to build your own defend from scracth. Is our duty today, for the safe of our future generacion, for a more strong human been!
4. Immunization
Mark Jaworski ,   Vancouver BC Canada   (10.23.06)
It appears that Japanese government knows more about dangers of vaccines. I read that they forbid immunizations of children under 2 years old and limit permissions to treat seniors with any vaccines. They seem to care about their population more than North America or Israel. Matter is worth investigating and making new laws helping people instead of drug manufacturers
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