Olmert pins hopes on Lieberman to stop Iran
Ronny Sofer
Published: 24.10.06, 12:48
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1. Lieberman for P.M. YES!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (10.24.06)
2. Olmert
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.24.06)
Olmert pins hopes on Lieberman to keep Olmert's "tochos" on the Prime Minister's seat in the Cabinet Room
3. It may be necessary to use nuclear weapons against Iran
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (10.24.06)
it may be necessary to use nuclear weapons against Iran in order to knock out their sites or even more. Russia withdrew from Cuba because Kennedy threatened to destroy every Russian city. The Iranians will believe Lieberman is capable of advancing this (and maybe Bibi) - not Peretz though :-)
4. poor Israel !!
Elie ,   Lebanon   (10.24.06)
Lieberman to stop Iran !!??? Olmert is Great! Genius! Keep It!!
5. nuke Tahran ?
It doesnot only need extremist; it takes madness as well.
6. Lieberman strategic expert !!! loool a good one
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.24.06)
DAVID P ,   SANTA CRUZ, USA   (10.24.06)
8. the perfect medicine..another fanatic blood thirsty murderer
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.24.06)
9. Elie from lebanon and all your freinds
Mike ,   Israel   (10.24.06)
You say "poor Israel" i got a news flash for you its poor muslims around here. I dont agree with lieberman in anything but the results of the behavior of these country and in aza makes lieberman important to some in this country and that is sad and dangerous. So my lebanes freind its not poor Israel its poor arabs and muslims.
10. Ass backwards approach to security
malcolm   (10.24.06)
The only way to restore some semblance of the now crippled deterrent, is to build a government from scratch. Ehud is getting desperate and trying to shove parts that don't fit into his broken machine.
11. #9
Elie ,   Lebanon   (10.24.06)
Israel is obliged to hire a racist person to defend itself! Yes, poor, poor Israel! Wake up, before you become a monster !
12. If Iran Wants the Bomb So Much,
Terry Brodsky ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.24.06)
then I'm sure the IAF could bring them a few, special delivery. Better them than us, as the saying goes.
13. Elie; Poor Lebanon which has done nothing for the world.
Daisy ,   USA   (10.24.06)
All you people do is whine and complain about Israel Can't you do anything productive? The answer is obviously NO! Israel has done so much for humanity while the Arabs have done zilch, nada. You do use Israel for your needs because you can't live without the Jews.
14. Eli from lebanon
Mike ,   Israel   (10.24.06)
Thanks to all the rockets, bus bombings, etc you have managed to turn us into monsters. To fight a monester you need to turn into one.
15. #13 #14
Elie   (10.24.06)
#13 should take some course in history... #14 Hitler was a monster, .., wake up! Extremism means the end of Israel, return to Ben Gorion advise and withdraw from arab land (before 1967) to make peace. Otherwise you will be a monster and at the end of the day, you will lose
16. Olmert pins hopes on Lieberman to stay pm
hanzalah naji ali ,   al-shajara   (10.24.06)
Dear Mr. Olmert, I really feel sorry for you, the luck which stayed always with you seems to say good bye now, you used to be the man in the shadow always, good follower, in late 70's and early 80's you used to be a man following Manahem Begin(the man who have perfect charisma and clear ideas and aims), and later you were in the shadow following Ariel Sharon ( the strong and popular man), because both of them doesn’t like a strong man standing beside them, which never was a good policy, so they used u because you are weak, harmless, and you are not threaten there positions and seats, but to say the truth, you always know how to use your places to make money and adding it to your wealth, in this matter you were clever, even when you stayed out of likud by taking Jerusalem municipality and after beating teddy kollek, you did nothing for Jerusalem, you harmed Jerusalem, Jews percentage in the population get down during your period, and you used a funny way to increase it by suggesting to expand Jerusalem toward Abu Gosh instead of attracting more Jews to live in Jerusalem, anyway after you inherited Kadima from Sharon,(and that also was by chance because it could be levni or peres), you became out of shadow, (the shadow is the place where you were a good player in it, and you used to it) you came to a place where you cant hide behind a good leader, it seem that luck start to say goodbye for you, and that when Lebanon crisis jumped in front of you, and according to your experience you failed in dealing with it, later you discovered that your people didn’t like it, and your popularity get down to be 7%, again no body to hide behind, so the assist came from Liberman , No problem if this man pushed to keneset by the Russian Mafia,( you can do a merger between the Russian Mafia and you and the local mafia, all of you will be much stronger) and about the political theory that gave Liberman more seats in keneset you know that it is just a sales story, since march nobody here about Em Alfahem to PA, or transfer of Arabs, and if even yes who care, The real problem here that Liberman is a clever man and he knows how to play it, he refused to get one of the important ministries which might burn his popularity, for example if he took the ministry of defense and his people see that he did nothing, the 20 seats expected now in any elections will drawn now to 5 seats, so his ministry now will not allow you to stand behind him, but even so I think that he will still losing, I am sure it was bad decision for him. Olmert , my advice to you is just drop everything and escape now, at least by this people will stop searching in your past, and you have to do this as soon as possible.
17. You can tell by the Arab TB's that appointing Lieb. was good
RA   (10.24.06)
Their whining and complaining shows that they are afraid of what this means. As well they should be. Soon Lieberman will be PM and all you Arabs will be crying for Olmert to come back.
18. #8 Fadi
Jane   (10.24.06)
You're looking in the mirror again, Fadi.
19. #11 Elie
Jane   (10.24.06)
Are you afraid you and your friends will lose the title?
20. #Mike & his friends
observer   (10.24.06)
israel is no more a monster after the Lebanese war it's rather an ill dying monster & lieberman as the right hand of mentally & politically impotent olmert will urge the falling & disappearence of the zionist regime in israel because he will push the country to its death
observer   (10.24.06)
is already said by olmert is to stay in PM chair longer time because Lieberman's party will give olmert's goverment some support for some time because after Lebanese war during which olmert couldn't free the prisoned soldiers ,couldn't disarm Hizbollah as he promised & sweared every day during the 33 days of war
22. Nuclear IRAN
Steven C. Jackson ,   Newark California US   (10.25.06)
Not suprised by these developments with this Lieberman guy. I Understand the enormity of the situation if things continue to deteriorate and Iran should get a deliverable. Seems like then It might be a lot like the Cuban missile crises in 63. Israel is only minutes by ballistic trajectory just like the Strategic Air Command in Omaha Nebraska was. Things are worse though youve got a smaller country to! Since I fimly believe the scenario is awful if Israel is forced to nuke Iranian sites to ensure bunkers at depths greater than 1000 thousand feet are destroyed and that a nuclear exchange may take place with third parties and also I am not confidant that the USA' s determination to stop this is solid I believe it may be an awful situation brewing. Very few people in the USA are awake yet to this but they may also be to scared to contemplate it. God Help Us.
23. #11
v. n.y. ,   usa   (10.25.06)
and lebanon is obliged to hire a racist person (nasrallah) to protect herself from israel...poor poor lebanon.... the funny thing is that nasrallah isn't even an elected leader of lebanon. poor poor lebanon, hijcked by a lunatic bent on your destruction.
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