Terrorists: Major attacks against Israel on their way
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 25.10.06, 08:20
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1. Gaza threats
xyz ,   israel   (10.25.06)
They yell and threaten and blah blah, and beat their chests, and no doubt there will be attacks, but as in the past, the ones who suffer the most are their own people. They bring about their own ruin. Israel has left Gaza. They have a chance to build a new country, bring growth and development and join the modern world, but they would rather bring more death and destruction upon their own people.
2. Propagandaffel Islamic style
Hiram ,   Trondheim   (10.25.06)
There is absolutely no military basis to such a " leaked " statement besides simple propaganda. The terror organisations in Gaza cannot even afford a " united front " . This is soon the end of Hannyeh and the hoodlums of Hamas ! Hamas can't even get his propaganda together !!!
4. Gaza's Arabs...
Ariel ,   Jerusalem   (10.25.06) a tendency towards self destruction that has not been seen before in our world. I wish they could enjoy a nice glass of wine now and then, warming their hearts and relaxing them a bit.
5. To Ariel....
Hiram ,   Trondheim   (10.25.06)
Ariel.... this appeal to self destruction is one of the caracteristics of Islamism and the result of an obscurantist vision of the world. Additionally , internal peace in Gaza would take away any "justification" for violence against Jews. In order to " survive" the Palestinian cause NEEDS violence. It takes the eyes away from more important facts in Gaza just like in iran or any other Islamic dictatorships !
6. Where the hell is"Palestine"?
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (10.25.06)
There is no "Palestine" or "Palestinian" people. All Arabs back to Arabia!
7. Gaza's Arabs...
Ariel ,   Jerusalem   (10.25.06)
... by the way, I can recommend some really good wines, but ah what I'm I blabbeling about. Wine they can't have... but in whining they seem to be experts.
8. The Winds of War
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.25.06)
The Arabs of Gaza are preparing to provoke us to clobber them once again. Fools. They know they can't win, but will only bring more sorrow and sadness upon themselves (XYZ hit it on the head). Our best strategy is a pre-emptive strike now and a constant barrage of bombing their infrastructure. Short of that, we will be the fools for waiting too long.
9. hope it would not be disaster on them; similar to
the Israeli counter-attak in early stages of the1973 war.
10. #6 and all zionists to their land, with
their God in heaven.
11. The Road Map plan is Working Well
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.25.06)
Israel is afraid to go into Gaza to end the Palestinian threat against the once powerful now pitiful nation. The Islamic terrorists set the agenda and Israel promises a weak response,never contemplating a defeat of the terrorists only limited failure. Pathetic ,Fearful Ghetto Jews incapable of defeating the enemy since their marriage to US. dismembermet of Israel policy. The final solution Road Map is working well indeed.
12. Taking the aRABIDs at their word
Arie ,   Afula   (10.25.06)
IF we had REAL leaders, they would take the aRABIDs at their word and respond accordingly and quickly!
13. will the palestinians ever lern better?
Avi ,   Australia   (10.25.06)
The Palestinian peoples have been up in arms at their treatment by their leaders; Hamas and Fatah have been at each other's throats; and The Saudi's seem poised to recognise Israel in order to stem the influence of Hezbollah in Syria because they are the Pawns of Iran. Will the palestinians ever lern ?. Good article on this very issue. Check it out.
14. Herzl's Nightmare
james knight ,   rochester ny   (10.25.06)
I think that it is about time that the world realizes that Theodor Herzl's utopian dream of a safe, democratic and thriving homeland for the Jewish Diaspora is a dismal nightmare. There is no place on earth that is more dangerous for a n individual Jew than Israel currently is. Herzl's manifesto Der Judenstaat contained too many lethal blindspots. The father of Zionism never mentioned the words "Arab", Islam", "Muslim" or "Mosque" in his earth-shaking, 1896, pamphlet.. The Jewish State just isn't working as predicted; in fact it has backfired. Anti-Semitism is only encouraged every time Israel uses its traditional "disproportional response' tactics to deal with indigenous resistance to the UN-condemned, 40 year-old, Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The 2-state solution is an apartheid solution. If apartheid was the problem in So. Africa, how can it be the solution for Palestine? The only plan with any hope of long-range success is the 1-state solution - consensual annexation of the Occupied Territories, in exchange for full Iraeli citizenship for the Arabs now living there. Neither side wants this, but the USA could sweeten the deal and effect a real compromise, one that guarantees justice, compensation and rapprochement.
15. BS, Look At The Sources
Jordan ,   CANADA   (10.25.06)
You'd better look a bit more closely at the actual source of these empty allegations. The reality here is that the Extremists in the current Israeli Government are looking for an excuse to re-occupy Gaza. Israelis should be demanding evidence from the Olmert Regime, which has blatantly LIED to its citizens several times over the past few months alone.
16. The Will Power To Decimate The Terror Networks
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (10.25.06)
This is not new news. They have been crowing about impending attacks for months. The IDF has the ability to decimate all their plans. The big question mark is - will the political regime allow the IAF/IDF to do its necessary terror cleansing? If they are too worried about 'collateral civilian' deaths, they better be prepared to bury many Jewish citizens who will die as a result. The regime will then be guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy.
17. Oh.. i wish i could be the israeli leader
DK ,   Israel   (10.25.06)
I would make them so much pain without even involving millitary actions. Where do u think they get their food? Medical supplies? Water? Electricity? Clothes? From Israel. Just give all the stuff we give them, to our citizens, who are living in poverty.
18. Should we let the virgins know...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.25.06)
so they can put on their make up and shave their legs? Israel should take these threats as true and strike pre-emptively everytime. Maybe they will stop their terror if we hit them first and hard everytime.
19. here's the truth about "palestine".
nmf ,   usa   (10.31.06)
romans exiled the entire jewish population of judea. judea was officially renamed PALESTINE. the romans imported NON-JEWS from elsewhere in the middle east, including SYRIANS AND ARABS, to RE-PEOPLE the stop dreaming to become a "PALESTINIAN STATE", no more terrorism and submit to the government of 'ISRAEL" ----GOD OF ISRAEL WILL BLESS YOU AS WELL. stop teaching the generation of today on hatred towards jewish people....stop calling them pigs or monkeys and evils.WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT-------jews are still the apple of GOD'S EYE.mistreating jews is just like---POKING GOD'S EYE .
20. Worldnet Daily as a source
Joel ,   New York, USA   (10.31.06)
is as realaible as al-Jazeera. Aaron Klein seems to be a special conduit for the blustery threats of the PLO.
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