US casino mogul donates millions to Yad Vashem
Associated Press
Published: 26.10.06, 16:33
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1. Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Adelson
AJ   (10.26.06)
2. When I grow Up
Orly ,   Toronto /New Jersey   (10.26.06)
I admire your generosity to such an important cause. When I grow up I hope to be able to do the same....
DEBRA ,   USA   (10.27.06)
4. Orly , Toronto /New Jersey
joe   (10.27.06)
***When I grow up I hope to be able to do the same....*** Does that mean You will become a casino owner who rip-off people with a gambling problem for this noble cause???? Woww! What noble intentions.....
5. A generous call
Albert ,   Singapore   (10.27.06)
Not many millionaires in this world would donate like this. He understood well that true meaning of the fool and his money will soon fall apart. He is now a blessed soul.
6. Dear #4
Shay Elmualem ,   Rishon, Israel   (10.27.06)
Orly didn't say she wants to become a casino owner or anything similar, from what I read, she only hopes, to be able to donate and help the holocaust victims, Yad Vashem, and so on.
7. # 4 you morron!
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.28.06)
All Orly was trying to convey was that she hopes to be rich enough some day to be able to do the same mitzvah for Israel. If you can't see beyond your hate, shut up.
8.  Model & example
lilian   (10.28.06)
I wish Israeli moguls and other Israeli millionaires would take this noble donnation as an act calling them to follow voluntarily .
9. Why they "donate"
Hanna ,   Chicago   (10.28.06)
Hebrew University looks like cemetery with all this guys 'donating" money to the rich. They donate to Peres, donate to to Labor politicians, donate to "Peres Peace" institute. Donate to Sharon's family. Donate house to Olmert. They all promote himself and expect Israel to pay them back (like getting a big bank in case Olmert). Why wouldn't these left-wing billionaires give something to the people like Gaidamak did, build something in Israel (and not a peace institute).
10. More Positive Donations Needed
Andi ,   Israel   (10.29.06)
Any donations to Jewish causes are welcome, but its a shame more isn't donated to positive fun educational causes, to strengthen Jewish knowledge and education. Too many (mainly diaspora) Jews define their Jewishness by identifying with the holocaust, and by getting "excited" after antisemitic attacks, and nothing else. Hardly an attractive or appealing reason for staying Jewish, which is why many diaspora Jews don't.
11. $500 million dollar Donation
Sondra Ross ,   USA   (12.09.06)
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Adelson for your magnificent gift to our beloved, Israel.
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