Nancy Pelosi: Israel, don't fear Dems in Congress
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.10.06, 09:46
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1. Don't fear the Botox whipmaster
Dr. Z   (10.28.06)
Death will be quicker this way, not long and slow like it would be with the Republicans.
Sarit   (10.28.06)
A vote for the Democrats, is a vote for Iran.
3. Lots of liberal talk, no substance.
Blues ,   Portland, USA   (10.28.06)
"Pelosi says Dems support Israel, too." Yeah, well, talk is cheap, Pelosi. We alll know your voting record. If the Democrats win Israel will have to stand alonoe again, just like how it was under the Clinton administration.
4. democrats.
Dr.Joji Cherian ,   New Delhi   (10.28.06)
it was absurd even to imagine that there would be any sort of change in american policy towrds israel if democrats take over. raising such concern itself was a farce. drama followed by anther sham in the form of an assuarance from house majorty leader who is jewish. who will dare to take a different policy be it demcrarts or republican.american freedom and demcracy begins and ends at the doors of israel. there is freedom in america to critcise the president, for gay marriage or any thing you want. but even most minor form expression of opinin say as n the case the case of a harvard paper on the influence jewish lobby is not tolerateed in the most poweful democracy in history. on 7 ovember it is anther farce. of cource americans have the freedom to press the button on the machiens. that is it. but at least they should spare others the farce such as expression of concern reassurance etc
5. Be afraid... Be very afraid.......
Johnson ,   USA   (10.28.06)
Nancy Pelosi would whore her mother for power
ALAN ,   Frisco   (10.28.06)
Don't believe Pelosi. There are a large block of Dems who have not been at all friendly. Kasinich in OH, McKinney in Ga, the dude out in Oregon in the House. Once the Dems get in power, the far left will have a much greater pull on which way the party goes. The Repubs have been the best friends Israel has ever had Do you want to see the likes of Jimmy Carter determining ME policy with Dennis Ross and Oslo drawn out of the grave?
7. Nancy... Ill just say no..
freedom ,   canada   (10.28.06)
Do you really think the Democrats will be more pro Israel.. Highly doubtful, by my estimation... Is this to get the vote in the USA>.....
8. Pelossi: Israel has nothing to fear from Dems
Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (10.28.06)
Pelossi talks of Dem's close ties with Israel and that Israel has nothing to fear. Just like all politicians they will sell their souls to get votes and then comes the guarranteed "double cross". Look no further than Clinton and Arafat-the former giving away virtually all of Israel with Barak but fortunately being rejected by Arafat
9. The Dems were fooled by Arafat !!!!
who ,   me?   (10.28.06)
" Fool me once shame on, shame on you, foo me can't get foo'ed again ! " Land for peace? That's passe. We are talkin bout SEPERATION NOW ! Get wit the program.
10. Pelosi
Jim Brown ,   USA   (10.28.06)
It appears to me you are endorsing Pelosi in your article. President Bush has been the most supportive President Israel in history. Don't worry, he party will not gain the majority.
11. Most jews in US are democrats
dorothy ,   kansas, usa   (10.28.06)
Its not the end of the world. Most Jews in the US are democrats. And still support Israel. And are against the war in Iraq. And there really isnt much difference betwen republicans and democrats anyhow, both are aggrandizing and corrupt. IN summary, not much difference than in Israeli Politics.
12. one more imporant thing...
dorothy ,   usa   (10.28.06)
The election isnt about Liberals vs Conservatives, though the republicans woudl love to frame it that wayand definitely not about Israel. It is simply about being fed up with the War in Iraq.
13. Nauseating
American in Israel   (10.28.06)
This unsubstantiated, unresearched ode to Pelosi made me want to vomit on myself. Benhorin says Pelosi's record on Israel is perfect?!?! Why, because she spoke at AIPAC last year? Did he bother looking up her record? If he had, he would have seen that she had no opportunity to vote on bills that impacted Israel directly. In terms of security in general, she's opposed pretty much pro-security initiative (not just Iraq-related, but also missile defense and border security within the US), most notably, one supporting the global war on terror. Perhaps that's not anti-Israeli, but it definitely shows a lack of understanding regarding means vs. security ends.
14. Who wrote this article?
Robert   (10.28.06)
Yitzhak Benhorin?- "Nancy's Pelosi's record on Israeli-related topics is perfect." Dear Israel, i will do what i can by voting against democrat here in california but unfortunately there are a lot of liberals here who live to destroy themselves, and everyone else with them... G-d help us.
15. Dorothy-it is about Liberals, I'll take Iraq instead.
Robert   (10.28.06)
16. Moonbats
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.28.06)
I do believe I will throw up. What people say to gain power is different from how they'll act after they have it. As for "land for peace," I hope Israelis won't be surprised, if it ends up being all of your land for our peace, however temporary it may be. That would be a lot cheaper than having another war. Heck, we might even get some cheap oil in the deal. Israel had best start learning Farsi.
17. This I know...
Stefano   (10.28.06)
Nancy, along with Al Gore, were relentless in attacking Bush for not 'engaging' Arafat. Re Iraq, they have proved as brave and enduring as rabbits. Democrats will support Israel until it causes them angst, or disapproval from their kindred souls from the European left and media. In any case, this article was written by a poorly informed and poorly schooled individual. My only conclusion is that YNet assigns first-year students to write its English articles.
18. Bush has not exactly been a friend
Monk ,   USA   (10.28.06)
President George W. Bush followed lock-step by the Republican party has been hugely successful in pushing forward with Mr. Bush's Palestinian (TERRORIST) state vision thing. Like George H. W. Bush would say, "it's the vision thing." So his son has all kinds of visions of Arabs over-running the Jewish state. As a thirty-something year registered Republican, this is a disgrace. No matter how adversarial Democrats prove to be, this administration and my party deserve this misery. We've brought it on ourselves by dishonoring our only true ally in the Middle East. Sadly, the Bush family is compromised with its close ties, financial and otherwise, to the Saudi royal family. I saw Mr. Bush, April 2002 kissing and holding hands with Crown Prince Abdullah at his Crawford, Texas ranch only months after the Sept. 11, atrocities. We all know the Saudis have been pushing Bush to create a Palestinian terrorist state in the Holy Land. Does anyone remember, 15 or the 19 September hijackers were Saudi nationals? No, this Republican president is a disgrace and he has done significant damage to the U.S. and to the GOP. Shame on the party of Lincoln!
19. #12, Dorothy
Connie ,   VA, USA   (10.28.06)
It is about liberal and conservatives. The lefties have only those against the war in Iraq to get votes. To me,oneof the best things President Bush has done was to nominate two conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Now maybe things will get straightened out with the courts. No more legislating from the bench. Also the Republicans know how to stimulate the economy and make money. Sad to say they've had their share of bad apples but as a whole, they are the party to vote for.
20. Oy vey, another "Liberal"...
Alexander ,   Israel   (10.28.06)
"Liberals" give me the creeps. They support and even excuse rapists, pedophiles, terrorists and other "misunderstood" individuals - "martyrs" - that thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding. "Liberals" also support higher taxes and tend to support "Liberals" such as the dreadful Noam Chomsky. I will never accept the "Liberals" ... Alexander - New Conservative hawk
21. Dang I smell two states in Cisjordan. It smells like poo
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.28.06)
22. Jews do not vote
Isac ,   Florida   (10.28.06)
for Democrats. Hey my fellow brothers and sisters, some of you may disagree on several issues of the Republicans, but voting for the Democrats is certainly NOT an option. In particular in today's times.
23. Palestinian and other Arabs don't want peace
Uzi ,   Haifa   (10.28.06)
Unfortunately there is ample hard evidence that they have never tolerated, and in all probability will never tolerate, any Jewish settlement anywhere in Eretz Israel. Yes, they do want 'their' land but are not prepared anything in return, not peace, not end to terror, nothing. And anyeay, how can one make a distinction between land 'taken' in 1967, 1948, or before? So 'land for peace' does not ultimately work. It's all about survival in an environment of brute force.
24. Pelosi's antics encouraged "resistance"
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   Dar al-Harb   (10.28.06)
How many people have died because of Pelosi engineering the Demos to vote in lock step against the war on terror? This only emboldened the enemy.
25. Dr Cherian
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (10.28.06)
Yous posting was unintelligible..
26. Just One Word: Oslo
George ,   Atlanta, GA   (10.28.06)
If anybody is happy with how the Oslo agreement played out, vote Democrat. The other - sane ones - you know what to do.
27. Oh and take a minute to read this, please:
George ,   Atlanta, GA   (10.28.06)
28. a letter from Mars
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NY, USA   (10.28.06)
After reading this article and the resulting comments, I think it is safe to say that Israeli coverage of U.S. politics verges on the humorous.
29. Republicrats and Demicans
Sam ,   Atlanta   (10.28.06)
Michael Savage said it best when he equated the two biggest parties in our American system as REPUBLICRATS and DEMICANS. They are all exactly the same types of people, who care of nothing besides keeping the money flowing into their pockets from certain sources. Everyone knows that with enough money from the right people, even a liberal like Pelosi would throwing troops into Iraq and banning abortions.
30. #26, Just one word
Monk   (10.28.06)
I agree with you, the Oslo accords were a disaster. Sadly, Netanyahu also embraced the Oslo accords and then there was the Wye River accords and the ceding of Hebron. But what about Bush's "road map" and his and Codoleezza Rice's and the Republican's desire to ethnically cleanse the land of Israel in order to appease the Arabs and to create a Palestinian terrorist state? Are these conservative-Republican principles? Is appeasement a conservative ideal? Why is the Bush family so closely tied to the Wahhabi Saudi terrorist regime in Riyad and Mecca. What about the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria that Bush embraced as a step toward his Palestinian terrorist state in the Holy Land? What about all the rockets fired on Sderot and the Hizbollah war against Israel from the north? Didn't Bush and Rice sue for peace along with the French in the criminal United Nations in behalf of Iran and her Hezbollah proxy? What kind of friend does this to an ally? I agree with you, Democrats are terrible on defense and security but what have Bush and the Republicans done to Israel other than push for suicidal concessions? Aren't they disgraceful? Reading the latest (2004) National Republican party platform on Israel (shall I post it for you?) is like reading something from the pen of Neville Chamberlain in the late nineteen thirties regarding the ceding of Czechoslovkia to the Nazis. Bush wanted Hamas terrorists to participate in the elections and they did and they won. What kind of appeasement nonsense is this? Bush has done little more than scold Israel for defending herself, calling her self defense, "excessive and disproportionate" and demanding "restraint" in the face of daily terrorism and violence. What kind of a war-time leader does this? Bush and Rice believe the Palestinian jihadists have peaceful intentions, so they demand Israel open border crossings; Mr. Bush calls Mahmoud Abbas --- a Holocaust denier, financier of the Munich massacres and arch-terrorist --- a man dedicated to peace. What kind of conservative is this man in the White House? Republicans march lock-step behind him. Why should I reward them next month for this betrayal?
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