Nancy Pelosi: Israel, don't fear Dems in Congress
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.10.06, 09:46
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61. #6 - What about. . . .
MichaelF ,   Silver Spring MD USA   (10.29.06)
. . . Paul of Texas and Issa of California -- conservative Republicans who are anti-Israel. BTW, McKinney was defeated in the Democratic primary, and Carter is not on the ballot this year. Don't forget, if the Democrats win then Tom Lantos (CA) becomes chairman of the House International Relations Committee!
62. ..."if the Democrats achieve a majority"
The Great Satan ,   USA   (10.29.06)
lol, don't hold your breath, world.
63. #26 - Just a note
MichaelF ,   Silver Spring MD USA   (10.29.06)
Israel had already accepted Oslo before anyone in the Clinton administration knew about it. Read Dennis Ross' book. Clinton's peace efforts may have been unsuccessful, but everything he did was at Israel's request. Negotiating with Arafat was not the smartest move, but it was the route the elected government of Israel chose to take. It is not the job of the US President to undermine Israeli policies, even if some may find them questionable. Israel is after all an independent democratic country.
64. God (or somebody) --
Betsy ,   usa   (10.30.06)
help us all if Nancy becomes Speaker of the House. If Israelies appease terrorists, love abortion, call for open borders, and raise taxes, she will support them.
65. DEMS Get 60% of there money from Jews
USA   (10.31.06)
66. Israeli Fascism
carlos ponce ,   las vegas USA   (12.11.06)
These are the kind of comments of deranged minds trying to block the sun of truth with a finger. Those foreign intruders colonizing Palestine in the name of God, commit the worse crimes ever seen by any human being on the flesh of Palestinian and Lebanese people to believe they have the moral ground to label anybody nauseated of such amount of hate and violence dished "on the New Jews of the Middle East" as terrorists. Laugh, smile and celebrate your genocide Israeli Zionists, your end is near when the decent, honest true Jews take over and put under a Nuremberg trial such militaristic swine led by Olmert and his totalitarian death squads drowning the Middle East in blood and pain. Return to where you came from Israeli Zionists!(to Brooklyn) and let the native Jews live in peace along their Palestinian brothers.
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