Canada: Israel’s new friend in North America
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.10.06, 13:23
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1. Support Stephen Harper! Do not let Liberal party govern!
Roni   (10.30.06)
2. ehhh!
Sebian   (10.30.06)
...and the sun was shining from GW Bush's arse...
3. Ynet, are you sure
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.30.06)
McKay said he would "agree to an elected government that supported terror????" Isn't that what the PA has now?
4. Peter MacKay Does NOT Speak for Me!
Brian McKinney ,   Monreal, Canada   (10.30.06)
Mr. MacKay is a dishonest man who knows very well that Israel is a RACIST entity that experiments with Micro Nuclear weapons containing Deadly Uranium on the Innocent women and children of its neighbor, Lebanon. People like Mr. MacKay are a disgrace to Canada and the peaceful world. He doesn't speak for me and for the majority of Canadians. We don't want to support murderers and violators in international law, so I'd very much appreciate it, Mr. MacKay, if you keep us out of this stupid mess and refrain from creating more enemies for Canada in return for bribes from your friends in the Jewish Lobby! Thank You.
5. We stand on guard for thee! (our national anthem)
Sam ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
6. #4...reading Al-Jazeera again?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.30.06)
If you don't support Israel, then you support terror. This seems like common sense considering the region's history. It wasn't Israel that kidnapped and killed Olympic athletes was it? It wasn't Israel that attacked seven Arab nations was it? It wasn't Israel that crossed the lebanese border, kidnapped lebanese troops and killed others was it? And it isn't Israel that calls for the destruction of other natinos. You need to open your eyes and realixe which side you're on here. You seem a little delusional....maybe the cold got to your brain???
7. No surprises there...
Lior ,   London   (10.30.06)
As welcome as this is, there are no surprises here. As self-evident as it comes, as Conservatives, Canada's government is no longer participating in the liberal left agenda which obsesses about Israel like a teenage boy over dirty pictures. Further evidence that the left is against us and the right is with us. Let the moral of this story be that anti-Semitism isn't solely the product of the extreme right. We can't just look at the symptoms of anti-Semitism and treat them, we have to find the cause. It is pointless looking back to the 1930s and thinking that anti-Semitism will always come from the same place. As the left would no doubt express it from the lecture halls of academia, there has been a "paradigm shift in the dynamic of anti-Semitism". That shift has seen anti-Semitism infect the left rather than the right and only recognition of this will allow us to fight it. The moderate, demoratic right is now the only viable political home for the Jewish voter.
8. responce to #4
Jacob VanMaaar ,   ont   (10.30.06)
so let me get this straight you would rather support a terroist organization that calls for the destructon of Isreal and after that north Amaerica and a people that justify killing civilions by saying they are the ones vote in their government so they have no problem killing us as well. No People like Mr. MacKay can speak for me.
9. Steven Harper the best PM Canada has had
Al ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
as a friend ofr the Jews and Isreal. To all those anti-semites out there, heres the kicker. Montreal is becoming raghead city only because the French in Quebec are too stupid to understand they are inviting a cancer in their midst. Their hatred for the Jews which goes back forever has blinded them to the fact that these ragheads will swallow them as per FRANCE. In the rest of Canada esp out west the country is young booming and on its way to becoming the new frontier. Calgary is adding approx 7K people per month. Do the math! The real power in Canada is the west and they dont give a rats ass as to the arabs for they have tons and tons of their own oil.
10. #4
G ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.30.06)
It's iteresting that you assume that Mr. MacKay does not speak for the majority of Canadians and that your viewpoint does. While Israel is not perfect it is sitting in an extremely difficult position that no other country in the world can relate too. If you stepped out of your glass house in Montreal and into Israel for an extended period of time you will better understand the reality of the situation and that this is indeed a clash of civilizations. Your very pointed comment about Israel is your perogative but I'm afraid it biased/racist at worst and very naive at best. Cheers
11. # 3 typo/omission of NOT
Arja ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
Canada has made it clear it would NOT support a Hamas government in Palestine because Hamas supports terror, so I think YNET just left out the "NOT"! On the other hand, Canada and MacKay ARE supporting an elected government which supports terror when they support Israel! Ironic, eh!
12. To Peter Mac Kay,the jew basher
TRUMPELDOR ,   eurabia   (10.30.06)
Easy on booze pal Shift to root beer... Canada is a vivid democracy like Israel Your opinion is allowed to diverge with the one from government If you do not agree, move to saudi arabia or north korea asap
13. To #4
Eli Reuven ,   Newton USA   (10.30.06)
In my opinion, the text would be more truthful if it had said, "People like Mr. McKinney are a disgrace to Canada and the peaceful world."
14. 4 Brian Mckinney come now
Mike ,   Toronto, CA   (10.30.06)
He soesnt speak for the Majority of Canadians. your are an idiot brian if you dont agree with him thats fine but to say stupid things like you do is just plain trash. You rather see a bunch of covered up women walking down the street than a free people maybe you should go back where you came from.
15. #3
V. n.y. ,   Usa   (10.30.06)
read the says "will NOT AGREE"
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (10.30.06)
it's too bad that Harper's governing style is so in-your-face confrontational and mired in the excesses of right wing dogma. this baggage makes for an obnoxious and odious electoral perception and therefore the Harper minority might not survive the next vote in Canada.
17. #4 Me neither.....
Arja ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
Peter Mackay and the Conservative Party do NOT speak for me and my friends (or most of them...) I do worry about the power of Israeli/American propaganda and the fear mongering. I am concerned that too many Canadians are ignorant regarding the reality of the Occupation and the oppression of the Palestinians. Brian, have you considered what role Stephen Harper's religion might play in this? He attends the Alliance church which could be considered Christian Zionist (maybe not as extreme as John Hagee and those waiting for the Rapture) but still a blind nostalgic belief in Israel (similar to the views held by my Christian relatives sighhh).
18. Think Globally Act Locally
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (10.30.06)
The more exposure Western democracies have to Muslim immigrant contributions to their countries (bomb attacks in London + Madrid, riots in France, terrorist plots in Germany, Italy, etc) the more they sympathize with the kind of medieval threat posed to Israel by the Islamo-Fascists.
19. #15
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.30.06)
Trust me: when I first read it, that "not" had been omitted. See #11's comment.
20. #4 Ali Ben Yussef why do you sign your mail as a Brian McKin
Guido ,   Milano Italy   (10.30.06)
Ali, where did you get this Mc Kinney from? Did Mac Donald inspire you? Bon apetit!
21. Canada New Friend ??
Joe ,   Ft. Lauderdale, US   (10.30.06)
Don't be so sure... The Canadian public as a whole doesn't like Jews but is polite about it. Years of effective arab propaganda has made jews suspect in Canada. Best not mention you are jew or from the uS when in Canada...
22. Palestinian resistance
Arja ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
Supporting Palestinians is about supporting oppressed people who deserve to be free of Israeli control, the people who suffered and continue to suffer loss of home and land, of life and limb. The Palestinians are RESISTING occupation. I do not condone the use of terror, like the suicide bombings or the missiles, used by the Palestinians but their arsenal is pathetic next to the military strength of Israeli bombs, tanks, fighter planes etc etc. The IDF has been terrorizing Palestinians for decades!
23. #4 & #17
Oggie Van Kenobi ,   C A N A D A   (10.30.06)
Shame on you. Like it or not Canada is mostly Christian country and I truly hope it will stay like that because I like the freedom and the fact that Christians are not threatening the world and rioting every time somebody makes a bad joke on Jesus, Maria or whoever. And all of my friends support Israel as well as majority of people do but some are unfortunately afraid to say since their neighbor might be the one that believes in “religion of peace” and with those you never know. Canada is supporting Israel and should do to the end since all of us love our freedom in here and would like to keep it that way. Enjoy Hockey not War.
24. Amen to Harper and MacKay
J. Phillips ,   Fredericton, Canada   (10.30.06)
I thank G-d for good leaders who make G-dly decisions. G-d bless Canada and may He keep us from the plots of the wicked.
25. Unfortunately this won' t last...
Marc ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.30.06) the polls here show that in the next election the corrupt liberals will be voted back in, as for any party to win here sufficient support from Quebec is required. And Quebec is unfortunately sold to arabs and leftists which will certainly vote Liberal now that the Conservatives made their position on the Middle East clear.
26. #19 sorry!
v. n.y. ,   usa   (10.30.06)
27. To #4 and #17
Roni   (10.30.06)
Harper's governmnet does not speak for you? Good! An arab and a québécois........I am not suprised! Go vote for Gilles Duceppe and'll get a nice 15 % in parliament.........
28. conservetives are a minority and will be ousted soon!
toronto   (10.30.06)
29. Muslims were going to decapitate him when they were arrested
Alan ,   SA   (10.30.06)
Do you blame him ? I would also be upset if they tried to cut of my head . Wouldnt anyone ?
30. #22...Arja...wrong you are!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.30.06)
Israelis and Palestinians had pretty good relations before the first intifada. That's when Palestinians decided that Israel should no longer exist. They are led by Hamas (terror group). Fatah (another terror group) and always reject Israel's peace offers. The world can see what kind pf people the Palestinians are ( they kidnap aid workers, blow up buses and cafes, teach their kids to become martyrs etc.) How again is Israel terrorizing this culture of hate???
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