Canada: Israel’s new friend in North America
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.10.06, 13:23
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61. Arja
Michael ,   Seattle, WA   (10.31.06)
Glad you have enjoyed Washington. I very much enjoy Canada (and some of its fruits) I cannot imagine why our respective leaders are floundering so much. Perhaps they need a walk barefoot in the grass...or thru the deep moss in the Hoh area. Our election coming up scares me. No one speaks for me I guess. Good to hear from u.
62. Canada: Isael's new fiend in North America
Don Sheridan ,   Pukalani USA   (11.01.06)
Three cheers for the Canadians!
63. Peter Mackay speaks ifo Israel
Marie ,   Toronto Canada   (11.01.06)
G-d bless Harper and Mackay and Canada - outstanding friends to Israel
64. Israek is a shield for Canada
Samy Florent ,   Israel   (11.01.06)
There is a resolution of the United Nations to desarm the Hizbolla, but nothing is done by the UN and Libanese troups. The Egyptians ssay that bombing the tunnels at the Philadelphia way between them and Gaza is contrary to international rules. So why do they not arrest the convois of arms in the Sinai desert on their way to Gaza? All this is part of the terror of the Palestinian Hamas government. Everyday they shoot their Kassams on Israeli towns, is this acceptable. Yes Canada understand that without a strong policy against all the forms of terror, the North American and Canadian cities are not save.
65. Canada's support for Israel.
david montague ,   Efrat Israel   (11.01.06)
Nice to know that there are people and countries like the Canadians and Canada that support Israel. Would that there were more who have this approach.
66. Canada: Israel’s new friend in North America
mike ,   london   (11.01.06)
canada is gay
67. Don't worry, support for conservatives is minimal and unrepr
some guy ,   Montreal   (11.01.06)
more and more Canadians are getting worried about Harper's stance and the possible blowback from supprting Israel. To be fair though, the new Liberal leadership will also be supportive of Israel (if Ignatieff wins, it's bad news, he's a chickenhawk, just read his essays). As for those who support Harper and his position, all one has to do is read their comments and the racism will be brutally apparent to anyone with eyes.
68. #67 Right on!
Arja ,   Canada   (11.01.06)
What a mess Canada got itself into by voting Conservative just to punish the Liberals! On the other hand, my MP is a Liberal and he supports the Iraqi war and Israel and Ignatieff (I think that's what I heard). He came to our peace rally and I questioned him about Israel, Lebanon and Palestine and he's so ignorant of the facts and brainwashed by the Israeli PR that he hasn't a clue what's happening in the Middle East. Being Acadian, he should know something about a people being violently expelled from their homes and land by another people. I'm still waiting to hear from Peter MacKay, but perhaps he's busy defending... lying about.... his comments about Belinda. He doesn't have time for foreign affairs. (hey, that's almost a pun LOL).. BUT he did announce some good news: our (my) ferry is saved! YEAH!
69. # 4, Brian McKinney
Mark Brajtman ,   Cape Town South Afr   (11.01.06)
Brian McKinney is an obvious idiot who believes all the Arabic lies. He must be a supporter of Hezballa, Hamas, and Hitler. Thank G-D for the new Canadian government. Long may they rule, and not take notice of Jew haters like this idiot
70. Israel
Mike Davis ,   Nanaimo, Canada   (11.01.06)
The anti Israel crowd needs to read up on middle eastern history. The Israeli's are not occuping Palistinian land. After WWII the borders were drawn around the areas where Israelis were in the majority. Some Arabs chose to leave Israel and some stayed, and there are about 1 million Arabs living peacefully within Israel today and they are far better off than their cousins who chose to be refugees in other Arab countries. The Palastinain have also had three opportunities since 1945 to have their own country but turned it down every time. The last time was during the Clinton years when Arafat was given everything he asked for except the annihilation of Israel...and he turned it down.
71. the longest professional refugees, Palestinians
Hooley-Hamid, Brian ,   Switzerland   (11.02.06)
Palestrina: Created by Romans Palestrina: oppressed by Romans Palestine: oppressed by Ottomans Palestine: oppressed by British Fed-Up, the British give half of Palestine to their dear friend King Abdullah of Jordan - Half of Palestine became Jordan? Yes! who lives in Jordan? Palestinians! called Jordanians to-day! are Palestinian Jordanians also refugees of Palestine? yes? of what country? Of Palestine Is Jordan part of Palestine? Yes! So how can the Palestinian-Jordanian population be refugees in their our country? - all refugees are Palestinians, dummy! Palestine: oppressed by Israel Palestine: oppressed by Arafat Palestine: oppressed by Hamas Palestine oppressed by………. Still open Palestine oppressed by ……….still open Please let in the UNWRA with the parcels and the money! Half goes to my Bank account in Switzerland….. With the other half we are now busy digging tunnels and smuggling weapons because we felt oppressed for centuries - The nasty truth is that we the Arab Falasteens have never had an independent Falasteen and Palestine has never been an Arab country, but we feel oppressed and want Israel instead especially with the nice buildings there and the green farms with all the goodies growing there! We feel oppressed so we do not need schools and hospitals, all our children are in the tunnels strapped with bombs, ready to become Shahids and to be eaten by worms. We do not need schools, we have the Coran and the Sharia and we do not need hospitals we have Allah! Get on with the Parcels!
72. to 70 - map question
Michael ,   Seattle, WA   (11.02.06)
I believe that Israel was formed in a legitimate way-as mandated by the UN after the war. Those that say the Jews are "occupying" can say that if they want. My understanding of history(pre 1945) reads that the Jews have always been there. But, if I go to the UN website and look at original map boundaries, something looks abit different. Mandating territories, unclear borders, all that sets a stage for dispute. Why weren't firm borders set from the outset?
73. Reply to #67, 46,45,38 and 31--They speak FOR ME!
Judith ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.02.06)
Peter Mackay, Steven Harper, et al do speak for ME and a lot of other people we know. Thank God now we have who to vote for! May they keep on doing what they are doing and then we also have a chance to stand up with head held high!
74. Mike - please recommend websites, books, authors
75. Peter MacKay - a lucid and intelligent MAN
Hooley, Hamid,Brian ,   Switzerland   (11.02.06)
No. 4 - you are a parrot. Mr. MacKay who, contrary to you has the courage of his convictions as a Christian and as a responsible Man. Very few people dare take Israel’s side to-day, terrorized by their own Moslem asylum seekers and fearing for their lives. The hardworking Canadian Jewish citizens have brought Canada prosperity and respect. The Jews never proselytize or impose their religious beliefs - all they want is to study and work and contribute to their respective societies and countries. Take the Moslem asylum seekers - they flee their horrendous despicable Moslem Sharia regimes are greeted in Canada and elsewhere and then as a thank you to their host, they impose their laws and beliefs and terrorize their hosts!! - why the hell do they not seek asylum in Moslem countries? There are 58 Moslem countries where the Sharia is the Law - Saudi Arabia just beheaded 30 people this year according to the Sharia! Canada is not the land of Islam , not as yet, and as such is not recommended by the Prophet to live among pigs and non-believers. But there is only one tiny Israel Mr.McKinney - one tiny Jewish land in the middle of the desert with no Petrol! Is it too much to ask for Jesus? The Christian of this world owe Jesus, their savior and his people a country and should help tiny Israel (whose bark is stonger than their bite!) and who are fighting for their survival for over 60 years. You seem to prefer the Hezbollah in Lebanon? Do you know that the Christians of Lebanon live in constant fear and tremble everyday for their lives! what do you know? you only read journalists who were not murdered by the Hezbolla or Syria their allies! ! you are very naive! Listening to you talk about the Jews and Jewish Lobby - hatred is pouring out of your nostrils! you sound like an old crow! one could think that Catholics or protestants are better Canadian subjects than Canadians of Jewish belief! Do you contribute more to Canada than other citizens do? You are wrong Mr. Mckinney, you cannot even spell Montreal! You prefer Canadians to be Moslems, Palestenians, Lebanese? - you will soon look like France who has the highest crime rate in the world with only 10% Moslems of the population! ! Mr. Peter MacKay has put his thinking cap on - it is not every politician who is blessed with intelligence - you can consider yourselves very fortunate to have Mr. Peter MacKay who does the thinking for you! . But you Mr. Mckinney, you are with the Palestinians who have been professional refugees for 60 years - sitting on our account and tweedling their thumbs! Israel is also composed of refugees - 2 million Palestinian refugees inherited from the British Mandate, (1 million Arabs and 1 million Jews) + 4 million refugees from 58 Moslem countries, Europeen countries and some holocaust survivors - but they never complain! they all go to work from morning to night and do not sit and wait for UNWRA to distribute FREE food parcels for 60 years! Mr. Mckinney, what did the moslem immigrants contribute to Canada? the Coran, the Chariia, Imams, terror, hatred and soon destruction - unfortunately the Moslems are not known to have won Nobel prices, this might change soon, they might win the one for terror! You are blinded by your hatred to Jews who are your gracious brethren. Cheap hatred, Mr. Mckinney is very destructive and negative - luckily some of us are constructive and positive and intelligent like Mr. Peter Mackay, whose goal is Canada's wellbeing. Be Constructive Mr. Mckinney and not destructive, you will sound happier and please note that there is no such club as a Jewish Lobby you must have mistaken it with a Jewish charity ONG!
76. the level of ignorance
sage ,   Toronto   (11.02.06)
Ignorant brash americans think they know canadian better thant the citixens of canada. What rubbish - juts goes to show what bulls**t they fed by the media. carry on - you'll soon cause a mass extinction.
77. support for Harper
lily ,   canada   (11.02.06)
Thanks and keep up the good work of supporting Israel.
78. Peter Mackay does speak for us
Robert Gasner ,   toronto Canada   (11.02.06)
Read what the trash letter by Brian McKinney of Montreal writes...jewish lobby? bribes? ...its amazing they give computers to anti-semetic fools like him...but then again anyone to be proud to espouse hatred is worth knowing about....enjoy your miserable paranoia Brian
79. History
Arja ,   Canada   (11.03.06)
Ilan Pappe is an Israeli historian at Haifa University who writes about Israel/Palestine. ( From the Press Release of his new book" In his controversial new book, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Ilan Pappe investigates the fate suffered by the indigenous population of 1940s Palestine at the hands of the Zionist political and military leadership. During this period, around a million people were expelled from their own country at gunpoint, civilians were massacred, and over 400 Palestinian villages deliberately destroyed. Denied for almost six decades, had it happened today it could only have been called "ethnic cleansing." With meticulous research, and drawing heavily on recently declassified military archives and cabinet meeting minutes, as well as the diaries and memoirs of the key players, Pappe methodically reconstructs the strategic planning and military operations during the British Mandate and the run-up to independence. He goes on to offer a detailed account of the events of 1947-8 as they unfolded, which eventually led to one of the biggest refugee migrations in modern history. This is no moral rant against the past, but a passionate plea to acknowledge the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 as the root cause of the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict. Pappe argues persuasively that the consequent dispossession of a million native Palestinians from their homeland, and the continued denial of their right of return, constitute an abuse of international human rights, which he decisively links to Middle East politics today, and the prospects for a lasting peace in the country and, therefore, in the region.
80. Good!
ben ,   Haifa   (11.03.06)
82. Stand With Israel
Athalwolf ,   Langley, BC   (11.03.06)
I am most pleased to see Mr. Mackays comments. More government leaders need to vocally support Israel. I encourage all our elected leaders to stand up for Israel and affirm that Canadians will not ever flinch from defending a people that is defensively trying to protect their land and people from a constant barrage of unprovoked terrorist attacks. Israel's safety is the responsibility of all true Christians and we are blessed by G-D in every opportunity we have to defend her. We can help with our prayers, our offerings, and by countering hateful and invective statements in the press wherever they raise their vitriolic heads. One day I will stand before the Lord and he will ask me what I did for him and I will proudly state that I stood shoulder to shoulder with his people and I never abandoned them as he promised that he would never do. Israel is the apple of G-d's eye yesterday, today and forever! Shalom
83. No
Chris ,   Toronto Canada   (11.05.06)
A more accurate statement would be: "A threat on the UN is a threat on Canada." No one seems to mind that Israel murdered those unarmed UN observers though.
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