Gov't approves Lieberman's entry
Ilan Marciano
Published: 30.10.06, 13:39
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1. can he be defence minister?
ken ,   california   (10.30.06)
2. Good
Sagi ,   Israel   (10.30.06)
The more of him and the less of them the better for us.
3. Olmert's sham "Bibi"
4. Disnamte the Labour Party
Avi Kohelet ,   Ramat Gan   (10.30.06)
It has today lost the last justification for its continued existence
5. The democratic political system is broken
Michael   (10.30.06)
Now we have 84 out of 120 members both in the executive and legislative branch. This is a democratic system?! even if we had a likeable,altruistic opposition leader . 36 seats can't oppose anything. Any change in the israeli political system that doesn't create checks and balances.Is a complete waste of time
6. down we go
Concerned Israeli   (10.30.06)
The two ministers that are supposed to bring Israel security, not to mention keep us from being destroyed, have no background in defense or security. This government will go down in the history books as the worst thing that ever happened to the State of Israel.
7. Put Lieberman
Real Israeli   (10.30.06)
in place of Ephraim S'neh(= bush !!!)
8. Anti-Lieberman is anti-democracy
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (10.30.06)
Leftist MKs fuming about Lieberman's inclusion into the government and Cabinet are in fact anti-Democracy. The fact is simple, a much more right wing party sat in Sharon's government in Moledet and its leader, Rahavam Zeevi was Transportation Minister in the Cabinet. But the reaction to Zeevi was paled in comparision to the reaction to Lieberman. Zeevi yes but Lieberman no. Why? Because Zeevi had few Knesset seats and no real power and Lieberman can be the next prime minister. So for the Left it is ok to make someone part of the goverment and Cabinet so long as the people of Israel don't really want him but if Israel votes in large number for someone on the right then that person can not be in the government under any circumstances. What dictators.
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.30.06)
it will bring death and destruction to all
10. Good - Isreal needs the scariest right wingers in power....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.30.06)
First of all, they have the balls to serve up to the mideast islamofacsists what needs to be said and done. Nothing is off the talbe for those who want us wiped off the map -- including Israel doing the wiping. Second - they always moderate from positions of power becoming practical enough to make fair deals. It happened with Begin and with Sharon. More power to Lieberman. And shove it up your Hizbollah-supporting ass, Fadi - this is exactly what you and your disgusting ilk deserve. Israel with balls can defeat all of our cowardly enemies - we always have. And we always make peace with any arab nation that deals with us in good faith.
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