Pines-Paz resigns from government
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 30.10.06, 17:22
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1. Good Job !! Peretz and Olmert Pls do the Same
Norman   (10.30.06)
2. Good riddance Mr.Penis-Paz
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.30.06)
3. sigh...if only peretz would resign...
aaron ,   ra'anana   (10.30.06)
4. MK has a conscience...LOL You must be on some cheap crack...
Al ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
5. lets start playing ball with our enemies....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.30.06)
on Israel's terms. Here are the rules: Violence and threats toward Israel = your desctruction; Constructive compromise = peace. Any questions?
6. At least somebody has guts!
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (10.30.06)
Liberman talks like KGB, walks like KGB, even quacks like KGB- he is therefore -KGB
7. bring down peretz and i am with you!
ami ,   israel   (10.30.06)
8. Punsih the racist government now
Ashraf ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
This the time for the hypocrite " Internatational community" represented by US to act and punsih Israeli regime for including obvious racist man and party in the government, while making the palestenian people hungry because of democratic choice for Hamas which is legitmat resistance movement to the agresisive occupation and not racist, they should do the same now with zionist entity.
9. Pines-Paz resigns
Dany ,   Canada   (10.30.06)
Congratulations! The More-The Merrier! The LESS Lefties there are in the Already too Leftist government, the Better will be for Israel. "Pahot Soneh Ve'Od Balora"... You give the Arabs a Finger-they want the Whole hand; The Lefties, though, give the Arabs the Whole Hand, to start with...
10. to Olmert; who resigns first, will be re-elected first
11. Goodbye P-P
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. What a sense of relief.
12. Yasher koakh!
Michael Steiner   (10.30.06)
Liberman is a fascist who has openly advocated ethnic cleansing. It is an utter disgrace that he has been included in the Government of Israel; it's akin to making David Duke U.S. Secretary of State!!
13. credit
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.30.06)
To his credit he is not floating with the rest of the Labour Party in the Israeli Political Sewage System.
14. Good decision
Elie ,   lebanon   (10.30.06)
15. #6 - the basque
Arie ,   Afula   (10.30.06)
The same basque, that like the muHAMedans, like to blow up little boys and girls with indiscriminate bombings
16. Bye bye looser! You won't be missed.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (10.30.06)
17. If Steiner hates him, Lieberman MUST be good for Israel!
Sky   (10.30.06)
18. one honest man -integrity and democratic accountability
avramele   (10.30.06)
Pines-Paz has shown the integrity that few on the right or left have shown. Whether you agree with him or not he upholds the principle that elected officials are accountable to the voters through the principles they run on. He is a worthy successor to Sharett and Eshkol (and at time B-G and Rabin) as Labour leaders of intergrity. Unlike his mirror image on the right, Benny Begin, he should stay in politics and fight from outside the governments. Kol hakavod!
19. Finally!!!! Now we can all celabrate!! Don't come back!!!!!
bob ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.06)
No one even knew you exsisted, now that you out stay out. All of Labour should go with you. No one wants you in the goverment anyway. Thanks for doing us all a favour. Try taking painting up as your next job.
21. He had no problem sitting with Arafat, guess to him Jews
Eva ,   Israel   (10.30.06)
like Lieberman are a bigger enemy than the greatest Jew killer since Hitler, former head of the Anti Semitic Palestine Liberation Organization. We now see the true colors of the left who feel more comfortable and at home with their enemies than with their fellow Jews.
22. Good riddance Penis-Spaz!
RA   (10.30.06)
23. To michael Steiner
gabriela ben ari   (10.30.06)
The only ethnically cleansing act was done by hideous minds like yours against my brothers and sisters in Gush Katif.
24. penis-paz
fish   (10.30.06)
why so much ado about a political nobody/ he calls liebermann an extremist and fascist? he belongs to the political ideology which for the sake of its warped views brought blood and destruction on israelis. arafat was a peace partner for him, lieberman - a fascist? oh G-d not that again...
25. #12 HAHA, suck it up and quit whining.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (10.30.06)
DAvidG ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.06)
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