Military official: Gaza operation to be expanded soon
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 31.10.06, 00:47
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1. peretz will probably provide hamass with plans
Arie ,   Afula   (10.31.06)
DAN ,   USA   (10.31.06)
Why can't Israeli "army officials" and politicians keep their mouth's shut and just do the jobs that must be done to protect the country? This business of talking about plans first insures that needed goals will not be met.
3. Trio of Traitors
malcolm   (10.31.06)
The very politicians that created this overwhelming situation arrive on the scene and try to close the barn doors after the horses ran out. They empowered Hamas with the Katif retreat, abandoned the Philadelphi route to the "look the other way” Egyptians and EU, handed Hamas a victory at the polls, and ignored the intensive Iranian and al-Qaeda smuggling campaign into Gaza. These worthless, impotent politicians are nothing short of TRAITORS who abandoned the long-term security needs of Israel for their short-term greed and lust for power. Olmert...Livni...Peretz...will go down in the history of Israel as the most dangerous group to ever occupy the Knesset. If Teheran could elect Israel's leaders they would be hard pressed to find better people to serve their needs. The enemies of Israel are being served well by this Trio of Traitors, way beyond their wildest dreams.
4. # 2 Dan...WHY, you ask?
malcolm   (10.31.06)
Because this government is all about bullshit and bluster. All of Olmert's proclamations are for domestic spin designed to keep him in power. As long as Israelis keep buying his bullshit he can cling to power. But at some point there won't be any takers and he will end up in a corner covered in his own bullshit.
5. achievments, kidnapping?
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (10.31.06)
Achieved a party coup of kadima. ASchieved vulnerability. You who participated in the pogrom of Tel Katif are haters of all that Jews yearn for . The land. The land that protects you and those who love it.
6. Operations in Gaza
jeremy ,   Northern Israel   (10.31.06)
Peretz you dumb ass. Instead of talking about operations, just do it. It is time that you act like a defense minister. Just level the area, kill the gunmen, and get our captured boys home. If you can't defend the country, then quit and find let us find someone that will.
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