UN: Arms still smuggled into Lebanon from Syria
Published: 31.10.06, 07:55
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1. THAT wasn't obvious.. not.
Jewish ,   Israel   (10.31.06)
2. DUH!!!
malcolm   (10.31.06)
With the exception of Livni, Is there a single person on this planet who thought otherwise? Livni signed away Israel's opportunity to inflict significant damage on Hizbollah while handing Teheran a victory and lots of time to re-arm with even more sophisticated weapons. Livni loves experiments and the cockeyed optimist still thinks she made a good deal. On the other hand Olmert just wanted Nasrallah to NOT make good on his threat to bomb Tel-Aviv. "O" knew that even the TA cafe crowd would turn on him and want his head if they felt the war on Dizengoff. So, he went along with Livni's cavings into the lying French and THEN sent troops to their deaths. It’s as if Teheran dictates to Olmert and Livni what, when and how to do their bidding. Livni loves to experiment and she is probably the only one who thinks
3. UN: Arms still smuggled
silvio ,   italy   (10.31.06)
For what reason the UN and Europe are in Lebanon? They are in Lebanon for put any things to own place. And the things to place for them are. .to rearm Hizbullah!
4. rearming hizbullah
mark h ,   mazkeret batya, isra   (10.31.06)
why is everyone so surprised ?
5. Hit Syria, Hizbollah will be stranded like a beach whale
John ,   NZ   (10.31.06)
6. God bless Hezbollahh
Dark Justice   (10.31.06)
Israel is still occupying Shebas Farms, Didnt free our prisoners and still flying over Lebanon. For all those reasons which completly contradict the 1701 UN resolution HEZBOLLAH must be armed. Long live Hezbollah !!! We are all Nasrallah.
7. #6; Hizzbollah is a Satanic organziation.
Daisy ,   USA   (10.31.06)
God has nothing to do with you. All Arabs know how to do is kill and hate. You couldn't live without Israel but the Jews don't need you for anytihng.
8. Silly Syria
Jeremy S. Slavin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.31.06)
If Syria's borders were as porous as Damascus claims, then I should think that those Syrians desiring to live in even a semi-democratic system such as Lebanon possesses would be flowing over the border as often or more than the weapons going to Hizballah. Life in Syria - a dictatorship - cannot be so great that the people just choose to stay under such a system. It seems odd to me that Syria would be able to stop the flow of humans into Lebanon, but not the flow of weapons. If you can control one, you can control the other. And if you're a dictatorship, it doesn't make sense to admit to a weakness like porous borders.
9. north, south "smuggling; why not join the party
10. arms smuggling
jeremy ,   Northern Israel   (10.31.06)
What did anyone really believe that it would stop. Hizballah isn't smuggling arms, they are openly importing arms, with the help of Syria. It is only a matter of time before Iran gives the word for Hizballah and Syria to start the next round of fighting.
11. #8
Rabih ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.31.06)
Well about the flow of syrians into Lebanon, it is estimated that we have over a million syrian workers, one of the many legacies of the syrian era. Here they could find a much more liberal system as well as much higher income, which they redirect to their families in Syria. This is a mixed blessing for us, since many people find syrian labour much more affordable and cannot afford local labour, but the money flowing out is harmful for the economy..
12. Surprise!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (10.31.06)
Why is everyone so surprised? Even the biggest idiot could have predicted this. Maby that's why our government couldn't figure this out. This government must be brought down now!
13. DUHH ! What u expect that we fight uranium bombs with stones
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.31.06)
14. IDF is used only to fight unarmed children and women like
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.31.06)
in Gaza ... stone throwers !?? Ofcourse ud be angry about such thing ... after all IDF soldiers showed the world how ' courageous ' they are in fighting hizbollah trained fighters .... lol we still have videos of the soldiers weeping and crying after battles of south lebanon !
15. i think lebanon has the right to defend itself against
Pierre ,   France   (10.31.06)
continued israeli attacks on lebanon territory
16. Larsen is an unwelcomed person in lebanon !!
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.31.06)
a biased and ignorant politician who forgot that israel banned him to go to israel before cause of his remarks about the jenin refugee camp massacres of the IDF ... Instead of sticking to his opinions he buckled down ... i guess he wants to keep that chair under his ass!!
17. Help Hizbullah to become the Goverment of Lebanon
Atilla ,   Karagözoğlu   (10.31.06)
Many things can change in a few years !
18. to fadi
m ,   lebanon   (10.31.06)
would u pls shut the fuck up !!!(sakerle bouzak netfe,la2anak akid bala mokh)
19. #6, Fadi, #15...Pierre...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.31.06)
You are all degenerates. I don't even know why people like you come on an Israeli website to say this nonsense. Don't you have Lebanese websites?
20. Yea?
DK ,   Israel   (10.31.06)
Show me! -They are arming a group which aims to hit unarmed civillians and then ask for peace...
21. Wow!!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (10.31.06)
Wow a U.N. Member saying that Lebanon is not stopping weapon smuggling! The Lebanese government is doing nothing because they are afraid of syria. Hey since Hez says that they want to protect Lebabon let them attack Syria. No wait they are allies! Israel should go back and turn lebanon, Syria and Iran into one big glass parking lot and then the world would be safer!
22. November 2006 month of decision or indecision ???
M. Segal ,   Mpls America   (11.01.06)
I realize in a couple of hours going to be November 2006 what of it you ask could be either a decisive month or a indecisive month I feel Assad's and so Syria's patience with Israeli rather delicate stubborn intrasientism is wearing rather thin how much more may be expected of them THANK YOU... M. Segal
23. Sorry but Larsen is a liar
George ,   Canada   (11.02.06)
The Lebanese PM denied that him or his governement told Larsen about arms smuggling. He also said that reports of arms smuggling do NOT exist at all. Today, the Lebanese government took the decision to make a denial statement concerning arms smuggling accross Syrian borders. Oops, Sorry to disappoint you.
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