Poll: Disengagement polarized Israel more than Rabin assassination
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 31.10.06, 16:54
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1. Where was this poll taken?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.31.06)
I'd say at a Tel Aviv gay bar.
2. Twisted FALSE POLL
YB ,   NJ   (10.31.06)
How many G.M.CH's (G'milas Chasadim- doing kindiness to others) are there in all the non Haredim Put togeather = its estimated that its less then 2% then the Haredim in Bnei Brak, and whats the % of Haredim in Israel 15% maybe. So I ask you WHO CONTRIBUTES MORE TO SOCIETY? Im happy to be a Baal Tshuva (SHOFAR.NET) I use to think the like some of these people, however I went a checked it out, and found a totally different story. My advise to you (Mr & Mrs uninformed) check them out. go down there and spend a Shabbat with them and then ask your self Should I hate them or LOVE them. Do I want to be like them the kindness and Chessed they do or do I still want to mock them.
3. Something Smells
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.31.06)
What legitimate poll asks, "And for our final question, sir/madame, 'And who do you detest the most?' We would really like to know who you truly hate".
4. #1 Kyle
Rod ,   Fargo,N Dakota USA   (10.31.06)
I'd have to agree LOL
5. Polls don't keep you safe!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.31.06)
If you people don't "polarize" and kick somebody's butt into doing something serious about those murderous asshats with which you're surrounded, there won't be enough Jews left in Israel to "polarize" anybody or to conduct any polls. Before they push you into the sea as they keep promising to do, maybe it's time you drove them back into whatever desert out of which they rode on their camels and be done with it for a few decades. You fought so hard for what you have, and if you're not willing to fight to keep it, you'll lose it. Whether it's freedom of, to, or from, neither one is ever free.
6. Why meeting in a square?
Itzik ,   Haifa   (10.31.06)
One shouldn't go to some square in Tel Aviv. They should visit one of the sites bombed by Rabin's friend Arafat. Then go to the other site.
7. Poll is true
Orange Forever ,   Orange, Israel   (10.31.06)
The "disengagement" tore through the beliefs that many of us have held - that we live in a democratic society (if we did, Sharon would not have been allowed to go against the very people who voted him into office without at least a national referendum); that the army was there to protect the people (we saw in Kfar Maimon how they put barbed wire around us). Deny all you want - but the Orange people will not forgive or forget what was done last summer...and the rest of Israel knows now - as we knew then - it was all for nothing. All we got was Lebanon War II and Sderot rockets.
8. To # 5
Polls don't keep you safe - neither did the expulsion of 9000 Jews for absolutely nothing.
9. 47% & 38% of the LIBERAL & LEFTISTS is Quite High.
H ,   Jerusalem   (10.31.06)
The Haredim, the most disliked, proves that the poll was taken from the Liberal and Left-wingers.
10. question to all you americans
Maya ,   israel   (10.31.06)
i have a question to the americans commenting here, who seem to think they are in israel and know the country in and out. do you think anybody disrespects haredim when they walk the streets? talks down to them? threatens them? ive personally never seen it happen. with all the animosity we do see each other in some place as "all jews". but thats my secular perspective. ask a haredi what they think about me? you mentioned the poll may have taken place in a gay bar, why does that even matter? why is it that those who see themselves the most righteous judge the harshest judgements. I can understand not agreeing with the gay pride parade, but violence? do the seculars become violent when we cant catch a bus on friday because of a law enforced on us? what about our marriages? our "jewishness?" and our food? we must live with the haredi's imposed restrictions and at most protest with our words but they permit themselves violence. this, IS WHY THERE IS A RIFT!!! (and i havent mentioned the idf because i think you all know the difference between prayer and a bullet in the head).
11. Some hate is OK
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.31.06)
Everyone who is crying about "hate" on the "Pride Parade" threads seems to think it is OK to hate Orthodox Jews. Some hate is better than other hate? Oh, and don't hate terrorists who kidnap, behead, suicide bomb, threaten genocide, because that's racist, mmkay?
12. Reply # 7
Secular Sabra ,   Israel   (10.31.06)
"" Deny all you want - but the Orange people will not forgive or forget what was done last summer.. "" Same to you haver ..... we will never forget or forgive just who it was that murdered Peace . Wait until next summer ..... you aint seen nothing yet . Remember Rabin !!!!!!!!
13. To 10 Maya
Rod ,   Fargo ,N.Dakota USA   (10.31.06)
'and i havent mentioned the idf because i think you all know the difference between prayer and a bullet in the head).' Yes that would embarrass the olmert kids.
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