Lieberman: Treat Gaza like Chechnya
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.11.06, 13:23
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1. palestinians should be thankful israel is their enemy
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.01.06)
anyone else would have destroyed them and driven them into the sea a long time ago. which is also why they consider a few dead terrorists to be a "masacre". palestinians should be counting their blessings - they have NO room to complain about anything.
2. Oh yeah, a GREAT idea!!
Michael Steiner   (11.01.06)
...because the Russians have had SO much success with subduing Chechnya! When is it going to dawn on you idiots that you cannot forcibly keep a people part of something they don't want to be a part of??? As far as the arms smuggling, seeing as there is a physical barrier between Israel and Aza, all we need to be concerned about are the rockets. And perhaps--instead of all the idle posturing and futile ground expeditions, which only cost soldiers' lives and money but achieve nothing--more effort could be invested in acquiring and developing systems, which can foil rocket attacks.
3. Steinitz Dire WARNING: "WE COULD LOSE the NEXT WAR"
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.01.06)
Re-take Gaza! The strategic high ground of the Golan is vital to Israel's defense and must NEVER be surrendered! Global jihadists eagerly anticipate surrender of militarily strategic, Biblical Judea and Samaria for Global Islamic Terror State Two that will reduce tiny Israel to indefensible 6-10 miles wide Auschwitz borders - the goal of the U.S. EU UN and Russia. We could lose the next war By Ari Shavit Haaretz (Magazine section) 21 April 2006 Yuval Steinitz has two red rags: the Egyptian army and the Israel Air Force. ...Israel's dimensions are tiny and its borders are impossible... In the era of precision weapons the importance of territory does not decrease but increase...And Israel has almost no territory. Israel has no strategic depth. That is an Achilles heel that is liable to put its very existence at risk." All our airfields and our air control units and the power stations and the sensitive strategic sites are within a few dozen kilometers of the border. As such, they are vulnerable to surface-to-surface missiles and to long-range rockets, which are liable to knock them out of action and paralyze the Israel Air Force. ...we are liable to lose in a war." ...a vast army is being built in Egypt. Egypt faces no threats...but is investing billions in creating an army... The size of the Egyptian Air Force is about the same as that of the Israel Air Force, but the number of tanks, artillery pieces, boats and missile batteries is exponentially greater than ours. The Egyptian army is far larger than the IDF. "Since the mid-1990s, Egyptian doctrine, Egyptian indoctrination and Egyptian training exercises have been directed against Israel. Since the start of this century Egypt has also invested billions in relocating its military infrastructures so they are opposite Israel. Initially its surface-to-surface missiles were scattered across Egypt, whereas now they are massed against us in the Suez Canal region...
4. Peretz/Lieberman
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.01.06)
It is strange that Peretz looks like Stalin, but it is Lieberman who thinks and behaves like Stalin
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.01.06)
of innocents. Israel gave Egypt the Sinai in exchange for a worthless piece of paper - a peace agreement. The bloody "peace" that Egypt gives Israel: YNETNEWS (04.18.06, 07:51) Tel Aviv attack. 'There will be more' Egyptian paper praises Tel Aviv bombing State-controlled Al Gomhuria calls Monday's suicide bombing 'sacrificial, martyrdom attack,' warns more attacks to follow Associated Press An Egyptian state-controlled newspaper praised Monday's suicide attack in Tel Aviv, which killed nine people and wounded dozens, calling it an act of sacrifice and martyrdom.,7340,L-3241041,00.html The deployment of Egypt's military on Israel's border at the invitation of Israeli leaders is astonishing and treasonous. M.K. Steinitz stated: Egyptian military "has been training for war against Israel for the past 10 years." In 2004, U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos in the House International Relations Committee, warned Egypt was building up its military in preparation for a future war with Israel. Egypt receives from the U.S. $1.7 billion dollars in aid annually. STOP Inciting Children to Kill !
andrew ,   miami,fl   (11.01.06)
7. Chechnya
Michael ,   Austin, TX   (11.01.06)
nobody gives a damn about Checnhya. The only reason that the media, UN, EU, etc. give a crap about palis is because their enemy are JOOOOS. that's the ONLY reason.
8. Right on target
Brod ,   USA   (11.01.06)
Lieberman is right on target. If the savages in Gaza were in Russia or any other countries in the Free World, they would have been stamped out. Israel should do the same. Otherwise, the savages would continue raining rockets on Israel forever.
9. Linda Rivera really has a point though....
Michael Steiner   (11.01.06)
of course is proposterous to think that ONLY the rockets are a problem. The arabs in Gaza need to be dealt with properly. Here in Britain we know only to well the moslem/Arab mentality as we have so many here, especially in North London. I suggest we heed Lindas words, G_d forbid but "WE COULD LOSE the NEXT WAR".... We should retake Gaza, show these guys whos boss!
10. to mike #1
john ,   USA,now in jerusalem   (11.01.06)
Anyone else, or the alternative is I guess what you have been doing as a young man in Vietnam My Lai massacre etc, But finally you were kicked out by the vietcong heros and youran away like chikens. people with your past should only shut up.
11. mike #1
john ,   USA,now in jerusalem   (11.01.06)
Anyone else, or the alternative is I guess what you have been doing as a young man in Vietnam My Lai massacre etc, But finally you were kicked out by the Vietcong heroes and you ran away like chickens. People with your past should only shut up.
12. Lieberman
David ,   TA   (11.01.06)
Many of us here already were aware that this man is a dangerous extremist, not to mention corrupt and criminal. His proposal to adopt 'Russian measures' is not only outrageous but myopic and ignorant. The war in Chechnya has not been won and resident of Besland and Moscow will certainly agree with that. On another note, I am fed up with reading comments from belligerent Americans who think they can comment on Israel's policy. Focus on your country's own problems or immigrate to Israel. Only citizens, who are directly affected by the government's policies, have the moral legitimacy to voice their opinions.
13. lieberman
joe ,   israel   (11.01.06)
he should go back to russia and behave the way they do there.
14. to #2 and #3
David ,   TA   (11.01.06)
Michael, for your own sake, stop kissing ass to Linda. Can you really agree with someone who makes comments such as: "...will reduce tiny Israel to indefensible 6-10 miles wide Auschwitz borders..." People like this should be banned from talkback. In fact, it's the reason so little sane people like myself venture onto these forums before leaving in disgust.
15. Gaza's islamaniacfascists =
MIKEK ,   Woodbridge, VA - USA   (11.01.06)
hamas & abu mazen can stop killing their own people by stop firing rockets into Israel & start controlling the terrorist brothers by disarming them. This is only wishful thinking for murder, kidnapping & crying has been their way of life for 100s of years since corrupt religious islamaniac imans, wafts, clerics started preaching hatred lies that do not exist in the quran about Jews or Christians. Stop them & you will stop brainwashing your children into becoming murderers of innocent people. hamas/abu mazen lie & should be replaced also. Arab lives are lost because you are all a brainwashed islamaniac people. SHALOM === MIKEK ===
16. David #14:
Michael Steiner   (11.01.06)
I didn't write #9--it's some loser spoofing me. I wrote #2 though. YNet really should institute a registration policy or they'll be left with a handful of right-wing fascists who hound out everyone who dissents from their kahanist worldview.
17. Strategic Threats Minister, No he is the strategic threats !
observer   (11.01.06)
18. David #14 NUMBER 16 is an imposter!
Michael Steiner   (11.01.06)
and is spoofing me! I am not a total left winger you know! Linda Rivera, whilst i disagree with a lot of what she says, makes a valid point here, in this article. Its sick spoofers like #16 that really get my goat. They think their extreme left wing fanatical views are more "talkback worthy" than everyone elses, GO figure!!!
19. 'our tactics are different' but so far totally ineffective !
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (11.01.06)
20. How to tend your garden well
Alexander ,   Israel   (11.01.06)
I have always believed that taking out terrorists is rather like tending and taking care of your garden. Sometimes you have to remove some weeds and rutten grapes. We must tend our garden well and let our tulips grow well, water and irrigate them from time to time and remove bugs and other nasty things clinging onto our plants in our garden. IDF is the gardener, Hamas is the weeds and PLO and Islamic Jihad are the bugs.
21. #18 is the REAL Michael Steiner
Lurker   (11.01.06)
22. Chechnya
alan ,   frisco   (11.01.06)
The reason the world cares about Gaza is that it belongs to Arabs who control the world oil supply, fund chairs at Universities, and have a series of mosques all over the world that teach hate. Chechnya has none of these. Still it is not good to allow Gaza to become Hezbollah and the discredited and incompetent leadership of Olmert should be listening to Liberman with both ears and preparing to do what Putin does. The sooner the better
23. I agree with Lieberman
Avraham ,   Netivot   (11.01.06)
We should bomb the crap out of Gaza, destroy it. I have had enough kassams landing in my area, one next to my house. Destroy the SOB's now before they destroy us.
24. will the real Michael Steiner stand up
Hilda ,   USA   (11.01.06)
I only know that the Michael Steiner that I have been reading, these past few months, is a total appeaser a self hating Jew and would never agree with Linda Rivera who even though she is probably not a Jew is more of lover of Zion than Steiner could ever be.
25. Lieberman : A man with balls
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.01.06)
26. Leiberman is an extremist
Foley ,   Manchester, England   (11.01.06)
Lieberman is no different from Islamic extremists who want more blood and chaos around the world. Israel will be harmed by this fanatic. He has nothing to lose. Israel has everything to lose. Israel needs a leader like Rabin. It does not need more crazy fundementalists like Leiberman and Sharon.
27. #12 - you sound just like Lieberman:-)
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (11.01.06)
"Focus on your country's own problems or immigrate to Israel. Only citizens, who are directly affected by the government's policies, have the moral legitimacy to voice their opinions.:. Otherwise well kick their asses right ?!
28. to #24
Dave ,   u.s.a.   (11.02.06)
i think her father is Heraldo Rivera, and he is half a jew....., but maybe i'm wrong....
29. A "Do Nothing" government
John ,   USA   (11.02.06)
The problem with the current Israeli government is that it's so polarized and ununited that it won't be able to make any meaningful decisions. It's sole purpose is to just stay in power, there's no leadership. At least Sharon was able to make decisions and do things. This govenment will only be able to stay in power because it includes everybody.
30. Ok, americans wont comment
hannah ,   (11.02.06)
Agreeded Americans won't comment on codition that Israel agrees she is no longer a welfare state profiting from hard working Americans. No more money to Israel. We have no opinion -you have no money. You like our money too much. I think you will support our concerns for the people of Palestine.
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