Egypt poll: Israel, Denmark, US - enemies
Published: 01.11.06, 14:38
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Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.01.06)
of innocents. Israel gave Egypt the Sinai in exchange for a worthless piece of paper - a peace agreement. The bloody "peace" that Egypt gives Israel: YNETNEWS (04.18.06, 07:51) Tel Aviv attack. 'There will be more' Egyptian paper praises Tel Aviv bombing State-controlled Al Gomhuria calls Monday's suicide bombing 'sacrificial, martyrdom attack,' warns more attacks to follow Associated Press An Egyptian state-controlled newspaper praised Monday's suicide attack in Tel Aviv, which killed nine people and wounded dozens, calling it an act of sacrifice and martyrdom.,7340,L-3241041,00.html The deployment of Egypt's military on Israel's border at the invitation of Israeli leaders is astonishing and treasonous. M.K. Steinitz stated: Egyptian military "has been training for war against Israel for the past 10 years." In 2004, U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos in the House International Relations Committee, warned Egypt was building up its military in preparation for a future war with Israel. Egypt receives from the U.S. $1.7 billion dollars in aid annually. STOP Inciting Children to Kill !
2. Steinitz Dire WARNING: "WE COULD LOSE the NEXT WAR"
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.01.06)
Re-take Gaza! The strategic high ground of the Golan is vital to Israel's defense and must NEVER be surrendered! Global jihadists eagerly anticipate surrender of militarily strategic, Biblical Judea and Samaria for Global Islamic Terror State Two that will reduce tiny Israel to indefensible 6-10 miles wide Auschwitz borders - the goal of the U.S. EU UN and Russia. We could lose the next war By Ari Shavit Haaretz (Magazine section) 21 April 2006 Yuval Steinitz has two red rags: the Egyptian army and the Israel Air Force. ...Israel's dimensions are tiny and its borders are impossible... In the era of precision weapons the importance of territory does not decrease but increase...And Israel has almost no territory. Israel has no strategic depth. That is an Achilles heel that is liable to put its very existence at risk." All our airfields and our air control units and the power stations and the sensitive strategic sites are within a few dozen kilometers of the border. As such, they are vulnerable to surface-to-surface missiles and to long-range rockets, which are liable to knock them out of action and paralyze the Israel Air Force. ...we are liable to lose in a war." ...a vast army is being built in Egypt. Egypt faces no threats...but is investing billions in creating an army... The size of the Egyptian Air Force is about the same as that of the Israel Air Force, but the number of tanks, artillery pieces, boats and missile batteries is exponentially greater than ours. The Egyptian army is far larger than the IDF. "Since the mid-1990s, Egyptian doctrine, Egyptian indoctrination and Egyptian training exercises have been directed against Israel. Since the start of this century Egypt has also invested billions in relocating its military infrastructures so they are opposite Israel. Initially its surface-to-surface missiles were scattered across Egypt, whereas now they are massed against us in the Suez Canal region...
4. Egypt poll
Brod ,   USA   (11.01.06)
The poll clearly shows that despite the peace treaty that Egypt signed with Israel, their Madrassa schools continue to allow the preachers of hate to teach Egyptian children to hate Jews and Christians--Israel and America/the West. They continue to teach their people to hate rather than to live in piece with Israel and the West. This is a plague that is prevalent in all the religious and educational institutions of Islamist/Jihadist countries. Read "Why I Left Jihad" [2005] by former Islamist-Jihadist terrorist Walid Shoebat.
5. Assuming that those numbers are correct
Isac ,   Florida   (11.01.06)
than Israel must be suicidal to let the Egytian border police guard the Palestinian borders. Israel must retake the borders.
6. List
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.01.06)
If we're going to be on a list, this one's as good as any other.
7. Arab Hatred
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.01.06)
We can be friendly with the Arabs, and they with us, but we can never uproot the long-standing, deeply-rooted hatred that they have for the Jews. We can be kind to the Arabs, and they can be kind with us, but we will never be able to erase hundreds of years of friction, jealousy and violence. We can work with the Arabs, and they can work with us, but we will never be able to change their world-view that we have no place in this part of the planet and are a (perceived) mortal threat to their theology, philosophy and ideology. I can train myself to stop hating someone else, but I do not know how to train him to stop hating me.
8. Paper Peace
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (11.01.06)
So why even make peace if they won't even consider Israel a friend. Keep the Land
9. We should have kept the Sinai!
uli ,   Jerusalem   (11.01.06)
andrew ,   miami,fl   (11.01.06)
11. Surprise!!
Abdul   (11.01.06)
Wat? only 92% view Israel as an enemy? Anything under 99% isn't enough. And no..Egypt doesn't have madrasas teaching people how to hate Jews or Christians..We don't even hate Christians, since they live among us and are true friends. The reason we hate Israel, is based on your actions...Islam teaches us that Jews will always be our doesn't say anything about Christians being our enemies..and so that's how we'll always view Israel: an Enemy.
12. Poll
Abdel ,   Nablus   (11.01.06)
First off all, the poll and the way the information is portrayed is redicioulus, 1000 respondents are supposed to represent Egypt? Give me a break, 24 million in Cairo alone during daytime….. Do Egyptians love Israel? No. Do Egyptians really hate Israel? No. Does an average Arab –non Palestinian- really hate Israel? No. So how does this work? Most Arabs / not affected directly by the Palestinian Israeli conflict know very little about Israel, Israeli’s, even about the specifics of life in Palestine. Most of them I don’t think really care that much. An average Arab worries about how he/she is going to make a living like any other individual world wide. Even step a few steps into Jordan, and really ask… people don’t care that much anymore…….. Hate is just symbolic, it is not real. People will usually answer what they think “should be said”, not necessarily what they really believe. There are two failures when it comes to this point: First, the role of Arab governments: they have demonized Israel and Jews, which is classical example of how governments manipulate their people to stay in power – An American president comes to mind! Second, PR failure on behalf of Israel, keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images on TV show Israeli’s army conducting its nasty operations. Keep in mind the following, an average arab’s image of an isreali is an isreali soldier, or settler…… the human side is never there. Bottom line is, fix the Palestinian isreali issue, all these issues will be history. No one is out to get you because you are jews, even if some extreme factions say that, arabs, and isreal’s have a big problem with the Palestinian issue, but they have a bigger problem with communication! To be considered.
13. Which is why RATIONAL Israelis
Arie ,   Afula   (11.01.06)
support a stronger border presence by the IDF
Richard ,   United kingdom   (11.01.06)
17. Egypt
Rustum ,   London   (11.01.06)
As Abdul mentioned, Egypt doesn't have madrasses - some posters have got Egypt mixed up with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Same old rubbish, they're Moslem - they must all be the same. Monolithic bigotry. And for those posters who talk of an "age old hatred for Jews" - this is simply garbage. Until 1948 Egypt was a paradise for people of all religions. The poll asked whether Egyptians see Israel as an enemy, not Jews as an enemy. This is a distinction which ignorant Zionist supporters cannot discern. The dislike is political not religious. It so happens that Israel in 1956 caused a million Egyptian refugees, in 1967 caused more damage and destruction, and Egyptians are naturally sympathetic to the Palestinians - so big bluddy surprise, Egyptians don't view Israelis as lovely people. How many Egyptian tourists go to Israel? The article is just one more bit of ammunition fror all those sicko Zionos to walk around wailing yet again "the whole world hates us for no reason". How about a little introspection? A little historical perspective. You'll then start to see grounds for teh dislike - such as forcible expulsion of indigenous population, land grabs, the politics of the bulldozer and cluster-bomb. etc. etc.
18. #12 Abdel in Nablus
Adam ,   Manchester   (11.01.06)
An intelligent talkback and I almost completely agree apart from it seems difficult to sort out a peace deal and 'fix the Palestinian issue' when you have yourselves represented by a terrorist group (how ever benevolent or charitable you may see them), Hamas, who don't recognise Israel's very existence.....
19. #7 Reuven, Arab hatred maybe has a reason
BouSameer ,   Beirut Lebanon   (11.01.06)
Yet it is amazing the degree of ethnocentricity hat your text reveals. You say hundreds of years of jealousy? Arabs and Jews have not been historical foes. Jews were by far better off in Arab land than under the tyrany of the Catholic church in Europe, and if you knew little history you would agree. Furtheremore, if someone is at conflict with you, it is obviously convenient to interpret it as a sign of jealousy (which is a Jewish myth). There are simply people who have been kicked out from their homes - by you know who - , and they were a little pissed off. And they would have felt the same about you had you been Budhist or Hindu. Who said Arabs think you have no place on this Planet? On the contrary, if you are willing to live with others on equal basis, irrespective of their Religion, than there is no problem. But Israelis are the ones who think there is no place for non Jews in this part of the planet, even if those have been living here for centuries. You are right on one thing: You cannot train someone not to hate you, and at the same time treat him as a subhuman. States with an official religion/ethnicity like israel ( and Saudi and Iran) represent a medieval concept that disapeared gradually after the French Revolution. It is unsustainable in the modern world. Wake up!
20. Let's see
American ,   USA   (11.01.06)
lebanon, an enemy, Gaza an enemy,,west bank an enemy- Egypt an enemy-Jordan , an enemy (??, Iran an enemy- Iraq an enemy( I am sure) What are you jews doing wrong? why do you always get yourself hated.? for a group of people always bragging about how superior and smart you are- thats pretty darn STUPID> LOL.
21. Israel needs to shift to war footing
Adamush   (11.01.06)
All is needed is a coup in Egypt and the peace accord is dead.
22. Abdul
Alex   (11.01.06)
Abdul, Seems like Egyptian Copts / Christians are fleeing t heir "friends". Go ask any Copt who left Egypt - what he talks about your hatred.
23. #17, Rustum
BS ,   USA   (11.01.06)
Do you deny the fact that Muslims teach their kids that Jews are the enemy? Do you deny that some radicals preach in the mosque about how Jews are evil? Do you deny that a large percentage of all Muslims believe that destroying Israel is their number one priority? They hate Israel AND the Jews who live there, so stop trying to differentiate between the two.
24. #17 forcible expulsion/land Grab
Adam ,   Manchester   (11.01.06)
If you look at 'A little historical perspective', then you will find out that the 'Palestinian' Arabs were told told to leave Israel/Palestine by the Armies of the Arab league in 1948-9 War:- EGYPT, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq until they destroyed the Zionists or drove them into the sea, which would lead them to being repatriated. Also, they greatly exaggerated the Deir Yassin massacre which panicked the indigeneous Arabs to flee instead of fight, their purpose for this propaganda! They didnt calculate that Israel would win their War of Independance and these 'Palestinians' were put into refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank by who....? Answer: The Egyptians and the Jordanians! When Jews (after the creation of Israel due to Wars and as punishment for Israel's very existence) were expelled from Iraq/Saudi Arabia/ Yemen/Libya/Morocco/Iraq ...(I could go on) Israel didnt put them into refugee camps they absorbed them into the country as equal and free democratic citizens!! As for land grab that's rich!!! Open a history book and look who was in control of the Gaza Strip and West Bank between 1948/9 and 1967.....and how! It was a LAND GRAB by Egypt and Jordan. These areas werent part of Israel control before 1967and were set aside by the UN for a Palestinian State on 29 November 1947. Did the Arab breethren give the land back...SURPRISE SURPISE....NO! They annexed it for themselves and had complete sovereignty until Israel captured this land in war when it was about to be attacked in June 1967 and launched an impressive preemptive stike and destroyed 3 big Arab armies and took land from all the protaganist aggresors; Syria/Jordan/ Egypt! I hope that's enough historical perspective for you Rustum.
25. Egypt Sees Israel as the Enemy?
margot ,   usa   (11.01.06)
Egypt sees Israel as the enemy despite nearly 30 years of peace between them? I would strongly recommend that Israelis, US citizens, and others who support Israel, Denmark, and the US avoid Egypt as a travel destination and boycott all Egyptian products and goods. After the treatment that Arab-Israelis received in Egypt last summer in the terrible bus accident, that should be a warning to us all to avoid Egypt, in spite of its many attractions. The wild sexual rampage after Ramadan last week (reported on Little Green Footballs and Rantings of a Sandmonkey) is warning enough that you are not safe there. This country is out of control.---dangerous and unfriendly to travelers within and outside of Egypt. Don't go there until things improve and the hatred towards others is not expressed.
26. and they're going to have nuclear power too
observer   (11.01.06)
27. #12:
Michael Steiner   (11.01.06)
Thank you, Abdel, for injecting a dose of reality and intelligence into this feast of scaremongering and Arab-bashing. You shouldn't have bother though because this site has been hijacked by a group of fascists whose minds aren't going to be changed by any amount of reason. I'm going away myself soon, too.
28. Adam
Abdel ,   Nablus   (11.01.06)
the reality is that we have two ways of doing this, and two ways only! first: keep on pointing fingers at each other and engage in a horrible deadly conflict that will consume us for eternity....i think i'll pass on that one........ Second: look for someone to talk to, whom can end this mess. regardless if you like him or not, you hate hamas (and i understand why), but we also hate Likud, liberman, olmert and all the nut-cases who also have palestinain blood on their hands by the means of the army. my friend, i'm afraid that there will be a time when the window for peace will be permenantly shut, that is my true fear. this conflict is POINTLESS, it is dividing us and the world, and it just needs a couple of people whom have enough athority, and conviction, and are willing to swallow their prides, while overlooking the distractions that will surely happen. within a year or two you will be having dinner here at my place in nablus! while smooking a sheesha (hookah)!
29. I wonder why all world hate Israel
hanzalah naji ali ,   al-shajara   (11.01.06)
30. #10 universal law: the universe continues expansion until
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.01.06)
reaching a limit after which it will shrink again until it disappears. Israel is on the same course ... expansion state finsihed in 1967 now the reverse scenario started !!!
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