Christians: Here to serve Israel
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 02.11.06, 16:46
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1. Welcome
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.02.06)
The same people who are so eager for the gay parade to proceed would all freak out at the thought of a Christian parade.
2. Christians only want Israel for themselves
3. Chritian Backing of Israel
Elliot ,   New York, USA   (11.02.06)
You should have used a different symbol to demonstrate your article. While understanable for a secular news paper, the cross with body is almost unique to Catholics and definately not used by the chrtistians whom you describe. IYou could have been more accurate and at the same time avoided the (mild) offense by some of your Jewish readers.
4. We need all the friends that we can get.....
Adam ,   Manchester   (11.02.06)
We are proud to have you as friends.
5. Warped people
John ,   USA   (11.02.06)
Beware of these crazies, they don't represent real christians. Even Bush calls them "kooks."
6. One day closer to the comming of Moshiach.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (11.02.06)
Slowly but steadily Hashem's light is filling the world.
7. 'my father served Hitler, I lobby for Israel,'...
Just passing ,   Israel   (11.02.06)
Them we complain about the palestinian and lefties calling israelis the "new nazis"...
8. Go back to Europe and USA!
Arabian Wolf   (11.02.06)
9. Beware of personal agendas
Michael ,   Seattle, WA   (11.02.06)
10. #5. They may be a little kookie...
Aharon ,   USA   (11.02.06)
...with all their talking in tongues and all that hubbub, but they have something that the rest of the church (particularly Baptists, which I am) is missing, and that's a heart for Israel. They will be blessed for it. I dont think it will be long before the rest of the church wakes up and realizes that Israel is the Key to all of God's plans and starts to tune in, as well. And to # 2. Christians don't want Israel for themselves. Israel is for the Jewish people. That is a promise from God. Shalom.
11. #2,#8,#9
Michael ,   Tennessee   (11.02.06)
What idiots
12. Kyle, News flash
Dovid   (11.02.06)
We also don't want xtian parades in our holy city. Your welcome to visit just don't throw it in our faces.
13. Arabbian Wolf; Go back to Arabia!
Daisy ,   USA   (11.02.06)
14. The world is becominganti- Arab/Muslimandbecomingpro-Israel.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.02.06)
And it's not just Christians. It's obvious which side is the good and moral one.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (11.02.06)
16. Welcome to Israel and thank you for your support.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.02.06)
We appreciate the prayers.
17. there is a lot of support and understanding for Israel.
silvio ,   italy   (11.02.06)
This is natural. Israel is the Fatherly House of all the Jews and the Christians. Historically the roads have divided (but not so so much) for the matter of Jesus of Nazareth. Whoever has done ill to everybody has been: the Inquisition in Spain, Hitler and the Moslems. Best part of the Christians loves the Hebrews and considers their Old and Greater Brothers and they cry the destruction from Jerusalem still.
18. MOVING _ really MOVING. thx
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.02.06)
19. What does Palestinian Christians think of “Israel”!!!
George Hazboun ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (11.02.06)
I am keen to see an article about how Palestinian Christians, Christians of the holy land from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Jenin and Ramallah think of “Israel”? How do they feel about being occupied by the Jewish state.. These Christians are the best in telling how Israel treats Christians. Will this delegation go Jesus Birthplace, Bethlehem, and see how Christians there can’t get to Jerusalem and pray in its Churches, exactly as their Palestinian Muslim bothers and sisters? Just wondering…
20. I am one of such
Pesaj ,   NolaUsa   (11.02.06)
Number one, we Pentecostals don't want Jerusalem, nor Israel for ourselves. This is antibiblical (read Genesis 12:7). Second, we believe that Jesus (Yeshua) is Mashiach, coming a second time to fight the nations (goyim) on behalf of Israel and the Jews. As it is written, all Israel shall be saved. (read Romans 11:25-29) Thirdly, we believe that at that time Jews will see Him and will prove that He is their Mashiach (not to be offensive, I only explain). Four, we fight for Israel with the greatest power on earth, our prayers to our Heavenly Father. And last but not least, we Love the Jews and Israel because our Jesus loves you, our Bible teaches us to do so, and you gave us Mashiach. Don't be upset because we show support and love, Arabs hate us for it, Europe hates us for it, the Vatican hates us for it, the Liberal media hates us for it. Don't mind some of the cookoos at the top, impurity always floats on the surface. Yours kindly.
21. #20 Our differences
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (11.02.06)
Our differences shouldn't get in the way of working together against the threat we both have - Islamic fascism. Christians all over the world are being murdered and imprisoned by Muslims. Recently, a young Christian boy of only 14 years old was actually beheaded by Muslims!! And concerning the Christian 'palestinians,' there used to be thousands more; but they have been harrassed and women raped and been forced to leave by the Muslims. Plus Christians are being put in the position of having to apologize for any remarks they make concerning Islam. We must come together as allies. Whatever happens at the 'end of days' we'll deal with it then.
22. to # 19
SAM ,   USA   (11.02.06)
If the "Palistinian" or for that fact any Christian Arab values thier life, they will lie and say they hate Israel. I have known "Pailistinian" Christians. Although just knowing some is not a reliable poll, I can say they were persecuted by Muslims and would be luckey if they were considered second class citizens. Its a good thing for Palistinian Christrians that there are Jews, because that diverts attention away from Christian Arabs. Pure fact
23. christians:here to serve israel
shanatova ,   sydney,australia   (11.02.06)
Firstly, let me say the photograph for this story depicts a crucified Jesus Christ - This is incorrect, even an historical view would not have Jesus Christ still on the cross. This is only depicted in the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. The Protestant/Evangelical Christians on the whole, believe, as the Scriptures in the New Testament teach, that on the first morning of the the new week , Miriam (the mother of Jesus,) found that Jesus was no longer in the tomb but had risen as was prophesied that He would. To portray a "still" crucified Jesus is to deny the scriptures that all true believing Christians see to be so. According to true believing Christians, the Lord Jesus Christ is risen and is alive and will return. shanatova
24. # 21 - You got it
RAS ,   Texas   (11.02.06)
Conflicting religious beliefs between Jews and Christians are based on faith and if each can learn to understand and respect the other there is no need for there to be a division on world affairs which effect or lives. On faith issues we will remain divided but these division do not need preclude goodwill and hope for each other, and neither should a division of faith interfere with cooperation on things that will help protect and benefit both groups and probably the world. Many Christians today study Hebrew and read Jewish literature in order to grasp a better context of their own faith. They also would admit that they have things to learn about Jewish customs, culture, and history that would shed light on, and put their own beliefs in their original context which originated in Israel. Sensitivies and offences at each others faith need to be overcome. We can care about each other without believing the exact same things. We all need to get over being offended on matters of faith unless faith translates into physical violence or the call for it like it does with Islam today. However, when faith just involves matters of belief which no side can prove, then, state your cases, let everyone believe what they will, and accept it at that, and let's work for our survival and freedom.
25. Religion+Politics=Big Trouble Everytime
John ,   USA   (11.02.06)
Plenty of kooks out there, aren't there?
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.03.06)
Why is it that Christian president Bush does not stay out of it ? Why are Christians not united in opposing the evil agenda of this supposed Christian president with his road map and ethnically cleansing Jews from their land and homes as a reward to the Islamic terrorists ?
27. What Palestinian Christians SHOULD know
Klew   (11.03.06)
That the Christian Bible says God gave Eretz Ysrael to the Jewish people. The Jews are not occupiers. The Palestinians are squatters.
28. love thy enemy as thyself
yaya ,   SXM Juliana   (11.03.06)
Christian love for israel, not for Zion, I agree. Christian love for the Palis, but not for Palestine, I do not agree.
29. Yes, We Are All Proud Of PEF.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (11.03.06)
Shaya Ben Yehuda "said he was moved by the visit of the Christian delegation". YES, we are all moved by it. We are all proud of PEF, representing 650 million Christians, - for standing behind the Jewish State. Thank you.
30. To #26
grandmother ,   USA   (11.04.06)
I have personally sent the White House an email pleading for Israel. I asked them to give Condi Rice something else to do, I expressed my belief that the Road Map is not G-d's plan for Israel, and a few other comments. Multiply that by thousands of other Believer's emails, and President Bush is well aware of the biblical facts at this time. What he will do with that information is anybody's guess. Concerning Israel, do not be afraid. G-d will have the last word. Until then, we Evangelical Believers will continue praying and crying our eyes out for you.
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