Synagogue vandalized as gay parade controversy picks up steam
Avi Cohen
Published: 02.11.06, 14:09
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1. vandals
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.02.06)
how sad , but the haridi asked for this . If they want to be tolerated , they have also to be tolerant .
2. information request
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.02.06)
What is a shul ?
3. these perverts should be prosecuted .. this will bring the
sharon ,   israel   (11.02.06)
anger of God upon israel .. Stop them now before its too late
4. Just Proves Again That the "Non-Violent" Gay Have No Respect
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.02.06)
for anything holy. They're mad at the police for not allowing the march to go ahead in Jerusalem and letting it out on a holy synagogue. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Can one compare such violence to the demonstration the last 2 evening in Jerusalem - even if some police were hurt? Why is there no mention in the article of the people being kicked and hurt by the violent police? Amona police violence once again.
5. Let them do their parade and express themself in peace as it
shimon ,   tel aviv   (11.02.06)
will avoid any actions and counter actions from both sides
6. israel is a free socity in which all has the right of
shimon ,   tel aviv   (11.02.06)
expression. The continuous attacks over the gay parade will lead to such actions. so leave them alone. let them march for one day and it will be over
7. The last thing we need is to be fighting one another
A real Jew ,   Israel   (11.02.06)
over something that has no place in public or political discussion. What's next - a Knesset debate over favorite positions in bed? Or perhaps we attack Indian-Israelis over the Kamma Sutra?
8. 1
Yisrael ,   Montreal   (11.02.06)
How ridiculous. "They asked for it?" Sinat hinam caused the fall of the Second Temple, nice to see that it's still alive and well. It's incredible to see such Jewish anti-semites who will go and applaud people defacing, vandalizing synagogues in Israel itself and backing homosexuals vandals instead of HaShem!
9. 100% sure?
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.02.06)
Are you 100% certain that the writing on the wall comes from the gay community? I respect both communities involved in this diatribe, but I would be careful to lay blame on this or the other for now. Nevertheless, whoever did it deserves to be locked up and assessed by a panel of psychiatrists!
Michael Steiner   (11.02.06)
this is a modern orthodox shul! have you ever heard of Jews vandalising a shul?! a place of worship? in the state of Israel?! it just goes to show how truly evil these homosexual gays are! why would they want to openly provoke religious sentiments in Jerusalem?! cant they just do the march in Tel aviv? like they did over the last few years? Gay culture should just keep itself to itself no one cares about them, but they feel thay have to be provocative and BE HEARD. have you ever heard of a "hetrosexual" parade? NO! because normal hetrosuxuals dont shove their sexuality down other peoples throats.
11. It's economics, dummy
A real Jew ,   Israel   (11.02.06)
The Ultra-Orthodox have created enough of a drain already, and need to keep their noses clean. Once they start contributing to this country the same way the average citizen - homosexual included - has, then they can talk. And sorry, kids are not part of the productivity argument - there are plenty of non-religious and gays procreating.
Just passing   (11.02.06)
13. Lucky we don't have peace
straddling the fence ,   Israel   (11.02.06)
Lucky we don't have peace, if we did we'd kill each other.
14. #7 You Mean Fighting the "Sutra" Achra
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.02.06)
15. How do you start a bloodbath?
jason ,   australia   (11.02.06)
Easy. Do something that will reinforce a certain view. The vandalism may have been done by gays. Then again, it could be the ultra orthodox jews to provoke anti-gay sentiment.
16. #2
Shul goer   (11.02.06)
A place where we daven...I've always wondered what sagi means?
17. to # 8
Charles ,   petach tikva   (11.02.06)
If you understand the French language : Qui seme le vent , recolte la tempete . This is wy I said "they asked for it " Do'nt come with hashem , were was he during the Shoa ? You can be a very good Jew , without being religious , and I'm proud to be one . It's because of the hatred that the haridi spray of that i'm becoming more and more anti religious . I can forgive the haridim many things , but not that I have to behave so [ only with words , i'm not a haridi who attacks buses or cabs ]
18. Who is the terrorist now!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (11.02.06)
The rights of a small vocal sick minority do not give them the right to defame & insult the majority of the puplic. Cancel this hedinostic immoral spectacle now. The Haradim are the protectors of Israel, the queers are the destroyers & the terrorists. Normal people don't defame & attack shuls.
19. This makes me sick.
Adam Segal ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.02.06)
All of this for a bunch of gays to run around in Jerusalem! Whoever desecrated that Shul, and I have trouble believing it was the gays, is scum. The point being, none of this would happen if they moved their damned parade somewhere else. I love how people are attacking only the Haredim when I am completely secular compared to them yet I fully oppose this march because its against my religion.
20. #17 Charles
Adam Segal ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.02.06)
You are actually going to be ignorant enough to pull the "where was God in the holocaust" crap. Tell me? Are you one of those people who thinks that God should do only whats right and good and have no balance. God gave us many chances over the years to unite and protect ourselves but european Jews were so eager to assimilate and the holocaust happened. Don't forget that although six million of us died, many more of us live today because of Israel, the JEWISH state, not the GAY one. If this parade goes ahead, you are spitting in the face of Hashem and I cannot have that.
21. Oh my! The Tel Aviv homosexuals are so terrifying. RUN!
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (11.02.06)
22. Gay riots vs. Haredi riots
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.02.06)
Synagogues and buildings and human beings in Meah Shearim were also spray painted with blue dye from police trucks attempting to "tag" demonstrators and random bystanders as they were all chased down Meah Shearim street by police with clubs. Score so far: Haredi violence: 0 killed, 0 injured, 14 arrests (released immediately afterwards), no property damage except to some dumpsters. Gay violence: 10 shot (in San Francisco Castro Halloween riot), unknown # of arrests, bottles thrown at police, people threatened and cut with knives, more info on gay riot at Haredim suck at rioting.
23. hypocrits
Tal ,   TLV   (11.02.06)
i don't support vandalism, but don't be such a hypocrit. if we "are all jews" why don't gays have right to march in the jewish state's capital city? why don't you see what are you taling about, if a gay person writes in a wall of a beit knesset he is a vandal and it is terrible, but if haredi leaders ask for haredim to go to the parade with sticks..that's all right ehhh? in any case what was done is bad, but is worst to stab a "fellow jew"
24. Bravo!!!!
Dan,Tel Aviv ,   Israel   (11.02.06)
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (11.02.06)
As you should know, Jerusalem is place were G. decided to have his temple. As you should know, G. considers homosexuality as an abomination. AS A JEWISH - even not religious, YOU ARE JEWISH and should respect what G. ask Jewish people to do and to respect. Please, respect Jewish laws in the Jewish country. For sure, Milan, Paris and New York accept Gay Pride. I don't really see what's the pride to be gay... You can be proud to be Jewish, to be a father, to be worker, to be a man with values ... but gay ??? ... its just a way to say... well ... you see... thats no more a shame...
26. The choice is yours...
Lior ,   London   (11.02.06)
As a democracy older than Germany , Israel is faced with a simple choice. It either behaves as a mature democracy and allows the parade to go ahead or it re-considers its political system and becomes a theocracy. It's as simple as that. Gay men and women pay taxes, serve in the IDF, die for their country and contribute to society just as any other citizens do. (I note that many Chareidi study in the comfort of their yeshivot with katyushas falling around their heads without lifting a finger or a limp wrist, let alone a Galil assault rifle, to protect their fellow Jews, some even denigrating the Jewish State because it was not refounded by the Moshiach.) Everyone in a democratic state has the right to demonstrate and air their views. They have freedom of expression and of assembly. Perhaps some of those who oppose this march would like to be arbitrarily silenced? I am sure it can be arranged. And we can easily hand Jerusalem back to the Jordanians who were exemplary keepers of the holy places by the lights of those objecting to this march. So exclusive you couldn't be Jewish at all. At one and the same time, the gays can refuse to pay their taxes and so all those heterosexual things they help to maintain can be paid for by the hot-blooded heterosexuals alone... child care, creches, and the education system just for starters. They can also refuse to serve in the IDF and let whole school rooms of little children be bombed into oblivion. Why should they care? It doesn't matter how much tickling and hair-pulling they get up to on an erev Shabbat, they ain't going to reproduce. Why should they pay for other people's snotty-nosed brats? It's not that they don't like little children, I'm sure... it's just that they never manage to eat a whole one. Particularly at Pesach. I note, also, that Reform and Masorti Jews are also being castigated for their tolerance. Perhaps the Orthodox would like to stand on one foot and recite the whole Torah, hopping down Jerusalem's main drag in the wake of their hated perverts. It contains one line: Do to others as you would have them do to you - so you won't have to hop very far. And whilst you're so busy hating the sin but not the sinner as you say you do but rather demonstrably fail to do in fact, perhaps you ought to consider just how selective and elective you are being about your Torah observance. I thought you observed all the mitzvot without question. At the moment, you are all sounding as Reform as Reform as Reform can be. Silly me. Another illusion bites the dust - or the pillow, depending on your state of horizontality. You couldn't, just by chance, have let democracy get to your heads, could you? Heaven forfend! So, the choice is yours. We can arrange for the abolition of the Knesset and the presidency. We'll stone Katsav for adultery - and his women victims, too, don't forget... they showed him their hair... and we'll all be governed by an appointed Sanhedrin. A Sanhedrin with nuclear arms. Wow, sounding more like Iran every day... So, it's your choice. And it's a simple one. Quit the hypocrisy and the double standards and live in a democracy, or live under the dictatorship of an unelected, unaccountable government. After 2,000 years of the latter, I am surprised any Jew would want to... but that, believe it or not, is the freedom democracy gives you. Welcome to Eretz Yisrael. Jews should realize from bitter experience that in the long, sordid anals of human history, what we like to believe are inalienable rights can disappear as easily and as quickly as the early morning dew. We kid ourselves if we think otherwise... Vanity, vanity, all is vanity - or vapour, depending on your choice of translation. The sad fact of human existence is that freedom is a privilege, not a right - and that privileges have to be earned. And their ain't a whole lot of work being done at the moment, that's for sure....
27. to adam segal
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.02.06)
And what did the one and a half children to be murdered ? was it because of their parents faults ? and those baby's what did they ? So if the children have to be guilty because of their parents deeds , are the germans of today also guilty ?[ not some older ] And what did the old chassidim and other very religioous people , religious not only "a la lettre ' but also with their hart ? If we have a country now , let this stay democratic and open to all of his citizens . I do not want to live in a theocracy , where a small part dictates the rules to the vast majority If you believe in god , free to you , i can not believe in a god who could not prevent the murders , or worser , who wanted this to happen . You and i are living with other standarts , you religious , i humanistics . [ sorry English is not my mother tongue ]
28. Charles #27
Adam Segal ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.02.06)
Listen, Israel was established as a Jewish state. Judaism forbids homosexuality. If you want to live in democracy go somewhere else. Israel is not a democracy, it is a theocracy and we don't want gays parading in our Holy city. How would you like it if you were vegetarian and someone came to eat meat in your house because its their right to eat meat. There should have been a referendum to decide the fate of this parade. That is how democracy works. I'm not going to get into a debate with you about God on Ynet, if you wish further discussion we can discuss via email. All I can tell you is that God is not bound by good and evil. What he does is neccessary for balance and those children who died had finished their duties in this realm and their souls went back to Hashem.
29. The mask is lifted and the truth emerges
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (11.02.06)
This act against a temple has revealed the truth. This parade is not about giving people of all sexual orientation equal rights. It is not about equality. It is not about love. It is about whether Israel is a Jewish state with Jewish values or not. It is a battle over the Jewishness or even the Religousness of the state. This is just another step in a series that began long ago to strip Zionism of anything Jewish.
30. # 16 ------- goer
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.02.06)
Sagi my friend is an Aramaic word. Aramaic is a sister language of Hebrew. Many Aramaic words appear in our scriptures, the book of Daniel is written mainly in Aramaic. Many of our prayers are written in Aramaic and many words in common use in modern day Hebrew are Aramaic, unlike some funny words that you use which have no connection to our history or our heritage. Sagi means plentiful or abundance
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