Tibi in Cairo: Israel committing war crimes in Gaza
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.11.06, 01:31
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1. Regardless how you look Tibi and rest of Arab MKs
Maria ,   USA   (11.03.06)
are the enemies of the Jewish state of Israel. How much more proof do the wayward, leftist Jews need when the spew out their venom at the Jewish state day in and day out?
2. The only way to deal with alien element like Tibi
Roger ,   USA   (11.03.06)
is the to transfer him and the likes of him to an Arab state!
3. The Tibis of Israel are the cancer that needs to be removed
John ,   USA   (11.03.06)
4. Tibi
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.03.06)
My gawd, people, get rid of the anti-Jewish scum in your government. With friends like these, you don't need enemies.
5. Why Lieberman invited
Steve ,   USA   (11.03.06)
B"H Tibi and his kin just have no answer to the strategic threats to Israel aside from wave the white flag and send the Jews to diminitude. That is why Lieberman is there: to calm a public that does not much like Tibi's answer to Jewish security. Quote: The Arab MK also discussed the issue with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit. “The Egyptian minister was interested in how this is affecting Israeli politics. The Egyptian officials asked why (Prime Minster Ehud Olmert) asked Lieberman to join the coalition despite his extreme views,” he said
6. ..and Tibi commits TREASON
John ,   NZ   (11.03.06)
andrew ,   miami,fl   (11.03.06)
8. Truth hurts?
Steel ,   USA   (11.03.06)
he must be charged with treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemies of israel
10. Expect from Tibi only very bad and worse
Jane ,   USA   (11.03.06)
He is an enemy of the Jewish state of Israel and he expressed it on zillion occasions. In any other country he would have been dealt with effectively but not in the abnomally tolerant Jewish state of Israel.
11. Why do Zionists Talk Like Nazis and Bolsheviks?
Dovy ,   Toronto   (11.03.06)
Zionists are always trying to eliminate their "enemies." Reminds me of the Nazis and Bolsheviks. Cut from the same cloth I guess.........
12. Wall this moron and his constituents out.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.03.06)
then he can meet with whatever PLO officials he likes - he can even run for thier office. He's a seditious piece of shit.
13. Arab MK's
mark ,   westfield usa   (11.03.06)
Tibi and the rest of the Arab MKs are nothing but traitors. I dont understand how they are not stripped of their immunity, kicked out of the knesset for treason, and indicted for giving support to enemies of their country! Kahane was banned for being considered a racist. These Mk's are doing much worse! Israel, wake up!!
14. arab mk's are traitors.
v. n.y. ,   usa   (11.03.06)
if the arab mk's bite the hand that shelters and feeds them, use it to lap them instead. traveling to cairo and speaking against your government is not a matter of democracy and freedom of speech. it is treason, especially in these difficult times in israle where all cotizens should support and be loyal to their country in trouble. if these mk's dislike it so much, omit their representation in the israeli government and ship them to gaza, egypt, syria, iran and the west bank to live. they'll feel much more comfortable among their so called "victims" of israeli war crimes. bet they won't like it there one bit. after all, there, they can NEVER speak freely about anything or tgheir heads and other unmentionable body parts will be hacked off.
15. zionism=israel=jews=survival
v. n.y. ,   usa   (11.03.06)
we are not zionists. there are no zionists in israel. it is a term that the arabs use to describe israelis and jews living in isrfael. if zionism to you means the protection of our state against our enemies and those who would like to bomb us to perdition, then yes, wed are zionists and will continue to be so so that we survive, prosper and continue to live in one of the most brilliant progressive democracy in the world. when your home is bombed on a regular basis, i bet you'd want to protect it just like us "zionists" do. just human nature this need for self preservation. it has nothing to do with zionism or ideology at all....just survival and the need to eliminate those terrorist governments that wish us ill and will never recognize our country as a legit state.
16. Arrest this Palestinian spy
Israeli ,   Israel   (11.03.06)
Or deport him.
17. to #11 i also have a question for you
a proud zionist! ,   u.s.a.   (11.03.06)
whay don't you eliminate yourself since we are on the subject? ha, jerk?
18. Tibi is TRUE MK material.
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (11.03.06)
You are truely brother of Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. Your objective is the same. Your means differ in that you support the Hamas way and these gentlemen prefer the unilateral withdrawal way. Where is the Israel the world respected and its enemies feared ? When will the people of Israel awake ? Go to it Mr Tibi.But keep in the back of your mind that if you were in any true Islamic country like Iran or Palestine of Hamas, your story would have had a rather sticky ending. Where is the Israel which wanted to continue to exist anyway ?
19. Fine line between democracy and STUPIDITY...Changes needed!
Meir K. ,   USA   (11.03.06)
This is just a taste of thing to come as long as the State of Israel isn't called a "Jewish State". I'm afraid Meir Kahana was right, these Arabs don't want to be your friends, they don't want to live besides you or help you they only want one thing and thats the destruction of Israel and removal of Jewish people from the middle east. You want the real news of what the arabs are saying check, watch how Iran PM cleary says his goals to remove the Jewish people, Europes mistake from the Middle East. I'm not saying that it's Islam or religon etc They just have to go now. Laws have to be changed, all Kenesset members should be sworn in swearing loyalty to jewish state. If they disgrace Israel like MK Tibi is doing calling for International prosecution on their OWN country, or siding with the enemy planning downfall then they have to be not only KICKED out but incarcerated and branded as traitors to israel. No country in their right mind would allow this to happen. Look at Senator Kerry, he just said a bad joke to Militrary graduates about ending up in Iraq and the whole country went crazy forcing him to apoligize on the spot. Imagine he was in Iran plotting about US weakness or in the UN or Europe asking them to investigate or prosecute the US on War Crimes. ANYONE would loose his position and support in the US overnight. Enough is enough, this won't be a democracy unless certain measures are taken RIGHT NOW.
20. Fill Belly By Eating Kassam Rockets.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (11.03.06)
PLO Chief said "IDF activity in Gaza are war crimes". PLO Chief is talking NONSENSE. Hundreds of Kassam rockets has been fired into Western Negev from Gaza - and, Israel should do nothing?! Not acting is NOT an option ! That's why Israel is reacting in a restrained manner. BTW why the Gazans are firing Kassam rockets into Israel?? Israel left Gaza about 1 year ago. I've heard Gazans have little food left to eat - SO, how come they have money to buy Kassam rockets?? You won't fill your belly by eating Kassam rockets?? So, Gazan people - come to your senses !! It IS senseless to fire Kassam rockets into Israel. It has NO use - it IS in your disadvantage. BTW MK Tibi went to Syria during the last Lebanon War - without the permission of the Israeli Government. Has he been punished for that??
21. Tolerance is fine while stupidity is not.
Mel ,   USA   (11.03.06)
It is ok to be tolerant but not stupid. By allowing an enemy like Tibi and his followers act like they do is the Jewish stupidity.
22. Israel's "crime"....
Dan ,   Israel   (11.03.06)
in Arab-Moslem radical eyes is that Israels exists and dares to defend her existence against Arab-Moslem aggression. Israel's REAL crime is that Israel hasn't kicked out the fascist and Jew-hater Tibi and his follwers.
23. Tibi is doing the RIGHT THING..
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (11.03.06)
Tibi and his brothers in Hamas need clean out the mullah logic in their brains and realize that its opinions like his that make Lieberman in the Government a wise choice. Ehud Barak pointed out to Arafat the way to success with his unilateral disengagement from Lebanon. Now Ehud Olmert is pointing out the way to success to Meshal with his unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank. Both these Ehuds seem to be hell bent on proving Ahmedenijads statement that Israel is a historical mistake which will be remedied in the near future true. When will Israel awake ?
24. Still waiting for Tibi to call Hizballah war criminals
Zvi ,   USA   (11.03.06)
Same with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. These are people who, day in, day out, target Israeli civilians in terrorist attacks, put their own civilians in danger by storing weapons in mosques and schools and homes, etc. Tibi is a hypocrite and should be expelled from the Knesset for contacts with enemy powers. Kaddoumi has always been a rejectionist and openly supports terrorism. Give Tibi a choice. A simple choice. If he wants to remain in the Knesset, he must obey the law.
25. Tibi is an enemy
Liz ,   USA   (11.03.06)
Somehow Israel must deal with the enemies like Tibi.
26. #24 Criminals tend to stick together...
Dan ,   Israel   (11.03.06)
so don't count on it.
27. Arab MKs
NYC Girl   (11.03.06)
So much for the so-called "apartheid state." Here we not only have an example of Israeli Arabs being given full and equal rights, but they're even allowed to get away with committing treason. There must be a hell of a lot of black South Africans who wish they could have had just a tiny fraction of the rights that people like Tibi and the others have been given.
28. Dear Dr.Tibi,this is legal defence act,but non war crime.OK?
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel Israel   (11.03.06)
29. Enough is enough.
Ishak Haskiya ,   Roskilde-Denmark   (11.03.06)
Send Tibi to Taba or Tubu, or even better to Gaza, where he can become an "activist" so the IDF can take care of him! Lieberman is a man who loves his country, just like Nasser loved Egypt. So what is wrong with that? Egyptian officials should think ten times before criticizing Olmert/Lieberman. Shabat Shalom to Israel.
30. TIbi is laughing at the Jews
mordechai ,   jerusalem, Israel   (11.03.06)
I believe that Tibi makes outlandish statements intentionally in order to get a lot of Israeli Jews upset. This is his way of competing against arab knesset members of other parties. If the jews are angree, many of his potential voters figure, Tibi must be doing something good.
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