Palestinians: Gunmen flee besieged mosque
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 03.11.06, 11:51
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1. Arabs are cowards. Get out and surrender. Learn from French.
Mike ,   NY   (11.03.06)
2. YNET...What the hell is an ACTIVIST???
malcolm   (11.03.06)
3. Mosque ceiling collapsed
Lisa ,   USA   (11.03.06)
Anyone hearing any news on this, this is awfully "quiet" media wise. I would think this is going to turn ugly.
4. What kind of men
Michael ,   Seattle, WA   (11.03.06)
What kind of man is a man who does not try to make the world a better place? I wonder if hiding amongst women and children and terrorizing your neighbor makes you a true man. Ravaging the sanctity of holy places by storing arms there, by taking refuge in Gods eyes? A true man can speak peace over the din of battle.Peace is every step. NO OTHER WAY
5. Activist......?
Niki ,   u.s.a.   (11.03.06)
like in peace activist?
6. and what are we waiting for? wack 'em out, moisha!
Alex ,   SF   (11.03.06)
7. Israeli troops attack Gaza Mosque
Joe ,   ownsville, NY   (11.03.06)
I dread to think of the eventual price Israel will pay for their rampant militarism and endless attacks on neighboring states.These chickens will come home to roost, America will not be there to bail them out.
8. someone needs to demolish the house of hate and jihad!
v. n.y. ,   usa   (11.03.06)
a perfect example how terrorists use public places where people live, worship, shop, and congregate. they have no respect for their people. they use them as targets for the israelis so that the world can see. perfect example of using the innocents for pr and accusations. shame on you. using a house of your god to kill people!
9. LEVEL IT!!!
10. The resistance in Beit Hanun will be victorious, God willing
Alqassam Brigades ,   Canada   (11.03.06)
Although a bunch of ill-equipped but determined youth are facing the 5th strongest army in the world with M-16s and primitive home-made bombs, Justice is on our side and we will prevail. I hope the 60 militants holed up can safely escape this quagmire and teach the zionists a lesson they will never forget.... I am not anti-jewish, so do not accuse me of anti-semitism (however, I am anti-zionist). As a muslim, I respect all 3 religions of the book (Islam, Judaism, christianity)
11. Re: YNET...What the hell is an ACTIVIST???
Lars ,   USA   (11.03.06)
My question exactly!
12. they brought problems on themselves;
they voted Hanas in. Just another Nazi-like justification.
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (11.03.06)
These are ARMED TERRORISTS who shoot Qassams at Israeli civilians- EVERY DAY. The only choice they should be given is unconditional surrender or death. There's NO other way to peace.
14. talking from your b--ks--e
iggy ,   uk   (11.03.06)
you don't know what a coward is.lets see you go there see how brave you are.
15. To #13: I agree with you 100%
Palestinian   (11.03.06)
No way for peace with aggressive people like you whole want to erase Palestine and the Palestinians from the memory. You want to claim a land you are not indigenous too. You are foregein on this land. This land will throw you out as it did once with those who made Moses angry with them. What the Quran says on you is the truth. The punishmen on the Children of Israel will come again. So just enjoy your time buddy, and write a nice diary before you get extinct!
16. to#13
niki ,   u.s.a.   (11.03.06)
17. Throw a bunker buster on the mosque!
John   (11.03.06)
The IAF should bomb the mosque where the Muslimterrorists are holed up. If those Muslimterrorists don`t care and use the mosque as a hide out for their terroristactivities. Israel shouldn`t care either. IAF should throw a bunker buster on the mosque, and be sure that all the terrorists inside are killed.
18. #4 Ravaging the sanctity of holy places by
bulldozer demolishing a wall of the mosque. Still, they have not reached the "stored arms" in the mosque.
19. heroism
unarmed woman protester was shot dead in Beit Hanoun. Was she carrying a banner saying that she has title of official captain in PA intelligence and if that were true, was this a justification?
20. #10 Your "god" is not my "God"
Lisa ,   USA   (11.03.06)
The "god" of Islam is not the God of the Bible. The "god" of the koran counterdicts the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The "god" of Islam hates Jews and Israel, Christians and all "infidels". The God of the Bible offers atonement for sin and everlasting life and peace by putting faith in Him, because His own son died for us...He does not ask that you strap a bomb on your body and kill Jews and Christians or ask you to be a martyr. HE alone paid the price for our sins. He doesn't ask for His followers to enforce His "religion" on others, especially not by threats of death. The God of the Bible is love and light, and in Him is no darkness at all. You can know the God of the Bible...but the god of the koran is unknowable. This contrast with the god of Ishmael leaves no doubt "who" the "god" of the koran is. May your eyes be opened to His love and salvation message in The Bible. I respectfully offer you this message too.
21. to #10
jul ,   (11.03.06)
Zionism is the essence of being jew. If you don't accept the fact that the Jewish people own the land of Zion, you are an anti-semitic.
22. #10
v. n.y. ,   usa   (11.03.06)
there are no zionists in israel. there are only jewish israelis. "zionist regime" is the arab word for the state of israel. period. it is a legitimate stae, recognized by the entire world, even most of the arab nations. don'y tal about "ressistance" to what? we will be only too happy to leave you alone and never enter your territoris and camps and any arab area if you stop your stupid terror. it's not ressistance. it is terrorism. you don't do it only in israel, you do these acts all over the world and we are sick and tired of hearing your problems. grow up and start bulding your countries and territories. grow up and start producingf ANYTHING but hate and killing. you will never be victorious no matter how many bombs you send our way. you will never be able to eliminate us because we are a force to be reckoned with and you'll never destroy us. you have not been able to do so for thousands of years and especially the last 60 years. you are lucky we are to conciencious to do away with you. so, we must live with your stupid cancerous society on a daily basis. your so caled militants are unemployed uneducated thugs roaming the streets with nothing to do but hate. you are right. when there is no purpose in your lives, you have nothing to lose by killing others and yourselves. so, be my guest....continue and suffer the consequences.
23. Palestinian Terrorists Occupy Mosque
Zvi ,   USA   (11.03.06)
If Palestinian terrorists do that, then it is they, and not the Israelis, who choose to make the mosque a battlefield. The consequences are on their head.
24. They hide behind mosque and women's skirt
John ,   NZ   (11.03.06)
25. anti-indiginous
Brian Greenberg ,   Los Angeles, Ca   (11.03.06)
"Alqassam Brigades (#10)" claims to respect all three religions. Does that mean that you support each of them to self-determination? If you do then you are also a Zionist. If you don't then you are an anti-Semite. Which is it? You cannot respect Jews without also respecting our right to our own nation just like Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. Oh by the way, "Palestinian" , you are called Arabs because you came from the Arabian Peninsula. Your presence outside of the Peninsula does not mean that you are indiginous but rather is evidence that you conquered and ethnically cleansed vast regions of the world. Jews were in "Palestine" more than 2000 years before your prophet was even born.
26. and children...
Adi   (11.03.06)
27. To #25:
Palestinian   (11.03.06)
We are called Palestinians you know why and what Palestinian means. We speak Arabic not because we are from the Arabian Peninsula, but because Egyptians do, Morrocans do, Lebanese do, Iraqi do, and mideast Jews do! The ethnicity of the Palestinians is not necessarily going back to the Arabian Peninsula as you would like to wish of course. By the way, you speak english and therefore you should be thrown back to England! Is this how it works?!
28. To Niki, Lars and Malcom
NYC Girl   (11.03.06)
Regarding the term "activist," do you see where it says "Reuters contributed to this article?" There's the dead giveaway.
29. ignorance...
j. m. ,   toronto, canada   (11.03.06)
When I read comments like "drop a bunker buster on the place" and telling a Canadian man that he is spreading hate and violence I can't help but laugh at the ignorance I see. Believe it or not not every who holds to the muslim faith wants to kill and maim. #10 just happens to understand something, an ideology that most in the western world dont understand, nor do we want to for the most part, and until we do, there will never be any change at peace in the middle east. Well just stand there and punch each other like a couple of idiots hoping somebody just goes away eventually. But while were accusing muslims of spreading hate and violence, the idea of the day seems to be drop a massive bomb into the middle of a city and onto a centre of worship nonetheless. Good plan. Way to show you're the better man. Bunker buster..... suicide bomber....because bombs are much more ethical you know.
30. #15 Indigenous people
Dan ,   Israel   (11.03.06)
Apart from feeling sorry for yourself, you Arabs love to play the role as the "indigenous" people everywhere. I am sure that you also think that Arabs are the "indigenous" people in Iceland, China, India, Russia, France and the UK. Since you seem to belong to the literate minority among Arabs, take the opportunity to read some history of the Middle East before the Arab-Moslem colonization and read especially about a nation called JUDEA which existed long before you came and will exist long after you have joined the Romans and their "Palestine"- campaign on the dust bin of history.
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