Qassam lands on house despite operation
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 03.11.06, 13:53
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MUHAMMED ,   PALESTINE   (11.03.06)
This is not true, unless, women and children are considered terrorists from your perspective. I believe you are bluffing every things!
2. unarmed "opressed" women volunteer to human shield
do you think with this type of women you can deal?
FIGHTER ,   Western Civilization   (11.03.06)
People of Sderot. It is time to things into your own hands. Olmert and his fellow clown are clearly impotent to stop this. I implore you. For all freedom lovers in the world, form your own splinter group disassociated from the Israeli government and begin to rain down your own home made rockets onto this vile enemy of the west!!! About this continuous rocket barrage from Gaza: 1) The UN has done nothing and says nothing. 2) The world media has done nothing. This amount to tacit approval of the actions of your enemy. You need to respond in kind. To the Israeli armed forces: You must be as BRUTAL AS POSSIBLE. FORCE THE ENEMY AND ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM INTO SINAI. IF THE WORLD CONDEMNS THEM, CONDEMN THE WORLD BACK. THERE ARE FAR MORE SUPPORTERS OF ISRAEL THAN NOT AND ALL WILL COME TO YOUR AID. FIGHT. STAND TALL. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE ARAB ENEMIES BRUTAL TACTICS. ALL THEY UNDERSTAND IS FORCE. THE ENEMIES PROPHET (horrors on his name) WAS SCUM AND THEY ALL EMULATE HIM.
4. Paymaent for Demonizing and expelling settlers from Gush
Harry   (11.03.06)
5. Jewish terror in Palestine is mounting, world is silent
t ,   usa   (11.03.06)
But any amount of Jewish terror/murder/occupation in Palestine is unlikely to deter Palestinian determination to liberate their country and quick out the invaders.
6. axis of evil gearing up to attack israel, world is silent
Adam ,   London   (11.03.06)
8. No word about stored arms in the fallen mosque !
9. All tanks, F16s, Apaches in hands of Jewish terrorists won’t
History says: ,   USA   (11.03.06)
Prevent the inevitable obliteration of Jewish occupation in Palestine, these deadly weapons only extend the occupation and Palestinian suffering for a few more years.
10. W. Civil
Seabea ,   Hamburg Germany   (11.03.06)
Dear Mr. W. Civil. Are you really as fascist as your capital lettered letter would indicate? Do you not realizethat there may be parallels between your desire to drive people into the desert and the attitude of the Germany NSDAP. It is at least reassuring to think that not too many people think and insult in the same way that you do. The other letters in this group are not particularly inspiring but yours would frighten if it wasn't so illogical and self-assured. Who other than a mad man would proclaim himself a fighter for "Western Civilisation"? Perhaps you would be well advised to look up the words blasphemy and meglomania or as Freud put it "Grossenwahn".
11. We all know.......
Abdel ,   Nablus   (11.03.06)
That there is no military/ violence based solution to this conflict, we are all wasting our times, and loosing loved ones, while deferring the same problems to the next generations to deal with, what a shame....!
12. War Now!!!
Sane Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.06)
We must stop pussyfootining around with these terrorists. Time to clear out Gaza from house to house room to room. Remove all weapons. Destroy all infrastructure and buildings. Then leave and let these Islamic supremecists drink from the sea and eat the sand of Gaza!
13. excellent israel army !!!
shay ,   israel   (11.03.06)
i hope that all the teroristes will kill and all israeli soljers will come back to their home healthey !!!! and to all the palestiniens: stop with the teror and if you will not stop with this israel will kill you ... shabat shalom to all the israelis ...
14. why would they amass arms in the mosque
The light weapons, they can carry. The heavy ones, could have been brought to the site in minutes.
15. Holy Hate of Olmert's herd
palestine-my-love ,   gaza   (11.03.06)
16. Don't be fooled
Anan   (11.04.06)
If the rockets wouldn't have come out of Gaza, the Israeli army wouldn't have been there. Israel showed it has no territorial claim over the Gaza strip by withdrawing and removing its settlements from there last year... but then started the Palestinian rockets and the election of the Hamas government which supports publicly the rockets. Only a fool reads today's news and bases his opinion according to it without knowing events that lead to this situation.
17. Its Time to Cut Your Losses, Israel ...
Blues ,   Portland, USA   (11.04.06)
It was a noble attempt, setting Pals up with their own country in Gaza, but they have proven too violent to bother with. I hate to say it, but maybe it is time to level the place, and turn it into no-man's land, or let Israeli settlers have the bulldozed land.
18. #5
v. n.y. ,   usa   (11.04.06)
can you please leave the usa right away? this land belongs to the native american indians and they'll do anything to get it back. as a matter of fact, leave your home asap and pack your belongings and all the furniture and all your life's mementos because you are moving back to where you came from.....europe and england. let the indians get their land, which you stole from them back asap from you and tons of monetary and financial compensation for the brutal way your ancestors treated them and the lands they stole from them and the lands they settled on after they put these "indigenous to the usa indians" into reservations and left them with nothing to hope for. do you see the analogy? if you do that, then i as an israeli, will do as well. so, what do you say? packing yet??? didn't think so......easy to judge between your big mac bites.
19. #18 You are right; Israel says to the arabs leave your home
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