EU: Saddam should not hang
Published: 05.11.06, 20:05
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1. EU: It was USA decision not Iraqi " court"
Exsposing Hypocrites   (11.05.06)
Im sure you are not that stupid to believe this. Bush will use it to boost his decreasing popularity. ELECTION on Tuesday
2. Spineless EU
Mark ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.05.06)
The EU would condemn a strong response even if jihadists were burning down EU headquarters.
3. ok, this is just retarded! European countries..
Iranian athiest   (11.05.06)
provided Sadam with chemical agents to use against Iranins and his own people! he attempted to invade Iran, invaded Kuwait. by the way don`t forget that it was Israel who supported and provided weapons to Iran to fight the war!
4. EU...stay out of it!
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.05.06)
EU? What's that? Human rights groups? Haha...! Flawed trial? Deal with your flawed democracies instead! Dictators should know that this is the end they should expect!
5. EU Against Execution of Sadman
The Professor ,   USA   (11.05.06)
Just another example of the widening gap in philosophy between the U.S. and Europe. Now the Europeans say Sadman should not be exucted because capital punishment is "wrong". Gee, I never heard an "official statement" from the EU condeming the muslim terrorists (no, not insurgents....freakin' terrrorists!) when they were "capitally punishing" innocent westerners by cutting their heads off on TV with a dull knife. I hope Europe is attacked and this time, America, please do not come to its defense. I am tired if my country defending Europe and getting nothing but condemnation in return. Screw them.
6. this one time we can kill a guy
thommy ,   germany   (11.05.06)
this one time we can make an excuse and kill the asshole he has earned it
7. Out come the moonbats.
Shai ,   Israel   (11.05.06)
8. hanging
toni ,   sabme   (11.05.06)
dose theeuropean union think of womens rights or do they just turn a blind eye to the muslims amongts them who think of women as alesser creation who are they to preach to the iraqi justice system there reasoning for doing so is offensive to intelligent people if someone comes to there house to kill someone will they not kill them or will they just sit back and say oh well cest la vie
9. what will be next
Simon Mohammed ,   VA USA   (11.05.06)
There is no Doubt that Iraq under Sadam Regime suufred killing, massacre, Mass killing, attacking Other country and invading other. What ever the court decided is fear and just first for the Iraqi. However we need to remember that just before Iraq Invasion hes was offred to live the country save and get with him whatever he wanted, he could have done and live else where an easy way, he refused and i can't explain why. I also think that most Killing and massacre were done with his order, maybe not, but he was the leader and must be responsible. I am just effrayed that after the excution other voices will rise claiming to prosecute all the leader who assisted him, accepted his regime, or provided him with arms. And this will not be very good news for a lot of Leader arround the world including the US. At the end it is an Iraqi matter and this is just a personel point of view with no intention to offend any one. Thank you
10. kill off that monster
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (11.05.06)
the eurocrats also advocate israeli restraint when it's under significant attack. kill him off and get this monster into hell... or at the very least into those SOUTH PARK episodes. the EUpocrites can also go to hell!
11. EU opposes death penalty, but ok for palestinians
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.05.06)
the EU would not consider turkey to be let into the EU unless they did away with the death penalty. but when it comes to the palestinians, the EU bends over backwards to give money to them even though the palestinians use capital punishment both officially and unoficially. again, the EU practices hypocricy, supporting terrorism while opposing those who fight it.
12. #1, Exsposing Hypocrites
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   Dar al-Harb   (11.05.06)
FYI, Saddam's legal defense team included Americans. The prosecution did not. Iraqis are in charge of Saddam's fate, not USA. Want to call me stupid? The stupidest thing I've done is waste time answering your idiot comment! Yes, the election is on Tuesday. Unlimited support for the Iraqi people by the USA will disappear with it.
13. Iraq and EU and Saddam
Juan ,   Spain   (11.05.06)
Now excuse my geography, but since when has Iraq been in the EU? The "EU" doesn't even have a proper constitution, so what gives it the right, on who's behalf, to tell Iraq what to do? The "EU" does not speak for the majority of EU citizens, all of which have their own separate sovereign nationalities. Get my drift?
14. Hang Finland.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.05.06)
Finlanders have been sitting on blocks of ice for so long they are starting to think like one.
15. Eurabian hypocrisy is legendary
Arie ,   Afula   (11.05.06)
They never show opposition or complaint when terrorists kill innocent civilians; they support rampant dictatorships like saddam hussein and the iranian theocracy;they voice no complaints when muHAMedans purposely shell civilian Jewish areas; they have no issue with 'honour' killings. But dare to convict a muHAMedan mass-murderer and the spineless eunuchs of eurabia come out en masse in condemnation. From hitler to saddam, nothing has changed,
16. Saddam should get life in prison
John ,   USA   (11.05.06)
I used to support the death penalty, but then we had the case in Illinois where DNA evidence proved that we were executing innocents at a rate of more than 2 to 1. Then there is the case of Zacharias Moussaoui, the 20th 9/11 hijacker. He wanted to be a martyr so bad, he did everything he could to upset the court and the jury. In the end, one wise juror said no to the death penalty. He got life in prison. He was in shock... he demanded the death penalty. He didn't want to spend his whole life in jail, he is a young man. I thought it was perfect. Saddam should get life in jail. He should be made to think of his crimes, and eventually be shown to be the weak human he really is. Life in prison is far worse a sentence in my book. Killing him will make a martyr out of him, make him live forever, which is what he REALLY wants.
17. Throw Saddam back into Iraq
John ,   NZ   (11.05.06)
and let the Shites skin him alive
18. How many Shiite Police Does it take to execute Saddam?
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (11.05.06)
None. He died in custody. Slipped on a bar of soap.
19. Merciful Europeans: Where Were You During WWII
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.05.06)
when 6,000,000 innocent Jews were brutaliy slaghtered? Is it only on this butcher from Bagdad that you have mercy on?!?
20. Don't hang Hussein
Eli ,   Israel   (11.05.06)
No, they should send him to Finland.
21. What the hell is a finland ?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.05.06)
Some unknown corner of the eurabian union? Oh yes,they were the country that fought alongside the nazis in WWII against the russkies.
22. #12
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.05.06)
Ramsey Clark, the American on Saddam's defense team, is an asshat of which every country has some. Maybe we should have dropped a grenade down that spider hole, when we found Saddam, but hanging will do. Be that as it may, neither the US nor the EU has any business telling an Iraqi court what to do, all their squawking notwithstanding. As for Tuesday's elections, don't count out the American people, yet. At the first sign of cut, run and surrender, there will be hell to pay. Besides, what politicians say to get elected is not necessarily how they'll vote after they've been elected. And if all else fails, Bush has the veto. Should the moonbats actually become the majority and make too big of a mess for the next two years, it'll be a long time, before there'll be a moonbat president, and they know it. Maybe we should let the Iraqis vote on whether they want our soldiers to stay or to go home. That would make sense to me.
23. #19
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.05.06)
Add to that another few million who were not Jewish, and the hypocracy becomes even more staggering. Now, it seems that they're trying to make up for it by letting the frigging Muslims overrun their countries. Actually, there may be justice in the world, after all, and what went around 70, 65 years ago, might just be coming around. There's nothing like getting a taste of your own medicine.
24. M. Hartley #22
John ,   USA   (11.05.06)
Ramsey Clark was ejected after claiming the trial was a travesty. And I certainly hope the Dems win and bring some respectability back to the US in the world (a faint hope, I admit.) But I will agree that the Iraqi people should have a vote on whether they want the Americans to stay or not. I think you'd be surprised when they tell us to go. But Bush and Co will never let that happen, so we can't hope for that either. Yes we'll have to wait for 2008, but after that, since there's no habeas corpus anymore, we can chuck Bush and Co. into jail, not tell him why, not allow them a lawyer, waterboard them, and simply forget they're there. They should have thought these things through a little bit better I think.
25. EU's compassion for tyrants
Chris ,   France   (11.05.06)
I guess that if the EU had been there in 1945-46, (1) it would have protested against the "inhuman" death sentences that the nazi chiefs received at the Nuremberg trial... (2) it would have accused the Russian generals of "inhumanly" causing Hitler's suicide in the Berlin bunker and "unjustly" depriving him of the fair trial that he deserved...
26. M. Hartley
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   Dar al-Harb   (11.06.06)
Okay, Ramsey Clark is asshat! I just said Americans were on Saddam's team, I didn't say it was a good American! LOL! Iraqis have overwhelmingly supported the concept of self-government with every election they have had. It is just so tiresome to hear the negative all the time. The press never talks about the good we do, only the bad. (Most of the time the "bad" is really something we had nothing to do with!) A referendum for continued American support in Iraq is a terrific idea! It would soundly answer the question: Do we stay, or get the hell out of Dodge?! Either way, I will support their decision.
27. #24 John, USA
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   Dar al-Harb   (11.06.06)
Why have Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Howard Dean all disappeared from public view in the last week? They don' t want to answer all the hard questions on how they will govern! They don't want to answer the questions why all major terrorist organizations have endorsed their party! It's okay. A shift in the House of Rep's is traditional in the last two years of a pres. second term. Hell, FDR lost 34 seats in the House just before he died. So, Tues. elections are not unexpected. You do give me inspiration to work just as hard in 2008 as I did in 2004. 2004 had the highest turnout in recent voter history. And, by the way, your side lost.
28. To Eurabians: Replace Solana and have Saddam !!!!!!!!!!!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.06.06)
29. Can you justify murder?
Ellie ,   New York, NY USA   (11.06.06)
Can you justify murder? Can you, may you be a parent, a friend, a brother, a daughter, with dignity, self-respect and most of all, reason, justify murdering another being? I must adress the fact that calling saddam Hussein "a human" being seems ridiculous...almost impossible. After years of standing still, glued to my TV ( as almost all of you) and watching Saddams world rise up and fall down, I've grow disgusted and completely repulsed with his dictatorship. I am extatic that such a monster has been caught and has faced justice. He should, by all means, suffer the pain and torture he has caused to others. Men, women, and children have lived in fear for years. Fear that is not temporary but very much a permanent reality. Fear that shapes your life and sadly enough, defines it. Fear, which to most of us, is completely unknown and will probably never be. This verdict does anything but serve justice. For the minutes during which Saddam will hang, he will suffer. Yes, he will suffer great pain..and eventualy, pain that leads to his immenent death. But those are just several minutes. Why do we believe that the quickest punishment is most appropriate for the most notorious monters?
30. Saddam execution
James Sharp ,   UK   (11.07.06)
It is a sad day when we brutalise ourselves by killing our enemies. Forgiveness is better than the hate which only further imprisons us. Saddam should be incarcerated for life and treated with the dignity and respect he failed to show to even his own people. This shows the higher way. "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind."
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