Beit Hanoun: Women act as human shields
Ali Waked, Gaza
Published: 05.11.06, 22:53
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1. Do the Hamastani Arabs want to kill the Jews with impunity?
John ,   USA   (11.05.06)
There is a price for their murderous acts based on hatred and violence!
2. The IDF needs to....
Mike ,   USA   (11.05.06)
quit trying to be humanitarian and just wipe them all out. If the women are consciously being human shields for these cowards who hide behind them then they are combatants and need to be dealt with just like someone who is aiming a machine gun at you. Oh I forgot, these gutless pieces of s--t don't point machine guns at you. Thery hide behind nurseries, old people, and hospitals and fire rockets at you, then when they have to come out in the open, they dress up as women. Talk about COWARDS.
3. Unbelievable
Dan ,   USA   (11.06.06)
First Gaza is returned and then missles are fired into Israel for a about a year. Now the Palestinians are getting upset for Israel trying to stop this. "This is unbelievable". Well duh! Watch out for 11-8-06.
4. How to clean out Beit Hanoun in one day
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.06.06)
Next Friday, have all the gays throw burkas over their finery, bus them from Jerusalem to Beit Hanoun, unload them in front of the mosque, blow a whistle, have a grand discarding of those burkas and let them strut their stuff right through the middle of town. The locals would be so flabbergasted and stunned at the sight, they'd forget about jihad and Qassams long enough for the IDF to round 'em all up. And just let one of the fucktards try to snatch that rhinestone-studded garter belt from some gay guy and see what would happen. Those garter belts are not cheap, and they're hard to find, too. (Now don't ask me how I know.)
5. Propaganda war
Y ,   N   (11.06.06)
I can understand why Israel has to conduct this operation. But the problem is that you play the ball straight to the palestinians. All they have to do now is to play the part as the victim and they get good help from all the "humanitarian" organizations working for them. The best thin israel could do is to forget about Gaza. Close the gates and throw away the key. let the pals have controll over the air and sea and an open border with Egypt. Let Egypt provide them with work and aid. And if the pals attack you then blow them away. But restraint is the formula and that will win Israel a lot of support in the west. Let the pals kill each other. Theyll do the job for israel
6. #3 why watch for 11-6-06?
jerome ,   basalt, co   (11.06.06)
7. brave terrorists hiding behind skirts
dante ,   uk   (11.06.06)
they can fire rockets at civilians, attack civilians, bomb civilians, think of ever more insidious ways to injure civilians, etc. these "brave" terrorists; they are the pride of the "palestinians," the best they've got, hiding behind their mother's/sister's skirts. if the "palestinians" believe the terrorists are heroes, they will believe anything. non-heroes for a non-people inebriated with lies.
8. If Only . . .
emanon ,   USA   (11.06.06)
The terrorists were brave enough to lay down their arms and surrender. If only these terrorists were brave enough to honestly want peace with Israel. But no, these terrorists choose to be brave by hiding behind human shields. These terrorists choose to be brave while shooting from their places of worship. These terrorists choose to be brave by launching rocket attacks into the center of Israeli civial centers from their own houses filled with their own children and wives. These terrorists have no honor.
9. To #7
Jared ,   Stillwater, USA   (11.06.06)
Brave British invented Carpet Bombing, so they do not have to fight
10. Israel is conducting a racist war against civilians
Osama ,   USA   (11.06.06)
I wish everyone would really look at the truth behind the headlines and would see this for what it is. This is an act of defenseless people trying to defend themselves against an invader and an occupier of their country. It is unfortunate that the comments on this serious issue sound so childless and if serious are all racist.
11. 10 - inaccurate definitions
NL ,   Israel   (11.06.06)
Two major semantic problems in your argument, which are cleared up by looking at historical facts: 1. Regarding occupiers/invaders: In order for Israelis to be invaders of Palestinian land, one would have to assume that land was originally Palestinian. However, before the war in 1967, Gaza belonged to Egypt and WB to Jordan. Although the PLO was formed three years prior to Israeli annexation of these territories, it DID NOT call for an independent state (in fact, many PLO leaders, emphasizing the importance of 'umma', stated that they wanted to merge into existing Arab nations). That being the case, Jordan and Egypt should be the ones complaining about invaded land. However, Jordan did not ask for WB back as a land concession in the 1994 peace agreement. Even more obvious, Israeli PM Begin OFFERED to give Gaza back to Egypt in 1979, and it was Sadat who rejected this. In other words, the original owners of the land, Jordan and Egypt, agreed to let the land remain in Israeli hands. I'm not denying that the Palestinians now have a separate identity from Jordanians and Egyptians and, thus, deserve their own state. HOWEVER, this is because of the post-67 social/cultural aspects that differentiated them from their Arab brethren in the region. Prior to 67, there was no thought of a Palestinian state on these territories, much less an actual state of this kind, such that occupier/invader is quite the inaccurate term to use. 2. Defenseless/civilians: Defenseless tends to mean unarmed. Pray tell, what then are all the gunmen shooting at IDF soldiers? What are these things being launched at Israeli territory? Why, they're guns and rockets! I believe those qualify as weapons, meaning that many Palestinians are armed, ipso facto, not defenseless. Yes, some civilians have been killed in this operation, but, by and large, the dead have been gunmen. Don't confuse these gunmen with civilians merely because they're not formally soldiers. They are what is known by international conventions as 'militants' and militants are fair game. In the article, "young boys in the field gather to point out that here a brother was killed, there a father." Yes, sometimes gunmen are fathers and brothers. It doesn't mean that they qualify as defenseless or as civilians.
12. no 10
Y ,   N   (11.06.06)
Occupiers of what country?The pals have never had their own country and when they had the chance they didnt take it. The pals are the tool of the arab countries. They are being used for fighting israel. Its interesting to se that israel has done more for the pals than anyother arab country. The arabs put them in refugee camps for over 50 years but in israel theyve been given citizenship despite that the israeli arabs act as a fifth column
13. #10..get real will you..
jason ,   usa   (11.06.06) shows a former PLO terrorist talking about Palestinians,,
14. Racism in comments
Jack ,   Farnborough, UK   (11.06.06)
It seems that comments calling to "just wipe them all out", or saying that "if the pals attack you then blow them away" have cleary overstepped the boundary of what can be considered a decent criticism. They do seem to violate several terms of use (incitement and racist slurs) and are definitly not bringing anything but hate to the debate. To get peace you need to learn to live together, and this will imply accepting sacrifices for the sake of a long-lasting peace for both palestinians and israelis. Every civilian killed, irrespective of their religion or citizenship, just makes peace harder to reach. Anyone denying this probably understands little about the dynamics of retribution and political showing off (on both sides) - or just how horrible war can be.
15. Not all PALS are terrorists.
James ,   Toledo Oho USA   (11.06.06)
The IDF knows that too. So they permit the human shields to continue. But just wait until they are ambushed this way. It will surely get ugly.
16. The nerve of Israel! Trying to defend itself...
RA   (11.06.06)
Who do the Israelis think they are. When Arabs say they want to kill you, you surrender and let them do it! Why can't Israel be more like France? Arabs should be allowed to destroy and murder to their hearts content, because they dont know any better. Regards, Amnesty International
17. 14 - read in context
attentive reader ,   Israel   (11.06.06)
Your label of racism was a misnomer: Neither of the comments you alluded to, or other comments regarding an armed reaction, were actually racist because they weren't focused on RACE. The sentence following 'wipe them out' clarifies that the author is speaking of the supposedly innocent women who are hiding the terrorists. His argument is, if you're aiding a terrorist, you are a terrorist. Hence, his response is based on people's actions, not their race. Regarding 'blow them away', this was a reference to bombing from the air if attacked post-pullout. In this case, the attack is targeting not a race of people, but rather a state-like entity who, by attacking, waged an act of war. The author doesn't want them targeted because of their race, but, again, because of their actions. (We can see this tactic throughout many wars of the western world. It's a fairly documnted and accepted phenomenon among the international community.) Perhaps these comments aren't very peaceful. Perhaps they're not the best way to bring a solution to the region. Nevertheless, to knee-jerkingly label these comments as 'racist' is a tad disingenuous.
18. #14
oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (11.06.06)
According to your liberal ideas you, Britons would still live in peace with Nazi Germany getting their FAU rockets hitting London. But wait Germans were too close to get their nulear weapon, so I think they would wipe you out without even blinking an eye. And If you by chance survived would you still sit like a parrot in a cage yelling: peace, love, humans, civilians? I bet you would not. Better shut up and learn at least your own history lessons. And one more think every time those arabs when they get a chance to have peace with Israel they do everything possible thing not to have it. So what peace are you talking about?
19. read this...
Micha   (11.06.06)
these are some words from a moslem woman from Israel. See Walid Shoehat's website for more interesting points of view. What Salma says about Israel and the Conflict: "We are very happy being Israeli Arabs" "Israel has so much freedom of speech even more so than even in America" "Islam the way it is being taught in the Middle East is wrapped in arrogance and is medieval" " When Islam is all you have and the way it is taught, it becomes easy to hate when you have no pride in your own life" "The [Arab Leaders] made all this money because of the Palestinian issue which they created" "The Arabs asked us to leave Israel/Palestine in 1948 and promised our retun in 15 days so they could destroy the Jews" " Who are we kidding ourselves, we never had a Palestine nation or a country" "Israeli Arabs are the only Arabs that have any rights anywhere in the Middle East" Now, is there something others want to say? Want to slam this? Want to justify killing innocents? Want to justify human shields? If so, then you really are as delusional as described in these accounts.
20. Born and bred to commit suicide
malcolm   (11.06.06)
The granddaughters of Haj Amin el-Husseini just fulfilling their destiny. view the trailer ...order the movie!
21. #19 Micha
malcolm   (11.06.06)
Great link, thanks. Check this out. Also on Fox you can view 2 parts.
22. Desperate measures
David L.   (11.06.06)
Many people asks why women accept to serve as human shields, and why children eargerly provide cover for gunmen. The reason is that this war is absurdly unequal. It's a massive butchery. And Palestinians have absolutely nothing left; nothing to live for. They are at a point where they don't care. Women in this situation are not longer innocent bystanders. It doesn't matter for the Palestinians if all the citizen in Beit Hanoun are killed. But the message the women sent the IDF by willingly serving as human shield is that everyone will go down together. It is the same reason that fighters continue to stand up againts tanks with their homemade weapons even if dozens of them got killed. All what's left to see is if the IDF soldiers will pull the trigger. Palestinians don't even hope to defeat the IDF. They just hope the soldiers will break down; like they did in Jenin. That soldiers who served there feel dirty; that they wish never to do it again. The IDF can rip apart all the buildings they want; they can't tear down the honor of their inhabitants.
23. 'Nothing to live for'
USA   (11.06.06)
It seems that Palestinians reject things to live for more frequently than being 'denied' them. Without even getting into all of the peace agreements that they have rejected, offering them over 95 percent of their land demands and encouraging a two-state solution, let's talk just about the daily bread aspect: Prior to the second intifada, they still had one of the highest standards of living per capita in the entire Middle East. Once they started with the massive suicide bombings, this decreased, but they are still not the poorest, by any stretch of the imagination, but rather are still considered 'second tier'. Relatively recently, when the Jews left Gaza, they left billions of dollars worth of viable agricultural infrastructure, which could have given plenty of Palestinians something to live for. Unfortunately, they preferred to tear the greenhouses down, while crying about how hard it is to maintain an agrarian lifestyle. Prior to Hamas elections, Palestinians received more international aid per capita than any other group on the planet. Too bad they invested it in weapons or embezzled it, instead of using it to build civilian infrastructure. Want to go beyond money and talk about no autonomy and miserable living conditions? Please compare Palestinians in Gaza/WB in the past decade with Palestinians in Jordan. Jordanian Palestinians also have no autonomy, are dirt poor and are not allowed to advance from their refugee camps, but no one there is complaining. Notice that few Palestinians are living in Syria nowadays. That's bc they were massacred following one attempted uprising against the gov't. It would seem that the Palestinians are 'resisting' Israel because they have learned that they can get away with it WITHOUT Israel using massive fire power (think what Israel could do if all the artillery were truly used, as they claim, not even in an indiscriminate manner). The ongoing narrative of the evil Israel responsible for all their woes is just that: narrative. They have been treated worse and behaved better in all other nations in the region. They had plenty to live for in Gaza and West Bank, still have more than most people in African and Asian countries do (who DON'T commit suicide bombings and other terror acts) and could have so much more if they would merely invest their money in themselves instead of against Israelis.
24. these women don't value their lives.
maria   (11.06.06)
they prefer martyrdom???????. they just make their lives more miserable. these women are second class citizens in arab countries. their men don't care about them.DON'T CARE IF THESE WOMEN ARE KILLED .....UNBELIEVABLE. PALESTINIANS-ARE THEY REBELIOUS ? DON'T WANT ISRAEL TO GOVERN THEM??????
25. #22 David L - Poor victims of their own terror
meir elazar   (11.06.06)
Sorry but I don't buy it. Examining any historical period will show that the PALs inevitably choose war and terror over peace. It was the PALs who started Intifada I & II perfecting their art of suicide. From them the deaths of Israelis is more important than the lives of PALs. Israel devised counter measures such as the FENCE, roadblocks, bordercrossing which contain the terror in their backyard not ours. They kidnapped Shalit and brought the major incursion. They keep on launching Qassams which demand a stop. When they are not trying to kill us, they are killing each other just like in Iraq. Given a golder opportunity Arafat's govt was corrupt. They can't put together a responsible govt. They left an offer of 100% Gaza and 92% WB and started the Intifada II. They threw away intl support to try to murder us. We left Gaza and they continue the Qassams, destroyed the hothouses, and synagogues. And you want me to feel sorry for wretches like these?
Maher ,   USA, Lebanon   (11.06.06)
We all know that the Arabs want to kill all the Jews, and the Jews want to either kill or drive out of Gaza and westbank all the Arabs. For that reason God is calling all of us on both sides to not be troubleshooters or problem solvers, because their is no solution (unless one group completely kills the other), but to be PEACEMAKERS AND PEACE KEEPERS and it starts with us.
27. They condomise women and use them as protection
John ,   NZ   (11.06.06)
not against AIDS but IDF
28. Arab women
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.06.06)
are treated like scum by their husbands and families. I have a friend in Nazareth who I have known for almost 50 years. I know his wife and his children. When they were young and I would come to visit, the very moment the door opened and I entered the large salon, his wife and all the daughters would rise and leave the room without saying one word. This is Islam.
29. Women as human shields...
hiram ,   trondheim   (11.06.06)
A long tradition demonstrating the courage of the " freedom fighters" ! No guts= no glory, this is why no one finally cares about them...not even their arab brothers ! These methods do nothing to revamp the image of palestinians...quite the opposite....
30. #28 yes, this this this segggregation between men & women
unlike the Haredim stoning buses with no separation between "feministic" seats and other seats.
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