Messianic leaders in Iraq, Iran
Ahiya Raved
Published: 06.11.06, 05:33
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1. Mr.Iranian president..
jason ,   usa   (11.06.06)
frogot his meds again..
2. You're way off the mark about Ahmadinejad
Anon   (11.06.06)
Let's just say I have inside info that Iran's President is not trying to stir up war and destruction to usher in the mahdi. That's a myth and pure speculation by people that have no access to truth. The mahdi cannot emerge until his followers strive to ease hostilities. All this talk about Iran's nuclear ambitions to blow up Israel is utterly false. They need nuclear power plants to build and upgrade towns and cities, not bombs. As for the Zionist regime, their fall is inevitable because they despise GOD and His precepts. However, this won't happen until the end of the world and triggered by their own hands. Therefore, seek truth and believe not all that you read, because the truth shall set you free.
3. no supprise here
Lendog ,   La, USA   (11.06.06)
We all know the world is getting ready for the last days. To the Christians, Jesus will put an end to all this war after the attonement, [seven years] This guy wants to hurry things up but nobody can rush G-d. In HIS own time will things be done.
4. Mahdi
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.06.06)
Are these people completely off their rockers to, actually, believe that stuff? Ok, and to be honest, I waited quite a few years for my mahdi, too. In the end, I settled for a US Marine, and he was a whole lot more fun than any mahdi could have ever been. Heck, he was the rapture, the second coming and a trip on Hale-Bopp wrapped into one. He certainly made me forget about mahdis. I wll try to say this as nicely as possible, but these guys need a good roll in the hay every other day or so. It would teach them a whole new religion. Just what, pray tell, will this mahdi do for them? Will he give them their virgins now or what? If that's the case, what'll happen to their present wives? Will they try to pawn those off on the Sunnis? And if that mahdi is dumb enough to let his head get chopped off by anybody, he can't be much of a mahdi. Isn't that head-chopping, btw, a Muslim specialty? We, usually, settle for a bit of scalp. If no mahdi shows up, at all, and they've torn up the place for nothing, then what? There will be a lot of pissed off Muslims running around, and they won't be pissed at us. It would be a nice change, but what a price to pay! But why are we standing by and wait for these demented, raving simpletons to get their hands on nukes???
5. #2
jul ,   Mastrich   (11.06.06)
6. No. 2
NYC Girl   (11.06.06)
You started your comment sounding like somebody who might actually know what they're talking about. And then you went into that crap about "Zionist regime" and "despising God." Too bad. I thought we might have had somebody on this talkback who could provide some interesting information.
7. # 2 and 3
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.06.06)
Even a shrink could not help you.
8. Mahdi's 2nd Cumming?
John ,   NZ   (11.06.06)
yeea, I can feel it too in my loins
9. Ahmadinejad as paranoid psychotic
Olin   (11.06.06)
I suggest Israel be very very careful with this man. Check out this very serious hand-analysis which originates from your country.
10. is the mahdi horny...let him cum then
anti islam ,   california   (11.06.06)
11. Mahdi will come soon, in form of a Nuclear bomb....
Iranian athiest   (11.06.06)
droped on his head. he wants judgment day, i say lets give it to him now!
12. direct
isiaiah   (11.06.06)
guy fawkes believed the Almighty was talking to him also and was willing to blow up the english parliament in 1605 . lucky the pragmatists prevented the nutcases and we can only hope the hidden ghengis khan in iran is halted
13. how about the idiot in the white house who talks to God!?
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.06.06)
14. ANSWER TO #6
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.06.06)
The belief in reappearance of Imam Mehdi is a certainty.Nevertheless,Shias always believe that prior to the return of Imam Mehdi, the groundwork has to be carried out in form of fighting for wil not accept the fact,however.Whilst majority of the Muslim world remains silent on the atrocities carried out in Palestine,Iran singled itself out in becoming more bold and is facing the consequence of being called 'axis of evil' and all the rest of the stuff that Bush Administration has coined.Nevertheless,Ahmed Nejad is a simple down to earth person and is carrying out his duty as a Muslim leader.To portray him as a terrorist will probably give few Westerner readers a chance to accept him by Western standard,but believe you me,this is only an attempt to dicredit this genius person.You may or may not accept this statement.It is all upto yourself.
clifffrommontreal ,   canada   (11.06.06)
Imajihad is a thug and a racist pig.He is pure evil and he will be stopped. I approved this message!
16. What Ahmanidjad doesn't know...
AB ,   TheRock   (11.06.06)
Is that G-d is using him to bring those jews who have strayed from Him back to the fold. This is Purim all over again. Remember Haman and his plan? Ahmanidjad will have the same end. History repeats itself but this is the final chapter, Mashiach has to come this time.
17. ANSWER TO #15
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.06.06)
I don't mind what you think of Ahmed Nejad,Clif.It does not matter to me the least as to what YOU think of him.However,you must remember that his contemprories will have to deal with him from Western countries.You should make an attempt to categories those who are to meet him in the same way.Birds of feather flock together,Cliff.Have a nice day.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (11.06.06)
Poor Israel. To the east is a Messianic nutcase in Iran. To the west are the Christian Zionists, who want all Jews to return to Israel, face the battle of Armageddon at Megiddo, which will kill off 1/3 of all Jews, then have the remaining Jews convert to Christianity so Jesus can return. (And in the middle, 12,000 police to be deployed to control the Haredim in Jerusalem.) Not a pretty position to be in.
19. It's Unfortunate
Edith ,   Jersey City, NJ   (11.08.06)
It's unfortunate that many people do not understand the culture in the Arab/Muslim world and that they sincerely believe chaos will bring the end of the world. Their mission isn't peace but war for their own agenda. I wish there was a way to find peace, at this point neither war nor talks seem to be the answer. They are purposefully provoking people to war (passive aggression) and then use that to promote their own agenda. The fact that many people out there don't understand this are naive.
20. lebanon
Dennis Cast ,   Kinta,Ok   (11.14.06)
Whats wrong with that-you should stay out of someone elses religous buisness
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