A single religious woman with 3 children
Yael Shuraki-Elfasi
Published: 07.11.06, 15:01
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1. Bearing Children
leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (11.07.06)
I don't understand the problem....what's wrong with getting married ?????
2. Insanity has an address...
Jim   (11.07.06)
As a divorced father of two kids both teenagers, I find it rather sad and pathetic that a women who is a Lawyer (By the way my ex is a lawyer as well) should choose to have and raise kids on her own. My ex wife the lawyer said to me that she cant raise the kids on her own anymore due to financial reasons. (I quess the lawyer business in Israel is drying up..Too many for a small poor population) At the time of the divorce I gave her a princely one time payment for the kids. Here I am 10 years later taking over at a time when kids need parenting the most. Gee you think there may be a connection? In any event when 50% of marriges goto hell I cant for the life of me understand a women who would want to have and raise kids on her own. Well I quess the law schools in Israel sure know how to pick their students. LOL
3. Fornication, artificial insemination, etc
Sammy ,   New York   (11.07.06)
As the article itself shows, there is a possibility that single women will decide to become pregnant via 'natural' methods, which is nothing other than 'zenoot', an act forebidden by the Torah and most societies. What happens after the fact, whether by natural or artificial insemination, is another matter. Perhaps, at least from a medical point of view, one could suggest DNA testing of prospective spouses of the child born of artificial insemination, to help exclude the possibility of the child partnering with a half-sibling. One solution is to increase the number of singles who marry, and whoever figures out how to do this will be eligible for the Nobel Prize.
4. Last paragraph is the best! these are egoistic women!
5. Children deserve to know their yichus
These children are not mamzerim, but they are shtukim. A mamzer knows who his father is. A shtuki asks his mother, "who is my father" and she says, "shut up!"
6. #1- perhaps nobody asked her or she didn't find anyone right
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (11.08.06)
7. The more religious Jews the better, this is wonderful.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (11.08.06)
Would you rather have more "palestinian" children becoming suicide bombers or more Jewish children healing the world. Marriage would be nice, but this is certainly a good thing.
8. Fatherless children
Joanna ,   Stanford, CA   (11.08.06)
Has it ever occurred to all those women that by selfishly fulfilling their need for a "personal joy" and giving birth out of wedlock, they are hurting their children by depriving them from a father and setting them up for an emotional and social disadvantage for years to come?
9. How many is an "increasing number"
Do ,   The Math   (11.08.06)
Exactly how many "orthodox" women choose to have children without husbands? 2 or 3?
10. Fatherless boys of Israel
marilyn   (11.08.06)
I know the deep urge for a woman to have a child and for better or worse God has blessed them with a child, but the suffering on a child for a Father fiqure will hurt these women later on. This is also one of the contributing factors of young men becoming vulnerable to predatory 'gays' because of their longing to be loved by a male role model
11. Husbands
Moshe ,   Israel   (11.08.06)
How many husbands are ever actually "Mr. Right"? I believe that most men can be good fathers. These women must not be so selective.
12. Please do not use the word "ruler" incorreclty
Vitaliy, Esq. ,   NJ   (11.08.06)
Hi, Please do not use the word "ruler" in this sense. While what is delivered is a ruler, the person delivering it is not called that in English. English-speaking Jews (Orthodox and not) use many terms like authority, rabbis, talmudic scholars...anything other than the word ruler. Thank you.
13. love
isiaiah   (11.08.06)
you have to allow two wives maybe even four there must be a secret process than can be activated .
14. ignorance
L   (11.08.06)
You are ignorant as to how these women raise their children. You are ignorant as to all the children who grow up in homes where the father is never home, or abusive. You are ignorante as to all the children in divorce homes who are happier, because their parents are not fighting and hurting each other or them all the time. Your ignorance is appalling and harmful. Until you educate yourself and open your mind to the facts and the Torah, it is better if you say NOTHING.
15. ignorance again
L.   (11.08.06)
It amazes me that people can be so ignorant and foolish. Have you looked at the divorce rates? Do you know how many divorce single mothers are out there who's ex-husbands - the fathers of their children, do not pay child support, do not spend time with their children, do not care if their children have food to eat, a roof over their head and the electricity on? Grow up, and learn the truth - the world is a harsh place and although many men can be good fathers, many are abscent, indifferent, neglectful or abusive.
16. Religion creates monsters of people.
Nowhere in Judaic History was there ever this inhumane mumbo jumbo. Humanity is creating pain without a couse, labelling a child/another human being without a reason. We are a very cruel species to our own offspring. BTW the way of life during Moishe time was more humane compared to today's Rabbinical inhumane explanations of the Laws. We have become are a very sad inhumane species and the abuse intensifies as one generation follows the other.
17. Grossly misguided
Single preg via IVF   (11.08.06)
So much of what is quoted in this article is such garbage. Firstly, to say that 'a fatherless child grows with frustrations and complexes' is completely false. Frustrations and complexes in children are far more prevalent in children with fathers (absent, distant, abusive, you name it...) than in children without fathers. Secondly, to call a single woman putting herself through insemination or IVF selfish is such crap. Which is more selfish: two people getting their rocks off on each other and getting knocked up that way, or a woman so determined to have a child to give love to, that she endures months of invasive procedures, daily self-administered hormone injections, pills, sprays, surgeries, getting poked and prodded on a cold examining table by a doctor who is dictating her future? Give me a freaking break! Geez....
18. #17 Which is more selfish?
A woman who turns down every prospect for a loving marriage because the is looking for "Mr. Perfect" and then decides to have a trophy baby she can keep all to herself. FYI, a married couple who love each other and make a family together are not just "getting their rocks off." Too bad you are so jealous and selfish that you see it that way. The claim that children with fathers are less well adjusted than children without fathers is so off the wall that it tells you everything you need to know about this self-absorbed, narcissistic, pathetic excuse for a female. G-D help the child of this vile creature.
19. #12 -the word you want is ruling
johanna ,   tsfat   (11.08.06)
a judge/ rabbi etc makes a ruling about something a ruler is a) someone who rules eg queen or b) a measuring stick
20. a mamzeer ie "bastard" in judaism
johanna ,   tsfat   (11.08.06)
is the child of an adulturous relationship of a married woman with a man who is not her husband. therefore by definition a single woman who has a child without being married does not have a "bastard" child. whether its a good idea for single women to have children is a different story. some women obviously feel they have no choice.
21. What does "religious" mean?
YNet is full of articles about people described as "religious" who go around making up their own halacha and Torah, always in contradiction to accepted norms, and who express the utmost contempt of other observant Jews.
22. #18 Take off your blinders
Single preg via IVF   (11.09.06)
Look, your personal attack on me is inappropriate and uncalled for. Firstly, you don't know anything about me or my life, other than how I signed my name (and I noticed you gave no signature at all). Why do you jump to conclusions about what I've turned down or who I'm looking to marry? You attack with such words as jealous, selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic, pathic, and vile. What disturbs you so much about a woman having a child on her own? Why do you feel so threatened by this? Please get yourself some therapy.
23. Single mom support
EJ ,   Tel Aviv   (01.22.07)
I am wondering if any of these women would speak with me about their experiences, or direct me to a support group... It is an option I am considering. Thanks you
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