Ethiopians protest: You spilled our blood
Miri Chason
Published: 06.11.06, 21:02
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1. This is the 2nd time this happened.
Shai ,   Israel   (11.06.06)
The first was about 10 years ago. Why can't the government have some sensitivity? This is a heartbreaking event. They should apologize to the Ethiopian community. I do think, though, that the article should have pointed out, as was the case 10 years ago, that the problem was that they expected that too many of the samples might have been tainted with diseases from Africa, including AIDS. That was the case then, but now? And if so, why ask for donations in the first place? No idea. The article should have investigated this.
2. a damn shame
mike ,   san diego   (11.06.06)
Israeli leaders need to address the plight of Ethiopian Jews NOW. There is no excuse for this kind of blatant racism. They are Jews as equal as any Sephard or Ashkenasi. absolutely unacceptable and unforgivable.
3. This country of mine is going down the tubes..
LEE ,   NY, USA   (11.06.06)
Shame on all of us. I fear our exile is around the corner. We had our chance and we're screwing it up royally. Where is the decency, where is Ahavat Israel, where is the fear of G-d? On the one hand the "elite" protest that gays should march in the Holy City, despite all its residents' opposition, so that we can show our "tolerant society" to the world and on the other hand when these Jews deserve the best treatment the "state" can offer, and the greatest respect, given their plight, they are discriminated against. Where is that tolerance that these "sophisticates" boasts of? Or is the tolerance only extended to residents of Tel Aviv and their gay population? What a shame. May G-d have mercy on us all.
4. What the HELL is wrong with this crappy
Bush ,   Usa   (11.06.06)
govt. I don't care if people protest or throw garbages in the street keep the stupid horses out of it. People have the right to protest without getting their heads smashed in by their clubs or their horses. What a haughty IDF.
5. Facts About Blood donations
It's Not ,   Racism   (11.06.06)
There are specific criteria that apply to blood donations worldwide. Certain populations have a high percentage of hepatitis and immune deficiency disorders that disqualify their blood from being used. THIS IS NOT RACIST. People who have spend time in the UK and certain parts of Europe are disqualified from giving blood. Testing each individual sample is costly and contrary to popular belief, HIV is not so easily detected. YNet seems much more sympathetic to people who are rioting because they would rather see SOMEONE DIE from tainted blood transfusion, than people who are angry that "gay pride" (Men who have sex with other men are also disqualified from donating blood BTW) is marching through their city.
6. Us too!
Ari ,   Manchester   (11.06.06)
Israel wont allow us Brits to donate blood because they say we're all infected with mad cow disease. Well, I tell you, it isn't true! we are only infected with foot and mouth disease.
7. Support the Ethiopians
Everyone who is appalled by this discrimination and humiliation of the Ethiopian community by not using their bags of blood, next time you are having surgery, insist that you must have only Ethiopian blood. This way you can repent from your racism.
8. Protestor injured
eli ,   chicago usa   (11.06.06)
cops must have mistakken him for a haredi! This is the police state why should this be different them bar ilan or mea shearim? Don't worry they wont beat the gays, on Friday. that would be undemacratic. amnona, mea shearin the prime ministers address there you can beat protester, but protect the marchers!
9. Ethiopians protest: You spilled our blood
Arie ,   Afula   (11.06.06)
and they are right!! While olmert & peretz are so worried about appeasing aRABOID terrorists, they have no shame in their ongoing onslaught against Jews from Ethiopia or the settlements protecting our borders.
10. 3 stooges care more about appeasing hamass & tibi
Arie ,   Afula   (11.06.06)
than the safety and sanctity of our own Jewish citizens
11. Hopeless
Paul ,   Austin, USA   (11.06.06)
#3- you're correct. Then again, Medinat Yisrael is a SECULAR Jewish nation, and that's not supposed to happen at all. Even a religious Jewish nation should not happen until Mashiach comes. We are witnessing the decay, spreading from the core outward. #5- The dumping of blood may not technically fall under "racist" acts, but the ongoing mistreatment of the Falashmura (and let's face it- the Mizrachim) most certainly is. Israel marginalizes them at every turn but runs out to import so-called Jews from Russia by the plane load. Many of these same "Jews" go on commit horrible acts of racism and anti-semitsm.
12. What drama over nothing!
Rachel ,   Ashdod   (11.06.06)
I am in the same position as I am from England but as I understand it, by giving blood me and my family are insured for donations for a year, my blood is used for research or for plasma This is making a drama for no reason. I am not upset and I dont see it as a racial slur but as a way of ensuring the blood stocks are extra safe
13. To 5
Shai ,   Israel   (11.06.06)
Then why accept their blood donations in the first place? The problem is that they took their blood and THEN threw it away. They should have been straight with them in the first place, and then there'd be nothing to get upset about.
14. Ethiopian Blood
Gabriel ,   Jerusalem   (11.06.06)
The Magen David should be up front and not accept blood from Ethiopians but explain to them why. They do not accept blood from people from UK, in case of Kreutzfeld Yaacov disease (mad cow). This is explained to the potential donor and is understood. To take blood then dispose of it is foolish and a waste of time and resources.
15. Same thing the Israeli government did to Yeminite/Mizrahi
Jews. Revolution
16. These are our own people
Micha   (11.06.06)
ethiopian or of european descent..we are all Jews. I'm sorry this happened and should not happen again. As Jews, we need to stick together. STRENGTH THROUGH COHESION.
17. jajajjjajajajjajajaja
jack ,   France   (11.06.06)
etnic problems in israel,puff very bad
18. I can't give blood
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (11.06.06)
I can't give blood because I once had hepatitis. HWOWEVER, I feel that all blood should be checked on an individual basis and not assume that just because some people come from a certain place, this automatically disqualifies the whole populatin.
19. Ethiopians: They spilt our blood
shanatova ,   sydney australia   (11.06.06)
If it was good enough for King Solomon to love the dark skinned woman the Shulamite woman, in the Song of Solomon - how is it that our Ethiopian brothers, Jews just like us, have been treated as a Muslim would a Jew, second class citizen. What purpose did the giant airlift of Ethiopians play, if these people, created in the image of G-d, created for equality, and purpose and blessing to the nation of Israel, are treated with an aparthied spirit. How dare the Israeli government, allow the gay parade and on the other hand disallow the basic tenets of welfare, health, and the throwing away of the Ethiopian blood donation as though it was an out of date supermarket product. Why does the colour of their skin trouble you so much? How dare you Israel, a nation that is accepting the hundreds of thousands of dollars of Evangelical Christian aid and you do not not treat with equality your Ethiopian brothers. You not only rebel against The L-rd G-d of Israel , you hypocritically go about saying that you do good, this not even one month after Yom Kippur. Israel had better get her act together, because when those Evangelical Christians stop supporting you , there will be no one else to turn to. shanatova
20. There are plenty of security guards
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.06.06)
that have university degrees and are white.Most of the security guards I know are white and grads,so what? There are not enough jobs for everyone.They like to send work out of the country for the cheap labor.But it is good to protest now,since there is no security problem and the police have nothing to do. Atleast they were treated better than the Jews at Armona!
21. Jewish blood is our blood!
Adam Segal ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.06.06)
How dare they take blood and then dispose of it. I understand telling people beforehand who do not qualify but why take it if you will dispose of it in anycase? Hasn't enough blood been spilled in this country for us to be wasting it ourselves?!
22. Ethiopian protest
Chaim ,   Phoenix, USA   (11.06.06)
the Israeli Govt or bureaucracy is making the holy land unholy, with its racial discrimination - it makes a mockery of Torah with its disgraceful behaviour towards the Ethiopians. That policeman who unprovoked, clubbed the Ethiopian, should be severely disciplined.
23. Israel
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (11.06.06)
In Israel it seems only leftists and moslems have rights
24. Disguting
James McNamara ,   Broken Hill   (11.06.06)
I can't say anything except that I'm bloody disgusted.
25. homosexual march
alan david ,   bklyn. u.s.a.   (11.06.06)
you are Israel this is unholy & an abomination. on top of that you have the brutal jewish police AGAINattacking fellow jews in ways they would NEVER do against goyim.
26. disgusting racism
Gil Karpas ,   UK   (11.06.06)
27. Full Reporting
Harry Reis ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.06.06)
I think it is a shame that the reporting in this article is so incomplete and misleading. The headline, and indeed the entire article, suggest that MDA, motivated only by racism and ignorant prejudice, is disposing of usable and safe blood donations from ethiopians. One must (unfortunately) look further to realize that MDA is motivated by no such cause--or at least it is not as clear-cut as the article suggests. The response of the MDA spokeswoman is not even included in the article! I will post it here: Dr. Vered Yahalom, deputy chief of the Magen David Adom blood bank, addressed the report broadcast Tuesday: "We must not forget that blood donations exist to save lives, and the guidelines set by the Health Ministry are designed to guarantee that the donor units will be as safe as possible. Anyone who has been exposed to numerous diseases, including Malaria or Mad Cow Disease, may endanger the recipient. "The testing the blood goes through is not enough since some of these diseases have a 'window' in which they are undetectable, like HIV, where even a test cannot discover if the blood is contaminated. These guidelines are not an Israeli invention and they are accepted throughout the entire modern world." If anyone has donated blood in Israel, in the United States, or anywhere else in the world, they would have recognized this screening process. As Ethiopia is a country that suffers greatly from the AIDS epidemic, it is only reasonable, that donations from people of that nationality would be duly screened. It is a shame that YNet does not include this necessary information in the article so that readers can make a informed judgement. Given the recent propensity for violent protest in the city, YNet bears an increased responsiblity towards level-headed reporting, so as to discourage further tension and histeria.
28. what a bunch of morons
Antonio ,   Haifa   (11.06.06)
It's a matter of health regulations. Anyone who's been in Africa for more than a year after 1977 isn't eligeble to donate.
29. This is Another Sample of Israel's "Democracy"
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.06.06)
Israel is only democratic to the White "Elite" from Ramat Aviv and Hertzliah-Pituach and to the Shenken peple in Tel-Aviv. All others if they protest, may G-d help them.
30. People who lived in UK ...
Inyaki Bilbao ,   Bilbao, Basque   (11.07.06)
People who lived in the UK in the late 80's are not allowed to donate blood in Spain. This is not racist, this is just a protective measure against the "mad cow" desease. The same applies to Ethiopia with HIV. Some jerks are inflating it out of proportions.
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