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Something's rotten in Israel
Sever Plocker
Published: 07.11.06, 12:24
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Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (11.07.06)
2.  But the miracle of democracy is still
zov ,   Rosenberg, TX   (11.07.06)
with us. A mafiosy style "lawyer", a thief, a gangster, a criminal felon, a mobster, a lier and unqualified for governance semiliteral fool, a foreign agent of Brussel's criminals is the PM whom nobody can remove and put in prison.
3. Good People aren't willing to go into Politics
Annie ,   Ofarim, Israel   (11.07.06)
So all we have to work with are dirt-bags. One worse than the next. Police record is a must to get into the Knesset, it seems. For crying out loud, in what country can the 27 year old daughter of a known criminal, a waitress become a member of the government?? And then use her immunity to protect said criminal father?? I get a headache, thinking of some of the other "worthies" "serving" us.. Hanegbi, Ramon, Katsav, Peres.. Oy va voy. Let's not get started on the so-called religious sector. THEY at least should know better. Sickening, the entire bunch of them.
4. money money money
isiaiah   (11.07.06)
the golden calf has always held back world jewry as a non-violent revolutionary force for fair distribution.
5. corruption
Israel   (11.07.06)
6. It's about ideology
kobi   (11.07.06)
More than anything else, corruption in israel is due to lack of ideology. They don't have anything interesting to say about anything. They don't know what to do, how to lead, where to lead this country. All of their actions are relying on... what's happening right now. They only react to reality, and don't try to change it into a better one. They don't even know what the hell a better reality is. I do not agree with any of what Moshe Feiglin has to say for example, but this man knows what he wants. I do not agree with a large part of Yosi Saris's views but i miss his strong ideology. We need leaders with a vision... David Grosman described it so well. So well. Only a man with a vision, and a strong ideology, could change things - even if large parts of society do not agree with him - he'll do that because he believes in it. This is, too, the best recipe against corruption - you cannot be corrupted if you have values, dreams... Period.
7. 34 is too high
Antonio ,   Haifa   (11.07.06)
Israel is a corrupt country. Mafia runs everything and the police does nothing. Everyone knows that to open a business, to get a business contract, or many places even to build a house you have to pay "protection." Instead our mostly-unelected government sends food to the neo-Nazis: http://www.unitedjerusalem.org/index2.asp?id=835950
8. hey #1....BAR-ON, RAMON, SHARON...........the list's endless
Danielle ,   centre   (11.07.06)
9. Re:UAE surprisingly less corrupt
Ahmed Shabib ,   Dubai UAE   (11.07.06)
What makes you think that Israel or any country is better than the UAE with regard to corruption. I find it insulting that you say that just because it is an Arab nation you should just presume it is corrupt. Shame on you, especially for a man with a voice. Please use your position responsibly. Thank you.
10. Corruption
Joe Simon ,   Kfar Aviv, Israel   (11.07.06)
Unfortunately, the entire Israeli government, and everything connected with it is corrupt. The major reason? No accouintability. The party gets elected and all the garbage moves in with it. The time has come to throw all of the fat cats out of their seats and have direct elections for every member of knesset. You want to get elected? Give an accounting of what you have done - and prove it. In addition, a member of knesset should be able to serve only one year and then be required to get re-elected. Accountability, accountability, accountability.
11. Well---we all know the poorest countries have to
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.07.06)
build a little capitol to kick start the capitalism. Or maybe not! Kick the peasants hiney---steal all his money. It's not much different than our department store's with their police security. We all know some guy in China was working his butt off for 20 cents an hour to make all that crap that we are buying. And we aren't all corrupt? Why take a slave---when you can ship the work to the slave? Then ship it back on the finest container ships in the world. We all contribute and look the other way at corruption. It's called capitalism. And it works!
12. hypocrites
FM ,   Seattle   (11.07.06)
It's funny. If I were to say something like "Israel is totally corrupt" I would be criticized and heckled and called an anti-semite. People would ask me why I'm posting here, etc. I know this because it's the reaction I get when I say things like that. But if one of YOU folks say it, then it's almost total agreement all the way around!! Okay, we've agreed your leadership is corrupt, now how about the IDF? Anyone willing to agree with me that the IDF kill, maim and harass innocent people on a daily basis? What about Israel being inherently racist? Anyone? Any takers? Or is it the problem strictly confined to the politics? Let me know, because I really need to know if "God's Chosen People" are what they say they are or just a bunch of lying hypocrites.
13. corruption
Perhap with Israel's criminal treatment of the Palestinians (and the Lebanese in the last war), moral turpitude is a requirement for those who wield political power in Israel.
14. TO FM Seattle
Nonya ,   Nonya, USA   (11.07.06)
I think you have encapsulated exactly how many, many people feel about the State of Israel which appears to have come completely off the rails. Pictures of Palestinian women being indiscriminately shot. And Mr Plocker spouts rubbish about corrupt leadership! What a deluded and misguided society.
15. Photo From A Past Jerusalem Gay Parade:
Photo From A Past Jerusalem Gay Parade: Coming Soon This Friday http://www.ynet.co.il/PicServer/18052003/270805/1_w.jpg
16. Leiberman case dropped = corruption
Lee ,   New York   (11.08.06)
The amazing coincidence of suddenly the police wanting to drop Leiberman's case, after so many years of hounding him, is but another example of what seems to happen in Israel: please the correct people, and things go in your favor; challenge these same people, and viola! girls appear who claim you kissed them or worse, and all sorts of investigations start. And, no one in the media has any guts to write about all of this....Unless, of course, it is something negative done by a religious Jew, especially a haredi Jew.
17. corruption and people openions
layla ,   jerusalem   (11.08.06)
to take the people openions on corruptions and make an index is right in one country as in israil ,most of the people are angry from the goverment or the situation ,the life ,the money .have no interist in what has being or coming ..but in finland the people do not feel this angry ,,this is all ,so the index is right for one country ,the same people ..but wrong to compromize with the others ,,as iam living here in jerusalem the place the history will affect my openion on what i see even there is different believe affected by religion and idiology ,,but sure the place and the time affect more than other thing ,so index is right in the same place at the same time only
18. rersponse to #12, FM Seattle
Jul ,   Mastrich   (11.08.06)
If this...., if that...., if I say this ....you say that........ What kind of reasoning is this????? And YES: Israel may be corrupt, belligerant and a racist. What makes you think that other countries are better, Amerikan man?
19. What, Israel corrupt?
kassandra ,   Tallinn, Estonia   (11.09.06)
To say that Israel is corrupt, is an understatement. This is a country that has refused to define its borders, continues to establish jews-only colonies on stolen land, is busily involved in ethnic cleansing, and is a country replete with racist laws. To say it is corrupt is an understatement.
20. 19 Now that's calling a spade a spade
Arja ,   Canada   (11.09.06)
You hit it right on the nose, Kassandra and you could add even more - like breaking international laws and Geneva conventions and ignoring and defying UN resolutions. I like what Neve Gordon wrote back in Feb 2004: The major reason Israeli citizens are not safe is because the government has decided to continue the 37 year-old occupation and oppression of another people. The only way Israelis and Palestinians will ever be safe is if Israel ends the very occupation that this separation wall intends to perpetuate by confiscating more and more land.
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