18 Palestinians killed in Beit Hanoun
Ali Waked
Published: 08.11.06, 11:10
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31. #6 Levi, did you in anyway
NTI ,   Red Chili   (11.08.06)
pleaded with those murderous muslim heros when they, without provocation, fired at Israel?
32. #8 Palestine-my-love (ass)
NTI ,   Red Chili   (11.08.06)
You want to meddle with Israel, you have itching backsides, I must assume. You get what you asked for, or, you reap what you sow.
33. anti christ
USA   (11.08.06)
Ya no one complains because you are occupiers stupid. And liers no reputible human rights group says good things about israel. Not even israeli ones. You are all living a lie and you sound so stupid when you try to justify the killing of children.
34. A field day for liberal leftists
Arn ,   Tel-Aviv   (11.08.06)
A Muslim death for the Islamists is another propaganda victory and for them this is all profit. To all the bleeding heart liberal leftists in Israel who prefer to remain oblivious to the Islamist's agenda let me remind them that every Kassam bomb landing in Israel is intended not to plant flowers but to kill civilians - If a hundred Jewish women and children were killed they would be dancing in the streets.
35. Gaza Slaughter
Mohammad Ahmad ,   Belfast, UK   (11.08.06)
The Israeli government should not compensate for its failures in Lebanon my mudering sleeping women and children. Mr Bush, Blair and the rest of the World have to wake up to reality and see who the real terrorists are!!!!!!!!
36. #18 Your post is good,
NTI ,   Red Chili   (11.08.06)
except it should be directed at muslims only, not anyone else. islam is the only evil ideology that caused so much perpetual hatred amongst humans. Wake up, muslim, denounce this evil cult (islam) of hatrd and destruction, and everyone will live more peacefully.
37. #18 "Even animals do not kill without "
linda   (11.08.06)
So why are you killing jews and try to wipe Israel of the map? but you are right, animals don't do these kind of things. You made animies in the years and they strike back now! crybaby!
38. oops we did it again
damien ,   london, UK   (11.08.06)
Israel did it again !!!
39. To all my pro-Arab friends
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (11.08.06)
If you want an example of an army that didn't care about civillians look at what Russia did in Chechnya. Just to get you into proportions. Look what Turks did to Armenians and Kurds. Look what Iraqis and Iranians did to each other. Now that what I call a massacre. Compared to them Israel is fighting with a silk gloves...
40. Remember This
ab ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.08.06)
See what is this some kind of coincidence whenever they kill civilians they always have this statement that oh they were reacting to Qassam rockets fired or some stupid excuse. What the hell do the Qassam do stop lying they havent killed any Israeli since they started firing they actually injured palestinians. Its the same old propaganda used in the lebanon war when all the world and the IDF admitted that Hizballah is firing the rockets from caves and mountain tunnels whenever the IDF commited a massacre there, they quickly said it was because they are responding to katyusha fire. The purpose of this is to push hamas to kill Shalait so that Olmert wont have to exchange him for prisoners, so i tell this to shalait's family if u hear ur son has been killed know that it is mr. Olmerts fault. For the rest of u Israelis the next time their is a suicide bombing and Hamas says it is in response to Israeli massacres dont be shocked because ur doing the same thing and even worse. If " terrorists are hiding between civilians" then for the Palestinians the terrorists i.e. the IDF and their reserve are hiding between Israeli civilians. SO BECAREFUL ISRAELI CIVILIANS DONT STAY TOO CLOSE TO ANY RESERVE SOLDEIR
41. Blueprint
Support Israel ,   Norway   (11.08.06)
This is just a blueprint of hezballas strategy this summer. Hamas has now adopted their "sucsess" Stop hiding against sivilians and those things will not happen.
42. They thrive on this to gain support and sympathy
John ,   NZ   (11.08.06)
I am sure the women and children were deliberately placed there. That is, in case they were hit, they still gain something out of it and this is what happens.
43. to #9. then stop bitching about the price
aaron ,   ra'anana   (11.08.06)
44. Not In My Name
tsedek ,   israel   (11.08.06)
Indiscriminately firing at civilian homes is NOT 'the' jewish way - how low can one go? Not one word of consolance I see here. Don't you'all think these women are MOTHERS as well with the same feelings as anyone 'this' side of the line? Too much. Stop it. Tse.
45. Israel Doomsday now Irreversible...
Hani ,   Free Palestine   (11.08.06)
I am a Palestinian, lived in the West most of my life, I am not religious at all, and once thought peace was possible and had big dreams of it. I now realize one thing: Peace with Israel is not possible, because it is a killing-machine hell bent on eliminating the native Arabs from all of Palestine (The proof: accelerating settlement drive in the west bank since 1993, killing dozens Palestinians daily AS IF WE WERE ANIMALS, etc.). I now crave NOTHING other seeing you Israelis suffer until you realize the Middle East is not your hang-out, let alone your "biblical land claim". My only hope is to live long enough to be able to reclaim my father's homeland.
46. Stop blaiming Israel
Dan ,   Israel   (11.08.06)
There is a very simple solution to this: the Arabs will stop their attacks on Israel and Israel will then stop responding to Arab aggression. It is always tragic when civilans die but this should not surprise anyone who knows the Arab terrorirst's cynical abuse of civilians. The more you condemn Israel of defending herself, the more the terrorist will continue to abuse both Israeli and Arab civilians.
47. #8
tsedek ,   israel   (11.08.06)
your: 'any price' meaning every single woman and child shielding you cowards. tse.
48. to 34
A.C   (11.08.06)
dancing in the streets? and what r u doing riaght now dumas* crying for the innocent victims???
49. Nit Israel's fault
Paul ,   England   (11.08.06)
Until the Palestinians take responsibility for stopping the murderous rocket attacks against Israeli civilians in Sderot/Negev, Israel cannot and will not accept responsibility for the actions they are taking in Gaza. Civilian fatalities are of course a tragic consequence of the dire situation and all Jews do not rejoice in this). It is very simple - stop acts of terror against the Israelis and Israel will not strike at Gaza. They don't want to be there (hence the pullout last year and indeed, the pull out from Lebanon several years ago). Bottom line: Israel wants peace, but it will fight back if provoked.
50. It's all good.
Mike   (11.08.06)
The arabs are getting exactly what they deserve. The arabs continue to provoke Israel and complain when Israel finally responds. This problem can't end, because there are no reasonable arab politicians left, Arafat took care of those guys. So the fighting will continue, and people will die. Is there any hope? Maybe in a generation or two, after the arab populations start maturing and learning what it means to live in an open, free society. When politicians actually act in the best interest of his/her constituents. Let' us see, but in the mean time, don't compain when Innocents get killed, its simply a fact of war.
51. #41 You say...
Yosh ,   Abuja   (11.08.06)
"What the hell do the Qassam do stop lying they havent killed any Israeli since they started firing they actually injured palestinians" You must be blind in all the ramifications of the word to make such a remark. Granted, killing the infirm, elderly and children is a sad thing, but do you think these guys care? See what happened when they use women as shields the other day. If the IDF had fired through the women to get at those idiots, of course we'd get such statements as yours. What do you expect when these cowards fire at the IDF and Israeli settlements then run for cover in civilian areas? Of course, they'd always be offered protection when they run back there and for how long would they continue to do this? Didn't Hizb'Allah fire into Israeli civilian areas during the Lebanese war? Is Sderot or any settlement directly affected by the launch of whatever rockets, Israeli Army outposts? Tit for tat, unfortunately.
52. stop it
waly ,   gaza   (11.08.06)
just would like to ask all israelis, what will happen if gazians shot back?? are they blamed?? the response will come soon!!
53. to 51
A.C   (11.08.06)
lemme ask u something smart as* If I shot someone and u get hit cuz u was passing by at that moment. who to blame? would u be considered a human shield in this case? Your IDF brilliant commanders said that it was a mistake. the target is just 1 KM far form that building, u see how accurate and innocent ur army is 1 KM that is 1000 Meters. will this stupidity of urs come to an end ever.
54. I hate to make this point, but...
USA   (11.08.06)
Atef Khamed, a 22-year-old resident, told Reuters: "This is the most difficult event I have ever witnessed. We saw scattered body parts, heads, leg and amputated hands on the street." What this quotation depicts, sad to say, is what the average suicide bombing scene looks like after an explosive belt has been detonated, usually in a place crowded with civilians. As difficult as it is to imagine the horror of such a situation, let's not forget that these scenes take place daily in Iraq perpetrated by Islamist insurgents; and where is the outcry for that, I wonder?
55. This is most unfortunate! War is so ugly
56. #14 So, you are encouraging rocketing till "Final Soultion"
observer   (11.08.06)
is concluded. What is Israel is doing is only denoting that it is in dire need for qassams to continue till it is finished with the extermination of all palestinians. Is this the Israeli way of "Self defense" ?
57. to #53
Yosh ,   Abuja   (11.08.06)
My point is, why the alarm?! Yeah, innocents were killed, but isn't it worse when these same innocents are used as human shields? Don't these guys use innocents as excuses? heck, the house wasn't hit intentionally, of course it was a mistake. Katyushas from Hizb'Allah during the last war strayed to a Palestinian refugee camp, though no injury was reported. So yeah, mistakes are bound to happen. Now that was a mistake. What'd you call deliberately walking into a civilian popn. and blowing up yourself among cheerful, harmless innocents? What'd you call the constant barrage of Qassam on Sderot? What'd you call those dastardly acts? Now when they go after them and they run around looking for things like this to make headlines, people like you are ready to jump and start barking like a dog whose braces were yanked. This is some war and you've got to expect things like this. $#!+ happens, yeah, and of course u'd expect these bastids to retaliate soon. As long as the rockets keep coming, expect the IDF to go afta these guys and we'd be getting them. Unfortunately the civilian popn. cannot object to being used as pawns and shields, so bite that!
58. Why are some faces blurred out?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.08.06)
Why are some faces blurred out but not others? Is it because some of those blurred-out faces might be recognized as casualties of previous "massacres"? And it looks like the "Green Helmet" is holding up the stretcher in one of the pics.
59. Autumn's clouds..see next Winter's barad
Safia ,   Algeria   (11.08.06)
Consience in Olmert's BRAIN,does it exist?Your apologizes mean nothing,coz your troops are there just to kill,enough of this human shelter talk..LIAR....
60. 26. Fadi, are you posting under my name?
Truth ,   USA   (11.09.06)
Do any know the revolting meaning of "cowardice"? Are so many craven to ignore the evil spewing from the intentional refugees of Islam against Israel and the west? It is the depths of cowardice to stoke the destruction of a smaller people for ego envy, political gain and scapegoating. It is the depths of cowardice to admandantly refuse recognition of ones squalor of spirit and truth. It is the depths of cowardice to launch rockets at Israeli civilians while hiding behind the women and children on which response rockets will fall. It is the depths of cowardice to cry foul when ones evil returns with the unbearable weight of self-inflicted wickedness. Such cowardice and human depravity of sheltering, shaiding, intifada's, and jihads vomits from such a people unavoidably marked for God's equity. cow‧ard /'kaʊərd/ Pronunciation Key Pronunciation[kou-erd] –noun 1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain... –adjective 2. proceeding from or expressive of fear or timidity: a coward cry. For those who look to vent upon oppressors, get the facts least you lend hand to astounding evil -- politically created Islamic fascism. Outrageous Deception - Pallywood Truth against shocking political evil Who's the outgunned and outmanned? Who's the coward?
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