Gaza media: It's Palestine's Qana massacre
Ali Waked
Published: 08.11.06, 12:01
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1. Israel is a criminal entity.
Maaike ,   Amsterdam, NL   (11.08.06)
Time has come to solve the World’s biggest problem, which is called “Israel”.
2. tel aviv, haifa, natania get ready...
Freeman   (11.08.06)
get ready to party in what your soldeirs are making...thats for sure...
3. Crocodile tears
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (11.08.06)
Stop the Qassams, give back Shalit, let's live in peace!!!
5. To #1
Aussie ,   Sydney, Australia   (11.08.06)
Israel is the world's most moral, ethical, and humane nation. It is fighting only in order to survive. It is constantly under attack from the Palestinians.
6. Another Pallywood Production
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.08.06)
If civilians were killed, Hamas is fully responsible for hiding behind "human shields." Why should they be exempted from the "humanitarian laws" they keep accusing Israel of violating? Give back Shalit, stop launching rockets, you retards.
7. Do not apologise - Hamas killed them.
RyanH ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.08.06)
Stop acting so guilty, even if it turns out to be an IDF shell which killed them. Hamas is 100% responsible. Simple fact there would be no shells fired at Gaza if Soldiers were not kidnapped and rockets fired at our civilians If may turn out to be a Hamas arms Cachewhich exploded .The parants of these kids are proud of them being Shahids, not exacley a peace loving home.
Joel Susser   (11.08.06)
MAYBE WE SHOULD DANCE IN THE STREETS LIKE THEY DO WHEN WE DIE? Hand out candies, and sodas Like they do after a bombing of a cafe, bus, pizzeria, or after one of there Kassams kills someone. Maybe all of Israel should go to the streets praising the deaths of these civilians as the Palistinians do after they kill one of us Jews. Maybe they will think twice before blowing up kids at club lines and babies on buses. What goes around comes around.
9. Qana
israeli ,   israel   (11.08.06)
The palestinians are not aware, in all likelihood, that Qana was a set-up, or they wouldn't be so eager to call this tragic, undoubtedly, event a Palestinian Qana, unless they did it temselves. It is interesting to note that the Palestinians have their own mortician, Green Helmet, Salam Daher, call him what you will, the first who arrives at the scene and starts pimping bodies for the camera, the same one who was there for the family who was killed at the beach by mines planted by the Palestinians, but was attributed to shelling by the Israelis. I am very sorry for the loss of life, but the description (and the number of victims) fits any suicide bombing performed by terrorists against innocent Israeli civilians - the same scattered arms and legs and headless bodies, the same rivers of blood - yet the suicide bombings are perpetrated against civilians first and foremost, and nobody expresses any regret, certainly not Maaike from Holland who seems oblivious to the fact that the world biggets problem - Islamofascism - is alive and well in the land of Rembrandt and the tulips. One more thing, how can a single stray shell destroy seven whole houses? Just take a look at these pictures and figures and consider why we have to fight terrorism: Stop palestinian terror, stop suicide bombings, stop the qassams and there will be peace!
10. Re: Israel is a criminal entity
Carlos ,   Amsterdam, NL   (11.08.06)
My sweet Maaike, I see that your SP-mentality provides us with a profound and well argumented answer to the Israeli-Arab conflict.... Unfortunately, throwing tomatoes at Israel does not solve anything. Neglecting the tumor that Muslim Fundamentalism is to the world is exactly the line of thought of Dutch leftist politics such as SP and PvdA. You're pulling Israel to the gates of hell by denying its right to exist! And with it the rest of Western Europe, where Islamoterrorists eagerly pass through the gates you're opening for them here in Holland! You'll be the next target when the bomb explodes while you're watching Borat with your friends in Pathe Arena Cinema! I hope you understand the consequences of this.... Eerst goed nadenken voordat je ons verveelt met dit soort bagger, twerijl elders mensen sterven...
11. deaths of civilians
isiaiah   (11.08.06)
israel must offer a huge concession for these bungles now is the time to absorb gaza into israel and allow all unarmed palestinians to return to israel their ancesral homes . a one state for two people must begin under strict security supervision . a refurendum of world palestinians and world jews will elect governments . the victors against nazism usa russia britain china and france will take over all external security.
12. enough whining
It's ok for the Palestinians to kill innocent Israelis civilians AND NEVER ISSUE APOLOGIES. Get over yourselves already.
13. Palestine's Qana
Edward ,   Buffalo, USA   (11.08.06)
Israel must reoccupy Gaza, bring back normal life for Gaza Arabs, exterminate Hamas leadership and only after that leave.
14. To #1
B ,   NY   (11.08.06)
The "Final Solution" did not work and neither will your "biggest" problem be solved. We are a strong nation and have faced anti semitism for thousands of years. But you do have some audacity to vocalize your anti -semitic feelings on a jewish Israeli website.
15. To Palestanians: Enmity + Martyrdom is not recipe for PEACE
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.08.06)
17. IDF,,,,SHAME ON YOU !!!
Abu Hussam ,   Jabalia Camp   (11.08.06)
Am Really Surprised from those who said that the IDF is the most Moral Army in Earth. they should be Shame their self. How they dare to kill Children including ONE YEAR OLD baby girl??? I wish Palestinian Resistance Burn (shderoot) with their missiles, IDF again,,,you are showing your weakness in the War of Lebanon by killing Babies while they are sleeping!!!
18. joke
look at that woman in the picture. Shes smilling next to the screaming one. It's all a joke for them.
20. typical response!
oded   (11.08.06)
again with that ""massacare" accusation.... what does one call the 6 years of arab onslaught on jewish lifes? what does one call when scores of homocide bobmbers exploded in israel's streets ,MASSACARING SCORES OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS? now the arabs in gaza reap what they all saw....... and deserve it too!
21. Dancing in the streets
Rana ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.06)
Joel, I think you should go out and dance in the street so you will show your real viciousness and your true sentiments towards our death and misery. It is about time that the world see your true self instead of everyone being disillusioned of your fake pretences of civilizations and humane character. The Israeli society is living in so much denial and practicing projection. I wonder when you begin to confront your defenses and see your true self what kind of beasts will unveil
22. Beit Hanoun's Qana
Adam Segal ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.08.06)
Sorry, there is no such place as palestine. But the Qana reference is probably correct. Its a setup. I don't believe a single thing the muslims say until there is proof. The fact that Qana was proven to be fake and the fact that the media still declares it as fact just goes to show how anti-Israel the world is.
23. bloody chain
palestinian minitor   (11.08.06)
As a minority in the region,and according to the nature of life,you are going to pay an exorpitant price for your brutality
24. Their mothers are sick!
Hanan ,   Ottawa Canada   (11.08.06)
If their mothers think this terrible loss is a great honor, then we should honor them more often.
25. massacre??????????????
Hilda ,   USA   (11.08.06)
We again are witness to the Arab lies. They can dish out but when they lose , they eggagerate their losses and want the world to consider them victims. I'm sure this is as true as Jenin was. and we all know how true that was. When are they going to learn when you pick up the sword you will die by the sword. Olmert is wrong to appologize for civilian deaths. I have never heard the Arabs feel sorry for all the Israeli civilians they have murdered.
26. Allah (c.c.)
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (11.08.06)
I hate to write that word in public. But its necessary to write the word for now for me. Sorry about that. specially on this web. I see many people like to spaek about him. Some asks for help. Some smiles ! to Him. I am 100% sure He is the great Judge. I believe, He judges perfect. We never see the tomorrow. The tomorrow is in his hands. To be objective is impossible for human. So, leave it to the GOD. try to protect your rights. He is everyone's GOD. It doesnt matter how we call him. He did promise to humanity to hold the rights. These days of middle East are very beginning. We havent seen the worst yet. The world will meet the doomsday while we still not able to solve the problem in middle east. I am positive about Him. I dont hate people of Jews or Palistians. But I blame both people that cant find good leaders with vision. Hamas, Abbas, Ahmedijad, Hizbullah, Israeli top leaders , leaders...!!! I have no respect for them. They all want to have the POWER. You can have it today. No guarantie for tomorrow. I never make the dance. neighter with the jews or with arabics or with others. the dancing in the hell. we never who will.....until the last breath. Peace, Love, Respect...are good. But They do not solve the problems. LETS NOT LOSE OUR HUMANITY. LETS FEEL SORRY FOR ALL DEATHS (ARABICS, JEWS,....) Sincerely Atilla Karagözoğlu Istanbul / Turkey
27. four dead children
mother ,   Israel   (11.08.06)
What mother can stand in the middle of the street making statements and giving interviews when she has just lost four of her children? Should she not be beyond herself with grief? Should she not be treated for shock by a social worker or a psychologist? Please, mothers and fathers, answer me that!
Cy ,   Riga, Latvija   (11.08.06)
Agreed. It is time that we stopped shedding tears for the enemy. Our restraint and weakness has gained us nothing except disdain form the Jihadists and their allies in the UN and the EU. It is time to take the gloves off.
29. #1...stoned are we???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.08.06)
Interesting to see this coming from Amsterdam, where a muslim killed a famous person and the whole country turned it's immigration laws upside down. Imagine what would happen in your country if rockets and suicide bobers came in everyday and threatened your little drug-laden paradise with extinction. I don't think people like you get what is really going on in Gaza and the west bank. These people want nothing to do with peace...all they want is to kill Isarel, that's it...period. Isarel has to defend itself and unfortunately, that means innocent people will die, but to say that Israel is the criminal is just dumb. Stop smoking crack!!!
30. May G-d Bless Israel in the rocky road ahead of us...
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